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Career Mania

For youth ages 13–17 (Prior to January 1, 2021)

Career Mania

Do you know what you want to do after high school? Is your resume ready to get you the job you want? Does your cover letter highlight all of the skills that you have to offer an employer? Do you know what post-secondary option will help you get the job you want?

If you answered no to any of these questions, we can help you find those answers. At Career Mania you will hear from professionals, go on tours, take part in interactive activities and also learn about resumes, cover letters and career opportunities. 

The conference is a great opportunity to explore and learn about careers while experiencing a university environment by using lecture halls, eating on-campus and living in dormitories, just like a post-secondary student. You will even get the opportunity to tour the University of Guelph Campus and Conestoga College to see what these post-secondary schools offer!


90% of participants strongly agree that 4-H has helped advance their career goals.

"I learned a lot and now I have a better understanding of what I have to do to get where I am going." ~ 2016 Career Mania participant. 

Career Mania will be offered again in the Summer of 2021. Check back for details in 2021. 

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