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Important Note:

When using the 4-H Ontario and 4-H Canada logos it is important to remember that they are registered trademarks and need to be used in a specific way. As of June 11, 2015, 4-H Canada has released a new brand identity, which requires a change to provincial 4-H logos.

Visit 4-H Canada's site for more information, usage guidelines, and tools which allow clubs to create a club-level logo: Click Here. To obtain detailed instructions on use of the logo, wordmark, motto and pledge, or confirmation of colour usage please read the 4-H Canada Brand Guidelines

Or, when in doubt, just contact us - communications@4-hontario.ca!

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There are no embroidery files available at this time. You may request a vector art file from 4-H Ontario by calling 877.410.6748. Vector files can be converted to embroidery files by your service provider.

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These songs are written and performed by the GMOs. Use these songs at awards nights, for presentations or just for your own listening pleasure. They were specifically written for 4-H Members and Volunteers to listen to, use and enjoy!