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4-H Ontario is dedicated to the personal development of youth. As an informal educational program, 4-H helps young people to develop a variety of personal skills related to working with other people; skills related to projects of special interest to the members; and skills related to a young person developing into a responsible citizen..”"4-H Ontario is dedicated to the personal development of youth while providing a positive impact on volunteers and communities in Ontario.

What is 4-H all about?
4-H is about personal development of youth. It is also about making friends and having fun. If you are between 9 and 21 before Janaury 1st of this year, you are eligible to be a member. All you need to start a 4-H club is a screened volunteer (18 years or older), and six eligible members.

Through 4-H, you will be encouraged to develop self-confidence and a sense of responsibility, as well as learn usefull skills in communications, leadership, problem solving and goal setting.
These skills are achieved by participating in one or more of the 80 projects offered by the 4-H program.

There are 4-H clubs in every county of Ontario. In every
4-H community, there are a variety of events beyond the club level in which members and/or volunteers can become involved.

The Ontario 4-H Council represents 6600 members and 1455 volunteers from every country in Ontario.

At the national level, the Canadian 4-H Council enhances 4-H in Canada by providing national programs and services in partnership with stakeholders.

4-H Ontario is kindly supported by its sponsors as well as the Ontario 4-H Foundation.

Lanark County 4-H Association Contacts:

  • President: Melissa Renaud
  • lanarkcounty4hpresident@gmail.com, 613-250-0438
  • Vice President: Kristy Ferrill
  • Secretary: Michelle Deforge
  • Treasurer: Jessica Pettes
  • Membership Coordinator: Jessica Pettes
  • Screening Coordiantor: Barb Keith Badour & Jessica Pettes
  • Association Representative: Melissa Renaud
  • Livestock Coordinator:  Andrew and Julie Dawson