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Careers On The GrowClick to expand

Date: May-August 2020
Open To: 4-H Members or alumni, 18-25 years old as of program date
Apply By: January 30, 2020
Cost to Attend: N/A

With Careers on the Grow, 4-H'ers can have the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning, develop skills, network with business and community leaders and discover career options.

Learn more at 4-h-canada.ca/careers-grow and submit an application on apply.4-h-canada.ca



Club To Club ExchangesClick to expand

For 4-H youth ages 1217 (8-10 delegates per group)

Through this exchange, 4-H clubs are brought together from across the country for 7-10 days. Youth have the opportunity to make connections with their peers and learn more about their communities , provinces, country and the 4-H movement. This eschange is open for groups of 8-10 members, aged 12-17 years (as of travel date).   

Exchange dates: Summer 2020

Open to: 4-H Youth, 12-17 years old as of program date

Apply by: January 15, 2020, via 4-H Canada

Cost to member: $150 per person, due to 4-H Canada upon selection


Submit an application on exchange.4-h-canada.ca.






Groups interested in applying for this program may do so by contacting the Canadian 4-H Council directly at 613.234.4448 or by clicking here. 

Going Global ExchangesClick to expand

Exchange Dates: Summer 2021
Open To: 4-H Members or alumni, 18-25 years old as of program date
Apply By: November 2020 via 4-H Canada (apply.4-h-canada.ca)
Cost To Member: Approximately $600 per person, due to 4-H Canada upon selection

The 4-H Going Global Exchange program is an exciting initiative that seeks to engage 4-H youth in an intercultural experience, and to increase awareness of global sustainable agriculture and food security issues. By participating in this program, you can:

  • Experience a new country
  • Learn about sustainable agriculture practices 
  • Expand your global perspective 
  • Explore issues related to food security

This reciprocal international exchange is a unique opportunity that allows 4-H youth to represent 4-H in their country. Traveling members will also host incoming delegates. 2017 partner countries included the United Kingdom, Finland, Jamaica, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Nicarague and Japan. Travel time is typically late June/July, and with hosting taking place in August. Travel duration is between two and four weeks. For more information on the 2017 activities please check www.4-H-Canada.ca.