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We invite youth ages 9-21 to sign up for 4-H Clubs in Peterborough, and youth ages 6-8 to participate in Cloverbuds!

> As of January 1, 2020, registration is $105 per member for NEW 4-H and Cloverbuds members.
> For re-occuring members, registration is $105 before May 1st and $120 after.

NEW to Peterborough 4-H? Need to Register? Preparing to FAST TRACK at Sign Up Night?

Click on each form to download:

2020 Peterborough 4-H/Cloverbud Membership Registration Form
4-H Ontario Participant Agreement Form
* these forms must be completed and submitted to the association, even if they have been done in previous years*

If you missed Sign Up Rally, download the 'Peterborough 4-H/Cloverbud Membership Form' and '4-H Ontario Participant Agreement Form'. Send these completed forms, along with payment to the Association President (Steven Stockdale 22 Oak St, PO Box 261 Havelock ON). To join clubs, attend the first meeting or contact leaders of a club to ask for permission to join!

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About 4-H in Peterborough:
Peterborough 4-H is a positive youth development organization of leaders buildling leaders. Youth ages 6–21 and screened, engaged volunteer leaders come together to learn about selected topics through fun hands-on activities and mentorship. Our 4-H members and volunteers pledge their Head, Heart, Hands and Health to improve their club, community and country around them. In Peterborough, we have 50 Volunteers/Leaders dedicated to running approximately 25 clubs per year for nearly 100 members! With club projects involving agriculture, animals, food/wellness, the outdoors and life skills, 4-H Ontario's "Learn To Do By Doing" motto has been successfully represented in our association for over 100 years.

Peterborough 4-H 2019 Awards Night Slideshow!
To see the fun Peterborough 4-H had in 2019, click on the link below!
(click play in the bottom left corner once the player loads)


Peterborough 4-H Association Board of Directors 2018-2019

President Steven Stockdale                       
Vice-President & Volunteer Coordinator Andrea Stillman

Administrative Coordinator
(Membership, Treasurer, Secretary)

Diane Bolton

Social Media Coordinator
(Newsletter Editor, WebMaster, Facebook,

Kelsey Verboom-Stockdale
Association Representative Kelsey Verboom-Stockdale
Past- President  
Director Lorianne Lauchlan
Director Amy McFadden
Director Kelly van der Vegt
Director Heather Sherry
Director Connie Clarke
Director & Livestock Coordinator Jennifer Barton-Crowley
Youth Directors OPEN Position
  OPEN Position
Volunteer Screening Committee Steven Stockdale
Kelsey Verboom-Stockdale
Andrea Stillman
Fundraising Committee Heather Sherry (Chair)
Kelly van der Vegt

2019 Event Organizing Committees

Sign Up Night Diane Bolton, Heather Sherry, Kelsey Verboom, Mike Fallis

4-H Road Clean Up

May 25th 2019, 10AM

Kelsey Verboom-Stockdale (Chair)
Steven Stockdale
Kelly van der Vegt
Mike Fallis

Coaching Clinic

June 12th 2019, 6:30PM

Heather Sherry (Chair)
Mike Fallis
Lorianne Lauchlan

4-H Picnic


Steven Stockdale (Co-chair)
Kelsey Verboom-Stockdale (Co-chair)
Lorianne Lauchlan

Local Go for the Gold

July 2nd 2019, 6:30PM

Steven Stockdale (Co-chair)
Kelsey Verboom-Stockdale (Co-chair)
Jennifer Barton-Crowley

Association hosted Achievement Day

August 27th, 2019

Mike Fallis (Co-chair)
Andrea Stillman (Co-chair)
Jennifer Barton-Crowley

Awards Night

November 29th, 2019

Amy McFadden (Chair)
Kelly van der Vegt
Steven Stockdale
Kelsey Verboom-Stockdale
Jennifer Barton-Crowley
Mike Fallis