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Stormont Social Dance Mtg5

August 12, 2019 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Crysler Community Centre

Association(s): Stormont 4-H
Stormont 4H is pleased to launch a new club this summer - Social Dancing. Why do more people not dance, especially men? Because no one taught them how to dance when they were young. Social Dancing is a life skill that members will use at parties, receptions, weddings, and community dances. 
This summer, learn to dance the Rock-n-Roll. During ten meetings, 4H members will master a dance style called Triple Swing which is a popular way to dance to Rock-n-Roll music and Country Rock music. Triple Swing pairs dancers, on a rotating basis, to move to the beat with under arm turns, jive walks, swivels, spins, and much more. 
The Social Dance Club welcomes boys and girls aged 10 to 21. There is no cost to participate, other than the regular 4H membership fee. Dress code is casual. The preferred footwear is a closed dress shoe with a leather or hard non-stick sole. Avoid running shoes, slippers, sandals, and anything with a soft sole.  
The Social Dance 4H Club leaders are Tom Manley and Jessica Last. The club will meet at the Crysler Community Center at 7pm, for 90 minutes each time except 2 hours for the first meeting, on the following dates:
  1. Monday July 15th
  2. Monday July 22nd
  3. Monday July 29th
  4. Thursday August 1st
  5. Monday August 12th
  6. Thursday August 15th
  7. Monday August 19th
  8. Thursday August 22nd
  9. Monday August 26th
  10. Thursday August 29th
For more information and to reserve your spot in Stormont's Social Dance 4H Club, contact...
Tom Manley
Berwick, Ontario

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