4-H Ontario


Clubs starting Fall 2018

Waterloo Computer 4-H Club
Next meeting: Monday, October 15    7-9pm
Heartland Farm Mutual Office, 100 Erb St. E., Waterloo
Contact: Todd Radigan, todd.radigan@gmail.com
Megan Pollock, pollock.megan@gmail.com
Tayler Black, black.tayler@gmail.com

Members are asked to bring a laptop (Chromebooks work too) if you have one available. If not possible, please let us know and we'll do our best to have one available for you. In this club, we'll be using Scratch to program. You are welcome to use the online editor (available here), or install the offline editor (which you can download here).  Both are free to use.
Tentative Dates: October 1st/15th/22nd/29th, November 5th/12th/19th
Membership fee: $75 (which lets you join all other 2019 clubs). This is a 2019 Club!

Kitchener Market 4-H Club
"The CopyCat Recipe Project"

1st meeting: Saturday, October 27   10am-12noon
Demonstration Kitchen, 2nd level, Kitchener Farmers Market

*learn how to make some of your favorite restaurant dishes... KFC, iced capps, McD fries, Cinnibons, and more!

Tentative dates: Oct.27, Nov.3/17/24, Dec.8/15
Membership fee: $75 (which lets you join all other 2019 clubs). This is a 2019 club!

For more info, contact: John Drummond, 519-580-0620, john.drummond@hotmail.ca
Bring a friend... everyone welcome!

Clubs starting in January 2018

Kitchener Market 4-H Club
For more info, contact John Drummond, 519-648-3453, john.drummond@hotmail.ca

Woodworking 4-H Club,
Contact: Kevin Snyder, 519-741-1447 / aksnyder@snyderheritagefarms.com

Clubs starting in February 2018

Quilting 4-H Club
Tentative dates: Feb. 3, 10, 24, Mar. 3
For more info, contact Kelly Williams,519-656-9507 , thewilliamsfamily@rogers.com
Laurie Weber, dlweber@bluwest.ca  

Maple Syrup 4-H Club,
Tentative dates: Mar. 3, 10, 17, 31, April 7-8, 14.
Contact: Kevin Snyder, 519-741-1447 / aksnyder@snyderheritagefarms.com
John Drummond, 519-648-3453 / john.drummond@hotmail.ca 

Digital Photography 4-H Club,
Lauren Eby, 519-580-0740 / laureneby75@gmail.com
Carolyn McNeil at 519-883-4135, carolynmcneil@outlook.com

Clubs starting in April/May 2018

Agriculture Awareness 4-H Club (Wilmot-NewHamburg)
Stephanie Szusz, 519-569-9859, Stephanie.szusz@rogers.com

Cambridge Kiwanis Dairy 4-H Club,
Alannah Eby, 519-580-0723, alannaheby@hotmail.ca,
Don Eby, 519-632-7917 / don.julie.eby@gmail.com
Lauren Eby, 519-580-0740 / laureneby75@gmail.com

Floradale Dairy 4-H Club,
John Drummond 519-648-3453 john.drummond@hotmail.ca
Jackie Maciukiewicz, 519-993-2133, heart_7_skating@hotmail.ca 
Wilf Strenzke 519-648-2436 , wlstrenzke@gmail.com 

Floradale Veterinary 4-H Club,
John Drummond 519-648-3453, john.drummond@hotmail.ca
Jason Brownridge, 519-501-0012, jasonbrownridge@hotmail.com
Julie Ogram, 519-807-4797, julieogram19@gmail.com

New Hamburg Veterinary 4-H Club
Kaytlyn Creutzberg, gumbootgourmet@gmail.com 
Contact Cindy Habel, bchabel@netflash.net 
Liam McNabb, mcnabbliam33@gmail.com
Carson Wagner, carson_wagner@hotmail.com

Waterloo Beef 4-H Club,
Contact Ed Bird, embird@execulink.com
Kelly Williams 519-656-9507 thewilliamsfamily@rogers.com 
Dennis Weber, 519-664-2327, dlweber@bluwest.ca 

Waterloo Senior Dairy 4-H Club,
for members 15-21.
Lynsay Beavers, lynsay@cdn.ca 
John Drummond 519-648-3453 john.drummond@hotmail.ca,
Joanna Follings, 519-835-7139, jfollings@hotmail.com,
Colin McNabb, 519-696-9855, colin.h.mcnabb@gmail.com

Wilmot Wellesley Dairy 4-H Club,
Contact : Ken McNabb, 519-696-2554, callumlea@gmail.com
Graham Johnson, 519 575 2174, gorelane@hotmail.com
Carson Wagner, carson_wagner@hotmail.com

South Waterloo Sheep 4-H Club
Marie McNabb, 519-696-2554, callumlea@gmail.com
Kevin and Anne Snyder, 519-741-1447 / aksnyder@snyderheritagefarms.com

Clubs starting in May 2018

Cloverbuds Club
*for kids aged 6-8 as of Jan.1/17

Contact Megan Pollock, pollock.megan@gmail.comTodd Radigan, todd.radigan@gmail.comCathy Nederend, cathy.nederend@hotmail.com

Paintball 4-H Club,
John Drummond at 519-648-3453, john.drummond@hotmail.ca 
Read more about us here

Rabbit Hop 4-H Club
Contact: Helen Martin, 519-664-2454, winterose@netflash.net 
Michaella Snyder, 519-741-1447 / aksnyder@snyderheritagefarms.com

Waterloo Sheep 4-H Club,
Contact Susan Martin, 519-669-8066 / florahills2416@gmail.com 
Sharon Grose,  sharon@huskyfarm.ca 
Tara Bradley,  tara.bradley@live.ca

Clubs starting in June/July/August 2018

Linedance 4-H Club,
Carolyn McNeil at 519-883-4135, carolynmcneil@outlook.com
Sonya Sommerville, 519-664-1307, sonya.sommerville@gmail.com 

Farm to Table 4-H Club
1st meeting: Thursday, Aug. 23    6-8pm

Dates: Thursdays, August 23rd, Sept 6th, October 4th, October 18th, and Saturday, September 22nd from 10am until 3pm.
Contact: Kaytlyn Creutzberg, gumbootgourmet@gmail.comJason Brownridge, jasonbrownridge@hotmail.com

Clubs starting in September/October 2018

The Kitchener Market 4-H Club
Contact: John Drummond, 519-648-3453 / john.drummond@hotmail.ca
 *Saturday mornings at the Kitchener Farmers Market