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Stormont 2019 Dairy Club Mtg5

August 12, 2019 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Association(s): Stormont 4-H

Club subject: Stormont Dairy Club 
Names of leaders: Bobbi Jo Uhr, Chris Uhr, Joe Krol, Jakob Vogel & Fabienne Kagi
Brief description of club activities: club activities will involve dairy topics specifically concerning show calf management, clipping, training, showmanship. 
Provide cost, if any additional costs to members: n/a
Planned meeting dates, times, and locations if available (at least planned start and end dates)
Limits on club size, if applicable: n/a

April 20 – 10.30 am
May 22 – 7.30 pm
June 12 – 7.30 pm
July 19 – 1.30 pm
August 12 – 7.30 pm
Achievement Day – September 2nd

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