4-H Ontario


Club Leaders & Volunteers please note:

"As per 4-H Ontario Policy O-M-04, in order to act in the capacity of a club leader, volunteers must by current and up to date with complete training and screening.  There must be at least two volunteers present at each club meeting who are current and up to date with training and screening.  Individuals who are not up to date may only act as guests at meetings.  To be included in the list of leaders for the awards program leaders must meet the same completion requirements as members.  That is they must be physically present at 2/3 of the regular meetings and must attend the achievement program."


 Clubs for 2018


Beef Club

Leader:  Matt & Alissa Rabbie  613-476-1499, Brenda Bell & Lynn Ward


Leader: Shonnon Desjardins 613-532-9626, Lynn Ward 613-399-5470, Sherrie Brown 613-476-7480

Cross Stitch Club

Leaders: Alissa & Muriel Rabbie 613-476-1499

Dairy Club

Leaders: Patti Stacey 613-919-5154, Resi Walt 613-847-3037, Phil Prinzen 613-848-6877

Go for the Gold Club

Leader: Lynn Ward 613-399-5470

Garden Club

Leaders: Jane Thompson 613-476-5470, R. John Garside 613-403-0038

Goat Club

Leaders: Lynn Ward 613-399-5470 & Stephanie Diamant 613-438-5018

Horse Club

Leader: Melissa Kempers, Lori Sprigings 613-847-5457, Joelle Briggs-Spears  

Judging Club

Leaders: Alissa Rabbie 613-476-1499, Jane Thompson 613-476-5470 & R. John Garside 613-403-0038

Maple Syrup Club

Leader: Justin Williams, John Nyman & Lynn Ward 613-399-5470

Outdoors Club

Leaders: Lynn Ward  613-399-5470, Melinda Pennell, Brenda Dettlinger & Linda Lyons

Scrapbook Club

Leader: Liz Leavitt 613-827-8972

Achievement Day: TBA

Senior Member Regional Club

Leaders: Alissa Rabbie 613-476-1499 & Megan Burnside, Rebecca Posthumus

Sheep Club

Leaders: Stephanie Diamant 613-438-5018 & Lynn Ward 613-399-5470

Small Animal Pet Club

Leaders: Sherrie Brown 613-476-7480, Jane Thompson 613-476-5470, Michelle Karja 613-399-1857

Soils Club

Leaders: TBA


Leaders: Katherine Prescott 613-476-4377, Ken Gibbons, Lynn Ward 613-399-5470

Woodworking Club - Level 1

Leaders:  Gaye Insley 613-476-7812, Jeff Gilbert 613-393-5641