100 Years of 4-H Ontario
4-H Ontario

100 Years of 4-H Ontario

4-H Ontario History Book - Celebrating a Century of 4-H in Ontario

This book celebrates a century of 4-H in Ontario through stories of members and families from across rural Ontario who have been involved in the 4-H program. Part 1 of the book was originally published in 1995 on the 80th anniversary of 4-H in Ontario and covers its early beginnings and the growth of the 4-H program at the provincial level and in each county and district of theprovince. Part 2 covers the last 20 years and the story of 4-H Ontario's growth to become an independent organization and the impact of the 4-H program on families who have been involved through several generations. The book showcases how 4-H has kept up with the times to provide diverse programs and a continuum of excellence to inspire youth and give them hands-on experience to develop transferable skills for their future. Some 40 photos are included to help depict the 4-H story over the last century.

This 414 page book by 4-H Ontario is available in hardcover, soft cover and e-book formats. Copies may now be ordered from the on-line Friesen Press bookstore here and are priced at:


Soft cover: $23.99

Hard cover: $35.99

E-book: $6.99

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By mid to late September, copies of Celebrating a Century of 4-H in Ontario can also be ordered from Amazon, Indigo-Chapters, Barnes & Noble and other on-line book distributors.

There are substantial savings in shipping and handling by ordering copies in bulk rather than ordering an individual copy. As the size of the order increases (maximum of 20 books per order), the shipping and handling cost per book decreases. For example, for an order of 20 books, the shipping and handling charge would be less than $1.50 per book compared to $10 for an individual book order. 



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