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2019 Kawartha Lakes - Haliburton 4-H Clubs 

Fenelon Beef 

1st Meeting -  Thurs. Apr 4

Contact:  Kattie Sims 705-340-8653 or Elysha Bryans 705-344-4615

Omemee Beef

1st Meeting - Mon Apr 15

Contact:  Corrie Stender 705-277-1411, Mike Ormiston 705-799-6357, Mariah Wotten 705-341-3261 or Angie Kerr

Woodville Little Britain Beef

1st Meeting - Sun Apr 7

Contact:  Cheryl Crowe 705-786-7676, Julie Cameron 705-879-3452 or Alex Cameron 705-878-3054

Omemee Canning/Preserving

1st Meeting - June 23 

Contact:  Suzanne Barker or Melissa O'Neil 705-799-1319 or Corrie Stender 705-277-1411

Powels Corners Christmas 

1st Meeting -  TBA

Contact:  Deanna Hood 705-879-1485, Stacey Gudmundsson 928-8226 or Edna White 705-878-2263

Cloverbuds - for youth aged 6-8 

1st Meeting - Tues. Apr 11

Contact:  Julie Cameron 705-879-3452, Cheryl Crowe 705-786-7676 or Elysha Bryans 705-344-4615


1st Meeting - Tues. Apr 9

Contact:  Melinda Buckley 705-879-8704, Marcy Callaghan 934-2650 or Dan Werry 934-0081

Farm Safety

1st Meeting - Tues. Apr 16

Contact:  Ross Chambers 705-324-2391 or Deb Mulock 705-953-9439

Field Crops & Plowing

1st Meeting - Wed. Apr 24

Contact:  Ross Chambers 705-324-3291 or Michelle Hazenberg 705-357-9959

Powels Corners Gardening

1st Meeting - Apr. 23

Contact:  Deanna Hood 705-879-1485, Stacey Gudmundsson 928-8226 or Edna White 705-878-2263

Omemee Healthy Eating

1st Meeting:  TBA

Contact:  Suzanne Barker or Melissa O'Neil 705-799-1319 or Corrie Stender 705-277-1411

Omemee Home for the Holidays

1st Meeting - TBA 

Contact:  Suzanne Barker or Melissa O'Neill 705-799-1319 or Corrie Stender 705-277-1411


1st Meeting - Mar 28

Contact:  Deb Mulock 705-953-9439, Julie Cameron 705-879-3452, Lynda Craven 344-1766 or Lisa Youells 879-8838


1st Meeting - Feb 13

Contact:  Deanna Hood 705-879-1485 or Michelle Hazenberg 647-529-6921


1st Meeting - Tues. Apr 2

Contact:  Linda Staples 705-328-0181, Deanna Hood 705-879-1485 or Leah Parker 928-2842

Powels Corners Quilting

1st Meeting:  TBA

Contact:  Deanna Hood 705-879-1485, Stacey Gudmundsson 928-8226 or Edna White 705-878-2263


1st Meeting:  Apr 11

Contact:  Steph Dwyer 289-716-4888 or Ursi Wilson

Powels Corners Scrapbooking

1st Meeting - Thurs. Apr 18

Contact:  Deanna Hood 705-879-1485, Stacey Gudmundsson 928-8226 or Edna White 705-878-2263

Omemee Memory Makers 

1st Meeting - Mon. Mar 25

Contact:  Laura Staples 705-312-0180 or Michelle McNeil Smith 705-878-2842


1st Meeting:  Apr 3

Contact:  Elysha Bryans 705-344-4615 or Karen Lynch 705-340-2016

Victoria Sheep

1st Meeting - Mon. Apr 8

Contact:  Muriel Burnett 705-887-6512, Susan Burnett 705-328-3515 or Jillian Craig 705-887-9649   

Square Dancing

1st Meeting - Tues. June 25

Contact:  Tina Hohenadel 705-879-6110 or Harrison Stoddart 705-786-7705

Vet Science

1st Meeting - Wed. Apr 17

Contact:  Amie Elliott 705-324-5277 or Katie Anne Baxter 705-793-2020


4-H News Reports


Field Crop Club Report

By: Josh Youells

 We have had two meetings so far.  At the first meeting, hosted at Ross’ house, we were introduced to the club leaders, met the other participants, and voted for our positions. The positions were President, Vice-President, Secretary and Press Reporter.  We also enjoyed snack before dismissing for the night. Afterwards, we received our seeds. Some people selected corn, and some people selected soybean seeds prior to the meeting. Horizon Seeds were very generous with their donations.

 The second meeting was at Bob Mark New Holland dealership.  Andy took us for a tour of the dealership showing us various pieces of equipment and would answer any questions.  The first piece was a vertical tillage unit that can “tear up” the ground and make it ready for planting. Its design was good for rocky soil in our area.  We briefly talked about what plants need. Plants need 3 things; heat, moisture, and nutrients. If you’re in muddy conditions the scraper on the unit will build up and need to be cleaned.

 The next piece was another plowing unit.  It plows the ground for you to save time so that you can do more acres in a day.  We looked at older equipment too. We saw a seeder and a cultivator that was in the parking lot.  Next, we walked to the other end of the dealership to look at a discbine. It cuts the hay with spinning blades.  It was a big unit.

 The last piece of equipment we saw was the round baler.  It was open to see the inside of the unit. Andy shared the difference between the wrap and the twine used for finishing the bale.  Wrap is faster in tying the bale.

 At the end, we went back into the dealership and enjoyed a snack and were given shirts to all the 4-H members.  It was very generous of Andy.



On January 12/19 The Powell's Corner Sewing Club met for our first meeting at the home of Edna White.  The members and myself were informed about all of the different things we might need throughout taking this club.  We went through the Sewing Tools list and our leaders showed us examples of the tools on the list.  Some of the members already had some of the items in their sewing boxes.  We got out our machines and started to practice sewing on the sewing sheets.  We had to sew straight lines, squares, circles, spirals and the 4-H emblem outline.   

At our second meeting held on January 19/19 at Edna's house we learned how to make Magic Pillow Cases with a French Seam.  They were truly magic!

Kick It Capes were on the agenda for our third meeting on February 2/19.  The Kick It Capes are going to be donated to children fighting cancer or dealing with a terminal illness.

Our fourth and final meeting was held on February 9/19 at Edna's.  We made Hot Pads for Pets for the Brooklin Vet Clinic.  Each member sewed squares and then filled them with oats.  The clinic will be able to heat them up and put them with the animals at the clinic.

The achievement day for the Powell's Corner Sewing Club will be held at 4-H Fair.  Each member will have to display the items that we made along with our completed manual and Sewing box.

by Rachel Crowe