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Citizenship Congress

For current 4-H members ages 16–21 as of program date

Citizenship Congress

A historically challenging but inspiring opportunity, the 44th 4-H Canada Citizenship Congress will be invigorating and stimulating!

Citizenship Congress 2018 will deepen participants' understanding of governance and public policy, nurture communication skills, and expand their horizons as they discover Canada through other 4-H members' eyes. Workshops will culminate with the annual debate, where members will construct insightful arguments and defenses. Ultimately, attendees will leanr more about Canada, our government, and themselves.


more information ON the 4-H Canada website

To apply for this conference, please complete for the online 4-H Ontario National Opportunity Registration Form here.

Ontario delegates for this opportunity are supported by the Katherine & Byron Beeler Leadership & Citizenship Endowment Fund

For 4-H members from across Ontario

Application Deadline: January 22, 2018

Event Date: May 1 - 6, 2018
Ottawa, ON

Maximum of 7 Ontario participants and 1 chaperone selected.

Upon being selected an additional approximate $400 registration fee is to be paid to the Canadian 4-H Council.

Please read the Camp, Conference and Competition Registration Policies in Section O-M-13 of Policy 4.2.1 4-H Participants here.

For more information please contact:
4-H Ontario’s Senior Manager, Programming
1.877.410.6748 x472

Youth at Citizenship Seminar

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