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Clubs starting in January 2019

Kitchener Market 4-H Club
For more info, contact John Drummond, 519-580-0620, john.drummond@hotmail.ca
Club is complete.

Woodworking 4-H Club,
Contact: Kevin Snyder, 519-741-1447 / aksnyder@snyderheritagefarms.com
Club is complete.

Clubs starting in February / March 2019

Quilting 4-H Club
Contact Kelly Williams,519-656-9507 , thewilliamsfamily@rogers.com
Laurie Weber, dlweber@bluwest.ca  
Sarah Harper, 
Club is complete. 

Crochet 4-H Club
Starting March 30

For more info, contact Kelly Williams,519-656-9507 , thewilliamsfamily@rogers.com
Robbyn Sorli, robbyn.sorli@gmail.com
Club is complete.

Maple Syrup 4-H Club,
Tentative dates: Mar. 2/9/16/30, Apr. 6-7/13
Contact: Kevin Snyder, 519-741-1447 / aksnyder@snyderheritagefarms.com
John Drummond, 519-580-0620 / john.drummond@hotmail.ca 
Club is complete.

Agriculture Awareness 4-H Club (Wilmot-NewHamburg)
Starting March 26

Stephanie Szusz, 519-569-9859, Stephanie.szusz@gmail.com
Shelley Kuepfer, 519-635-4337, shelleykuepfer@gmail.com

Clubs starting in April/May 2019

Cambridge Kiwanis Dairy 4-H Club,
Alannah Eby, 519-580-0723, alannaheby@hotmail.ca,
Don Eby, 519-632-7917 / don.julie.eby@gmail.com
Lauren Eby, 519-580-0740 / laureneby75@gmail.com

Floradale Dairy 4-H Club,
John Drummond 519-580-0620 john.drummond@hotmail.ca
Jackie Maciukiewicz, 519-993-2133, jackie.maciukiewicz@gmail.com
Wilf Strenzke 519-648-2436 , wlstrenzke@gmail.com 

Floradale Veterinary 4-H Club,
John Drummond 519-580-0620, john.drummond@hotmail.ca
Jason Brownridge, 519-501-0012, jasonbrownridge@hotmail.com

New Hamburg Veterinary 4-H Club
Kaytlyn Creutzberg, gumbootgourmet@gmail.com 
Contact Cindy Habel, bchabel@netflash.net 
Liam McNabb, mcnabbliam33@gmail.com
Carson Wagner, carson_wagner@hotmail.com

Waterloo Beef 4-H Club,
Contact Ed Bird, embird@execulink.com
Kelly Williams 519-656-9507 thewilliamsfamily@rogers.com 
Dennis Weber, 519-664-2327, dlweber@bluwest.ca 

Waterloo Senior Dairy 4-H Club,
for members 15-21.
John Drummond 519-580-0620 john.drummond@hotmail.ca,
Joanna Follings, 519-835-7139, jfollings@hotmail.com,
Colin McNabb, 519-696-9855, colin.h.mcnabb@gmail.com

Wilmot Wellesley Dairy 4-H Club,
Contact : Ken McNabb, 519-696-2554, callumlea@gmail.com
Graham Johnson, 519 575 2174, gorelane@hotmail.com
Carson Wagner, carson_wagner@hotmail.com

Farm to Table 4-H Club
Starting April 18

Contact: Kaytlyn Creutzberg, gumbootgourmet@gmail.com
Jason Brownridge, jasonbrownridge@hotmail.com

Essential Oil 4-H Club
Starting April 17

Michaella and Anne Snyder, 519-741-1447 / aksnyder@snyderheritagefarms.com

Outdoors 4-H Club
Starting April 26

Addison and Anne Snyder, 519-741-1447 / aksnyder@snyderheritagefarms.com

Clubs starting in May 2018

Cloverbuds Club
*for kids aged 6-8 as of Jan.1/18

Contact Megan Pollock, pollock.megan@gmail.comTodd Radigan, todd.radigan@gmail.comCathy Nederend, cathy.nederend@hotmail.com

Computer 4-H Club
Contact Megan Pollock, pollock.megan@gmail.comTodd Radigan, todd.radigan@gmail.com

Rabbit Hop 4-H Club
Contact: Helen Martin, 519-664-2454, winterose@netflash.net 
Michaella Snyder, 519-741-1447 / aksnyder@snyderheritagefarms.com

Waterloo Sheep 4-H Club,
Contact Susan Martin, 519-669-8066 / florahills2416@gmail.com 
Sharon Grose,  sharon@huskyfarm.ca 
Tara Bradley,  tara.bradley@live.ca

South Waterloo Sheep 4-H Club
Starting May 17

Kevin and Anne Snyder, 519-741-1447 / aksnyder@snyderheritagefarms.com

Clubs starting in June/July/August 2018

Ultimate Sports 4-H Club
Contact John Drummond, john.drummond@hotmail.ca 

Fishing 4-H Club
Contact Liam McNabb, mcnabbliam33@gmail.com

Soapmaking 4-H Club
For more info, contact Kelly Williams,519-656-9507 , thewilliamsfamily@rogers.com
Robbyn Sorli, robbyn.sorli@gmail.com

Clubs starting in Fall 2019

The Kitchener Market 4-H Club
Contact: John Drummond, 519-580-0620 / john.drummond@hotmail.ca
 *Saturday mornings at the Kitchener Farmers Market