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The Ontario 4-H Foundation is a federally incorporated charitable organization. 
The mandate of the Ontario 4-H Foundation is to receive and manage endowment funds, and to foster and encourage ongoing partnerships that will ensure the long-term sustainability of 4-H Ontario. Trustees of the Ontario 4-H Foundation are committed to sound financial management and ensuring 4-H is Forever in Ontario.
The Ontario 4-H Foundation and the Ontario 4-H Council work together in a partnership. To operate the 4-H Ontario program, financial support must be received (cash and in-kind) from government, public and private sector donors. In addition, local 4-H Associations seek financial support in their own community. 
The Ontario 4-H Foundation endowment funds generate income to augment annual donations to the Ontario 4-H Council, supporting local, provincial and national 4-H opportunities. 



2019 Ontario 4-H Foundation


Back: Danette Woodworth, Naomi Lutes, Patty Lasby, Debra Brown, Dale Roberts 

Front: John Mayes, Brian Little (Past Chair), John den Haan (Chair), Kim Turnbull (Vice Chair), Barry Fraser

Missing: Karen Daynard, Edward Morwick, Stacey Weagant, Carol Schoen,

2019 Ontario 4-H Foundation Trustees

Foundation Trustee


Closest 4-H Association

John den Haan, Chair


South Simcoe

Brian Little, Past Chair



Kim Turnbull, Vice Chair



Naomi Lutes



Patty Lasby 



Karen Daynard



Barry Fraser



John Mayes



Edward Morwick



Carol Schoen



Stacey Weagant




Join the Foundation

Ontario 4-H Foundation Trustees are not all alike. In fact, the Foundation looks for a wide range of skills to sit at the Trustee table. This allows for a better overall outcome. No one person has all of the skills or background. One or more of these key attributes are important:
  • Strong, broad connections in their local community or in business
  • Training and experience in professions such as money management, accounting, legal, banking or fund raising
  • An understanding of the 4-H program, often through previous participation as Member, Volunteer or 4-H parent
  • Wide geographic representation across the Province
  • Diversity of representation
  • An eager desire to see 4-H succeed for the long term, and the confidence to reach out to others in support of fund raising endeavours.

These attributes match up well with the two fundamental tasks that are performed by the Ontario 4-H Foundation: (1) Oversight of the investing of endowed funds and regulatory due-diligence and (2) Seeking out new funds through donations, sponsorships and events to assist 4-H programming and grow the endowment.

We are always looking for good candidates to join the Foundation. If you feel that you have what it takes to assist the Foundation in its role, please let us know by contacting John den Haan, Chair of the Ontario 4-H Foundation.


All audited financials can be obtained by contacting:

4-H Ontario's Manager, Finance

1-877-410-6748 x 467



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