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Bingo Dates Available

January 23rd 7:00 pm

February 5th 7:00 pm (Taken-Square Dance Club)

March 13th 7:00pm

April 10th 7:00 pm

April 27th 3:30 pm

May 15th 7:00 pm

June 19th 7:00 pm

June 29th 3:30 pm

Please contact Fred Sharpe at sharpejohnfred@yahoo.ca if your club is interested

 Club Start-Ups

Please see club page for start updates- to be updated as more information becomes available


4-H Ontario Ambassador Program

In 2019 the 4-H Ontario Ambassador program will be celebrating 14 years! As an Ambassador you will be part of this exciting year experiencing amazing events occurring throughout the province. Other celebrations, opportunities and activities for Ambassadors may present themselves throughout the year. 


  • To provide Sr 4-H members (18-21 years before Jan. 1st) with opportunities and experiences to enhance their knowledge, skills, attitudes and aspirations in leadership, citizenship, communications and public relations.
  • To provide sr 4-H members with the opportunity to be actively involved and valued as partners in expanding 4-H marketing and promotion efforts


  • To empower our youth
  • To educate the public about 4-H
  • To raise awareness of 4-H and increase visibility
  • To recruit new 4-H members and retain the ones already in the program
  • The Ambassador Program will be a provincial title with a provincial/regional focus. Local promotion/ activity will be required as schedules and timelines permit. Each ambassador will serve a term of 1 year commencing in mid-February with a reception and orientation weekend. Ambassadors may serve a maximum of 2 terms.

Selection Process

  1. Complete and submit an application form by the due date
  2. Submit a resume, cover letter and two references explaining why you would make an excellent ambassador.

Successful applicants will then move on to:

  1. In Person 3 panel interview
  2. Present a 3-5 minute presentation on a topic provided

Duties of an Ambassador

  • Attend both 4-H and non-4-H events to increase the visibility of the 4-H program
  • Organize a community event for youth in connection with other youth organizations to raise the image of youth and provide means of community support and involvement.
  • Recruiting members and volunteers through community events
  • Attend at least 1 regional discovery day
  • Educate people about 4-H and increase the awareness of the program
  • Attend a max of 2 preplanned engagements or events for the sponsors to thank them for their support
  • Write articles about 4-H events for publication in local or regional publications
  • Attend a minimum of 4 provincial events
  • Keep a journal or scrapbook that may remain with 4-H Ontario for promotional purposes. 
  • Submit monthly blogs  to 4-H Ontario
  • Work cooperatively with fellow ambassadors and staff members
  • Complete an ambassador community engagement program of your choosing

 If you are interested in becoming the next 4-H Ontario ambassador take a look at the Ambassador Application pdf and be sure to submit it before December 18th, 2018

If you have any questions regarding the program please contact 4-H Ontario or past Northumberland Ambassador Elaine Jeffs

Northumberland 4-H Royal Dairy Team Results

Team Members:

*Isabel Bennett

*Gillian Forestall

*Meaghan Herrington

*Elaine Jeffs

*Katelyn Redner

*Jessica Sills

*Taylor VanderMeulen

*Will VanderMeulen

Headsman- Keagan Prins

Highlights include:
4th Jr. Showman for Will VanderMeulen 
1st Int. Showman and Hon. Mention for Taylor VanderMeulen
12th Int. Showman for Katelyn Redner
13th Int Showman for Meaghan Herrington

3rd Jr. Calf for Meaghan Herrington with Kingsway Dempsey Aloha
2nd Int. Calf for Katelyn Redner with OCD Jordy Lively-Red
17th Jersey Calf for Will VanderMeulen with Avonlea Andreas Kissabelle
6th Jersey Jr Yrlg for Taylor VanderMeulen with Drentex Gizmo’s Galaxy

3rd Overall Premier County

Congratulations to all the team members for all their hard work and commitment!

Special thanks to chaperones Jennifer Jeffs and Adam Herrington for all their help and support

4-H Dairy Show Results- Quinte Exhibition 2018

Novice Showmanship: 1st Avery Kearse

Junior Showmanship: 1st- Gillian Forestell, 2nd Will Vander Meulen, 3rd Keagen Prins

Intermediate Showmanship: 1st- Isabel Bennett, 2nd Taylor Vander Meulen, 4th Megan Mackinnon

Senior Showmanship: 2nd- Jessica Sills, 3rd Elaine Jeffs

Grand Showman: Isabel Bennett

Reserve Grand Showman: Taylor Vander Meulen

Junior Heifer Calf: 1st- Meaghan Herrington, 2nd Avery Kearse

Intermediate Heifer Calf:1st Isabel Bennett, 2nd Gillian Forestell, 3rd Keagan Prins

