4-H Ontario


Current clubs being run in the County this Spring!

Lanark County Beef

Andrew and Julie Dawson ajdawson@storm.ca

North Lanark Sheep Club

Tanya and Shelly Quinn farmertantan86@gmail.com sc.4quinn@gmail.com

Boer Goat Club

Sarah and Marshall James jamesboergoats@live.ca

South Lanark Sheep

Melissa Renaud Melissaruth16@hotmail.com

South Lanark Horse Club

Amy Himmelman 613-284-6570.

Lanark Horse Club

Kristy Ferrill kristyferrill@gmail.com

Maple Syrup Club (FULL, already running) Mary Ellen McLellan

Archery Kim and Mark Dowdall (FULL)

Plowing (FULL) Mark Dowdall

Poultry Club Melissa and Jessica Lrkcountypoultry4hclub@gmail.com

Gardening Club

Melissa Renaud at Melissaruth16@hotmail.com

Pakenham Dairy Club

Alan Nanne Reddalh@hotmail.com 613-889-9593

Cloverbuds for kids 6 to 8years old. (Full for 2018) 6132500438

Balderson Barn Quilts (FULL) Sherry Jordan Sherry.jordan@3so.ca

Batter Up (baking club starting March 20Th, space limited)

Green Thumbs (gardening club, space limited) lhyci@storm.ca 613 259 2012

For all Clubs running in the Village on Lanark , please contact Michelle or Warren at lhyci@storm.ca or 613-259-2012


Fall clubs:

Canning Club Melissa Renaud and Kim Dowdall 6132500438 or melissaruth16@hotmail.com

Perth Veterinary Club Barb at barb.keith@ripnet.com