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July 16, 2020 UPDATE: As Ontario prepares to open Phase 3 in our area, please ensure you fill out and sign the Covid-19 Waiver which can be found here - https://4-hontario.ca/Covid19%20waiver?utm_source=COVID-19+List-+4-H+Volunteers&utm_campaign=a998104ab1-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_03_13_08_57_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_319e7c4227-a998104ab1-82950544 

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As of Friday, March 30th, 4-H Ontario has implemented a mandatory suspension of all in-person 4-H activities in Ontario.  (Please see their full statement below.)

This means all face-to-face meetings and activities are suspended until the state of emergency in Ontario is lifted.  South Simcoe 4-H Association has leaders who have committed to running most of the clubs virtually for now (i.e., through teleconferences, ZOOM, etc.) Look for these meetings times on the Club page.

In an effort to keep members engaged, 4-H Ontario has released an online Explore 4-H Project.  Learn more about the Online Explore 4-H Project on our website here: https://4-hontario.ca/uploads/userfiles/files/4-h%20ontario%20online%20explore%204h%20project%20final.pdf

A Cloverbud At Home Experience was created and released so that all of our 4-H Participants can have a meaningful 4-H experience in this time. You can find the information at this link: https://www.4-hontario.ca/uploads/userfiles/files/cloverbud%20at%20home%20experience_final(1).pdf

We are in unprecedented times and all the uncertainty can take its toll on everyone.  Together, we will get through this.

Link to 4-H Ontario's statement: https://4-hontario.ca/media/4h-news/article/covid19updatemarch312020.aspx







Website is Being Updated Regularly - Please Check Often!

Sign up night for 2020 is over but it is not too late to register!

Membership fee is $95.00. Online registration available at https://4-hontario.ca/onlineregistration!

For more information contact Carla Williams southsimcoe4h@hotmail.com



Completing a 4-H Club….What does it take?

In order for 4-H Members to complete their club satisfactorily, they must:

  • Complete and submit an electronic Project Animal Identification Form using Assist Expo and send the confirmation e-mail to their leader AND Carla Williams NO LATER than Friday, May 22nd (Livestock Clubs only)
  • Sign a 4-H Ontario Participation Agreement (parent must sign as well);
  • Be a member in good standing (i.e. fully paid his/her membership fee and abide by the 4-H Member Code of Conduct);
  • Participate in at least 2/3 of his/her own meeting time (total minimum meeting time for a club is 12 hours)
  • Complete the project requirements to the satisfaction of the club leader(s);
  • Take part in an Achievement Program (Beeton or Collingwood Fair unless otherwise stated by your leader). A member is allowed to participate in an Achievement Program only if he/she has participated in at least 2/3 of the meeting time of his/her own club prior to the Achievement Program;
  • Be between the ages of 9 – 21 (as of January 1st of current year)
  • Those wishing to participate on the RAWF dairy or beef team must have their Royal Entry Eligibility forms to Carla Williams or their leader NO LATER than Monday, September 28, 2020.


Upcoming 2020 Events





Tuesday, May 5, 2020 Leaders Teleconference Via Teleconference - check your e-mail for instructions
August 20th to August 29th TSC stores 4-H days Pick up a clover in any TSC store location and make a minimum $2 donation with the cashier to 4-H Ontario if you choose during August 20-29.


Clubs offered in 2020!

Please see the Clubs page for more details

Beeton Area

Beeton/Bradford Dairy Club, South Simcoe Rabbit/Poultry Club, A Sporting Chance- Alternate Sports Club, Gardening Club, (Schomberg Miniature Horse Club and South Simcoe Sheep/Goat Club are undecided)

Cookstown Area
Cookstown Beef Club, Cookstown Hiking Club, Cookstown Dairy Club, Cookstown 4-H Horse and Pony Club, Cloverbuds, Plowing Club, Cookstown Mini Horse,  Cooking Club, Judging Club, Wellness Club, A Sporting Chance - Games Club (finished for 2020), Water Works Well Club, Cookstown Sheep Club

Clearview Area

Clearview Dairy Club, Clearview Beef Club


Royal Winter Fair Eligibility

In order to be eligible to attend the Royal, you must have completed the Confirmation and Showmanship at your achievement day (Barrie Fair, Beeton Fair, GNE Collingwood) as well as TWO additional shows of your choice. You must also submit an entry form that can be obtained from your leader or from Carla Williams by the deadline listed. This form must be submitted to Carla or your leader by the date specified by the directors, for a date in September.


2020 South Simcoe 4-H Association Executive and Directors

President- Donna Lange  

 705-423-9339 dklange123@gmail.com

Vice President- Mae Senick

 705-817-5365  mcsenickfarms@gmail.com

Secretary/Treasurer- Carla Williams 

 905-778-8726  southsimcoe4h@hotmail.com

Association Rep.- Kelly Young

 905-435-5374   kelmyoung@gmail.com 

Webmaster- Scott Cullen

 705-435-0447 cullenfamily97@gmail.com

Past President- Karen Baker

 905-939-8223 Karenbaker@live.ca



Dan Baker 

 905-939-8223   bakerridgefarms@hotmail.com

Darlene Jebb 

 905-729-4821   jebb@zing-net.ca

Kim Kneeshaw

 905-775-7974 kim@kneeshawelectrical.com

Dorothy Lange

 705-458-4440  langeintexas@yahoo.ca

Lisa Lloyd 

 905-715-9682     wemakmlk@gmail.com   

Marianne Norton

 705-435-4232  reyndale@bell.net

Lisa van Kolfschoten

 705-719-0964  jlvank@hotmail.com