Senior Heifer Calf: 1st Jessica Sills, 4th Lucy Clitherow

Summer Yearling: 1st Elaine Jeffs

Colour Breeds Heifer Calf: 1st- Megan MacKinnon, 3rd- Ava Finlay

Senior Heifer Calf: 1st- Jessica Sills

Junior Colour Breeds: 2nd Megan MacKinnon

Senior Colour Breeds: 1st- Will VanderMeulen

Yearling Colour Breeds: 1st- Taylor VanderMeulen

Grand Champion Holstein Calf: Elaine Jeffs

Reserve Champion Holstein Calf: Isabel Bennett

Grand Champion Colour Breeds: Taylor Vander Meulen

Honourable Mention Colour Breeds: Will Vander Meulen

Overall Grand Champion Dairy Animal: Elaine Jeffs

Overall Reserve Champion Dairy Animal: Taylor Vander Meulen

Top Group of Three: Northumberland County

4-H Dairy Show Results- Campbellford Fair 2018

Novice Showmanship: 3rd Abby Clitherow, 4th Avery Kearse

Junior Showmanship: 1st Gillian Forestell, 2rd Will Vander Meulen, 3rd Keagan Prins

Intermediate Showmanship: 1st Taylor Vander Meulen, 3rd Katelyn Redner, 4th Isabel Bennett

Senior Showmanship: 1st- Jessica Sills, 3rd Elaine Jeffs

Grand Showman: Taylor Vander Meulen

Reserve Grand Showman: Gillian Forestell

Junior Heifer Calf: 2nd Averry Kearse, 3rd Meaghan Herrington, 5th Ella Finlay

Intermediate Heifer Calf: 1st- Isabel Bennett, 2nd Katelyn Redner, 3rd Gillian Forestell

Senior Heifer Calf: 3rd Jessica Sills, 4th Will Vander Meulen, 5th Lucy Clitherow

Summer Yearling Heifer: 1st- Elaine Jeffs, 3rd Rachel Sharpe, 5th Austin Terry

Junior Yearling Heifer: 1st- Taylor Vander Meulen

Grand Champion Calf: Taylor Vander Meulen

Reserve Champion Calf: Elaine Jeffs


4-H Ambassador- Elaine Jeffs

4-H Ontario has announced the selection of the six new Ambassadors who will represent the organization across the province in 2016.

Vicki Brisson, Laura DeKlein, Logan Emiry, Julie French, Sadie-Jane Hickson and Elaine Jeffs were chosen by a panel of judges at the 4-H Ontario head office in Rockwood. The judging panel comprised a 4-H Ontario volunteer and staff member, as well as a representative of GROWMARK, Inc., which sponsors the 4-H Ontario Ambassador program.

The 4-H Ontario Ambassador program provides youth with advanced level training in leadership, citizenship, communications and public relations. Ambassadors put their energy and 4-H experiences to work recruiting new members and sharing the 4-H story. They attend 4-H Ontario events across the province, as well as representing the organization at community events to promote the program.

“The 4-H Ontario Ambassadors are an integral part to the promotion of 4-H to current and potential volunteers, members and stakeholders by representing the program across the province,” says Marianne Fallis, Senior Manager, Programming, 4-H Ontario. “This year’s new team of Ambassadors will carry on the tradition of exceptional youth who are passionate about sharing the many experiences and opportunities the 4-H Ontario program has to offer.”

In photo left-right: Sadie-Jane, Laura, Vicki, Julie, Logan & Elaine.

Elaine is a proud member of the Northumberland 4-H Association. Over the past eight years as a 4-H member, Elaine has completed 25 projects ranging from Dairy, Chocolate, Vet Science, Giant Vegetable and more!  She has participated in many provincial 4-H opportunities such as- Discovery Days, Provincial 4-H Leadership Camp, Career Mania and Future Leadership in Action.  Outside of 4-H,  Elaine coaches’ figure skating at 2 area clubs, enjoys running and showing cattle all the while helping out on her families large dairy farm.  Elaine is very passionate about the 4-H program and its values as it has been a very important part of her family – since her great grandmother was a leader!  Elaine has discovered that 4-H opportunities are some of the most impact events for members. She says, "Always see challenges as opportunities! Even if you are nervous you won't regret attending a 4-H camp or event. You will make new friends and great memories that will last a life time!" Elaine will be attending the University of Guelph this fall, enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program.

Congratulations Elaine!

4-H Leader Recognition

Northumberland 4-H recently had two leaders recognized for their years of service to the 4-H Program. Jennifer Jeffs and Eric Lawlor were honoured at a formal luncheon at the 4-H Ontario Conference and Annual Meeting on April 2nd, 2016. Jennifer and Eric were honoured for 25 years of service!

Thank you Jennifer and Eric for all you do for 4-H in Northumberland County!