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4-Her’s spotted in Algonquin Park. Canoe Believe it?

Submitted by: Allison French

    This summer seven Peel 4-h members were out on the water trying their hand at canoeing to complete our Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. With one expert out of the seven of us 4-H members, it made it fit for Robert Matson to be the Junior Leader of our Adventurous Journey Club. The Duke of Edinburgh is an International Award available to all 14-24 year olds. For the Silver Award there is four sections and participants must demonstrate consistent commitment in Service, Skill and Physical Recreation for a minimum of 6 months. Then they have to complete an Adventurous Journey that is three days and two nights. It is a requirement for members to complete a pre-trip of two days and one night before embarking on their Adventurous journey. We choose to do our Journey August 12th-14th at Algonquin Provincial Park on North Tea Lake.

     The members of the club were, Nicole and Kayla Emmerton, Colin, Julie, Nicole and Allison French, Robert Matson as the Junior Leader, Karen Matson, Mary Emmerton, Thomas Hautot and Brain Emmerton as our Leaders. Steve Vickers a scout Leader and one scout member Ethan Mumford joined us.

    After countless hours spent on Island Lake in Orangeville earning our level two and three orca, we were finally ready for our pre-trip. We decided to do our pre-trip at Guelph Lake, so on August 5th everyone loaded up the two cars and headed off to the lake. We had tons of fun paddling against the wind the whole first day. When we arrived back at the campsite we set up the tents and the rest of the campsite. Following this we discussed aspects of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and prepared a menu and a packing list for the adventurous journey.

    With everyone surviving the pre-trip, the preparations for our trip started to take place. After a group trip to the grocery store and spending what felt like hours at the meat counter, trying to get the best deals, we prepped all of our meals for the trip. We had a team BBQ the night before to go over a few last things and pack all of our stuff into barrels and thumps. We left for our adventure at 6am on August 12th, in the two cars with everyone ready and excited to start our adventure. Arriving at just outside of Algonquin Park we started our journey canoeing across Kawawaymog Lake and then through a small winding river completing two portages successfully; one was 135m and the other was 255m. We ending up at the mouth of North Tea Lake. We then went looking for a campsite and after finding our home for the night we all broke off and started collecting firewood, pitching tents, pumping water, starting to cook dinner and many more other small jobs. When we were trying to hang our bear bags, one of the group members started reading us the “fun facts” about Black Bears and what to do if we encountered one, this in turn motivated us to throw our bear bag onto a higher branch. After going on a night swim and lazy canoe around an island, we played a card game and called it a night making sure that we brought a paddle to sit outside our tent door (no explanation needed after our black bear ‘fun facts’).

When morning arrived we made breakfast and packed all of our stuff up to move to our next campsite. We hit the water when it was glass-like and went “real-estate shopping” as our leaders put it. This meant that we stayed along the shoreline and looked at all the different campsites and talked about the pros and cons of each of them. Our “ideal campsite” is simple; it has a beach. We kept canoeing on North Tea Lake and ended up finding our ideal campsite on an island. With the island to ourselves we unpacked everything and then went back out onto the water on a leisure canoe to a beach. After swimming for a bit we came back and started dinner and some had some s’mores afterwards. After laughing around the campfire we went to bed with a 5:30am wakeup call the next morning. The next morning after having breakfast and packing up all our things we hit the water by 7am and headed back across North Tea Lake. We were all in great spirits and high energy because we all knew that there was ice cream at the end of today’s canoe trip. On our way back we had some great vocals lead by Kayla and Nicole F. and then the rest of the group joined in. We spotted a loon and a great Blue Heron as well as (according to Julie) a red squirrel that was swimming. We didn’t take long to get to the first portage and quickly traversed both portages with ease. After being in the winding river forever we final saw the end in sight when we reached Kawawaymog Lake. Despite reaching the final lake it was not going to be an easy canoe back due to the wind that was blowing across the lake. We all made it back alive without having to use any of our emergency maneuvers rescues (meaning we didn’t flip any of our canoes once). To end off our trip we headed into Huntsville and got pizza and of course some Kawartha Dairy ice cream.

This was an incredible opportunity that a lot of us would not do normally, and it took a lot of people out of their comfort zones, but it was an amazing journey that we will never forget.  


Bird Watching

By: Kayla Emmerton (March 2017)

 4-Her’s had a great time this season exploring and learning about birds in the community through a new fun and interactive club- BIRDWATCHING! We were able to get outside and see some interesting birds in their natural habitat as well as complete some fun crafts for the birds and ourselves! We made bird houses both out of recycling materials and wood, as well as some sticky suet blocks. We also had a lot of fun making (and eating!) our chocolate nests with jellybean eggs! Birdwatching is a great way to get out in the community to enjoy nature as well as find out more about these amazing creatures. Birdwatching is one of the many clubs that has been offered through Peel 4-H. To find more information and to see more pictures of the club, visit http://www.4-hontario.ca/4h-in-my-area/peel.aspx.



Submitted by Kayla Emmerton (March 2017)

In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, members of Peel 4-H had an amazing time taking part of a craft club that has been around longer than Canada has-Embroidery! Members were able to “Learn to Do by Doing” by learning a variety of different stitches, like “the Lazy Daisy” and the blanket stitch- a common stitch found on the edges of many fleece blankets. For their final project, members decided to embroider the provincial flowers of Canada and quilt them together to create a wall hanging. The squares turned out very beautiful, and the quilt will be auctioned off at 4-H awards night in the fall. Through this fun and stimulating club, 4-Her’s were able to enjoy socializing and working together just like they did 100 years ago. For more pictures and information about Peel 4-H visit http://www.4-hontario.ca/4h-in-my-area/peel.aspx.



Our Peel 4-H Ambassador for 2018 is Mel Karpenko.  She will represent our County
presenting ribbons at 4-H events and bringing greetings at the Fairs.


Peel 4-H Activity Calendar

October 28 -Secretary Minute Books due to Betty Brander
October 28 -Press Reports due to Carol Williams
November Nov 2, 2018 – Nov 11, 2018 -The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
November th and th TD Canadian 4-H Classic show at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
November 16th -Peel 4-H Awards Night and Pot Luck Supper, 6:30 pm, Brampton Fair Grounds
November  -Peel Federation of Agriculture Farm Family of the Year Banquet, Caledon East Complex
November  -The Peel-Dufferin Plowmen's Association Annual Meeting

*Awards Night*  
*Friday, November 16 , 2018*

You and your family are invited to attend our pot luck Awards evening!
Friday, November 16 , 2018 • 6:30 p.m.
Brampton Fairgrounds, 12942 Heart Lake Road, Caledon, Junior Farmers Hall
Celebrating the completion and final achievements of:
Bolton Dairy
Brampton Dairy
Peel Beef
Grow Your Own Giant Pumpkin -Brian Cleave, Darlene Downey, Greg Downey, Thomas Hautot
Garden Tractor Pulling Club-Heather French, Tim Boughen
Fitness-Darlene Downey, Barb Patton, Heather French
A Taste of Ontario-Brian Emmerton, Mary Matson, Carol Williams 
Bird Watching-Darlene Downey, Barb Patton
Rabbit Club-Heather French, Tom French, Danette Woodword

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