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Online Registration at 4-H Ontario

4-H Ontario | (Posted April 9, 2020)

In response to the social distancing requirements put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 4-H Ontario is launching an online registration signup at www.4-Hontario.ca.

The purpose of this is to allow all youth equal access to 4-H services without the barrier of having to meet or arrange for in person payment. This is a supplementary option and is not our formal online registration which will launch in September. This will be open to anyone who is not currently enrolled in the 4-H program.

Payments will be accepted via credit card, and regular transfer payments will be made to the associations.

We know that a lot of questions will arise from this process, as well as from the online 4-H options that are starting to pop-up across the province and have prepared an FAQ to help with some key areas. This may not be a perfect solution, but every little bit helps in our mission to continue to provide outstanding positive youth development, and we look to our volunteers to lead and support this process.

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