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4-H Ontario Executive Director Dyes Her Hair Green for National 4-H Month

Nikki Kross, 4-H Ontario | (Posted November 20, 2012)

GUELPH, ON – November 20, 2012. 4-H Ontario Executive Director Wraychel Horne is currently sporting bright green highlights to show her support for 4-H Ontario during National 4-H Month.

National 4-H Month runs annually in November and includes “Show your 4-H Colours Day”. This month-long celebration provides an opportunity for 4-H supporters to share their 4-H pride and spirit for the 4-H program.

On September 15, Horne posed a challenge to the 4-H Ontario staff team, Ontario 4-H Council and Ontario 4-H Foundation. If each member made 4-H Ontario his or her charity of choice and donated to the organization before October 15, she would dye her hair green for the entirety of National 4-H Month.

Horne’s initiative received 100 per cent participation and raised $4377 for the Ontario 4-H Foundation. “I wanted to create a challenge to have 100 per cent participation from all 4-H Ontario Staff, Volunteer Council Directors and Foundation Trustees. When we are asking other donors to give to 4-H Ontario, it is important to show the credibility that we all make 4-H ‘our charity of choice’,” said Horne.

Horne is required to maintain her green hair at all times during the month of November. She has attended the Royal, made an address at the Provincial Go For The Gold competition, and attended meetings at OMAFRA, all with green hair.

Horne has received quite the response for her vibrant hair colour choice. “Random strangers talk to me, want to know about the hair, tell me it looks awesome, ask why I have it and even reach out and touch it!” Horne shares about her experiences so far.

“I’ve been to Farmer’s Markets with my family, in line for a coffee, out Christmas shopping and people have started up conversations with me. It’s been great to explain that ‘it’s fundraiser hair’ and then tell them all about 4-H,” she adds.

While Horne does not plan on making this green hair a permanent choice, she is very pleased about the positive response and support her green hair has garnered for 4-H Ontario.

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Through 4-H Ontario, Members, youth aged 9–21, and Volunteer Leaders come together to create a 4-H Club and learn about a selected topic through hands on activities and mentorship. 4-H'rs look to the 4-H Motto and take a “Learn To Do By Doing” approach in all they do. Dedicated Volunteers work with Members to develop leadership and life skills that equip them with tools to reach their full potential and become conscious and contributing citizens. 4-H Ontario believes it is important to look at the big picture; youth need to see beyond themselves and focus on how their actions affect personal relationships, their community, the environment and society as a whole. 4-H in Ontario began in 1915 and has countless Alumni across Ontario who continue to contribute to their communities and country.


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