4-H Ontario


2018 Kawartha Lakes - Haliburton 4-H Clubs 

Omemee Baking

1st Meeting - TBA

Contact:  Suzanne Barker or Melissa O'Neill 705-799-1319

Corrie Stender 705-277-1411

Fenelon Beef 

1st Meeting -  Thurs. Apr 5

Contact:  Kattie Sims 705-340-8653 

Elysha Bryans 705-344-4615

Omemee Beef

1st Meeting - Mon Apr 16

Contact:  Bill & Laura Staples 705-312-0180

Mike Ormiston 705-799-6357

Mariah Wotten 705-878-1713

Woodville Little Britain Beef

1st Meeting - Sun Apr 8

Contact:  Cheryl Crowe 705-786-7676

Julie Cameron 705-879-3452

Alex Cameron 705-878-3054

Omemee Canning/Preserving

1st Meeting - TBA 

Contact:  Suzanne Barker or Melissa O'Neil 705-799-1319

Corrie Stender 705-277-1411

Woodville Chocolate 

1st Meeting - TBA

Contact:  Cheryl Crowe 705-786-7676

Nancy Nicholson 705-953-9752

Cambray Christmas 

1st Meeting -  TBA

Contact:  Susan Welland 705-454-2711

Deanna Hood 705-879-1485

Edna White 705-878-2263

Cloverbuds - for youth aged 6-8 (May be split into two clubs if enough interested)

1st Meeting - Tues. Apr 10

Contact:  Julie Cameron 705-879-3452

Cheryl Crowe 705-786-7676

Elysha Bryans 705-344-4615


1st Meeting - Tues. Apr 10

Contact:  Ryan & Laura Parish 705-928-4801

Farm Safety

1st Meeting - Tues. Apr 17

Contact:  Ross Chambers 705-324-2391

Deb Mulock 705-953-9439

Field Crops & Plowing

1st Meeting - Wed. Apr 25

Contact:  Ross Chambers 705-324-3291

Michelle Hazenberg 705-357-9959

Omemee Preparing for the Holidays

1st Meeting - TBA 

Contact:  Suzanne Barker or Melissa O'Neill 705-799-1319

Corrie Stender 705-277-1411


1st Meeting - Thurs. Apr 19

Contact:  Deb Mulock 705-953-9439

Julie Cameron 705-879-3452

Lisa Youlles

Lawn Tractor Pulling

1st Meeting - Sat. Apr 21

Contact:  Edna & Tom White 705-878-2263


1st Meeting - Tues. Apr 3

Contact:  Linda Staples 705-328-0181

Deanna Hood 705-879-1485

Cambray Scrapbooking

1st Meeting - Thurs. Apr 12

Contact:  Susan Welland 705-464-2711

Edna White 705-878-2263

Deanna Hood 705-879-1485

Omemee Scrapbooking 

1st Meeting - Mon. Mar 26

Contact:  Laura Staples 705-312-0180

Michelle McNeil Smith 705-868-2842

Omemee Sewing

1st Meeting - TBA

Contact:  Suzanne Barker 705-799-1319

Jane Durward

Sandra Faulkner

Baba Sheep

Not enough members for 2018

Victoria Sheep

1st Meeting - Mon. Apr 9

Contact:  Muriel Burnett 705-887-6512

Susan Burnett 705-328-3515  

                                                Jillian Craig 705-887-6789                                                

 Small Engines 

1st Meeting - Wed. Apr 11

Contact:  Edna & Tom White 705-878-2263

Square Dancing

1st Meeting - Wed. May 30

Contact:  Tina Hohenadel 705-878-0540

Harrison Stoddart 705-340-9346

Vet Science

1st Meeting - Wed. Apr 18

Contact:  Amie Elliott 705-324-5277

Katie Anne Baxter 705-738-6628


4-H News Reports


This past March break I yet again had the amazing opportunity to attend another 4-h camp. This March, myself, along with fellow KLH members: Maggie-Jo Hickson, Landyn Bowen, Curtis Blair and Nathan Jetten all headed up to Camp Kawartha near Lakefield to attend the future leaders in action camp, commonly known as FLIA. In the past I have attended other 4-h camps, including youth adventure camp in which I attended twice, but I must say FLIA was like no other and was by far one of the best 4-H opportunities.

    FLIA was a five day, four night camp in which we slept in the cabins and took in the full faculties that Camp Kawartha had to offer. Over my five day experience I made numerous new friends that I became very close with from all across the province that a continue to talk to on a regular basis. We learnt many leadership skills, including what it takes to be a good leader, along with goal setting skills that we can use in our day to day lives. At FLIA we got to take in the sights of the forest and for some of us, going out of our comfort zone by participating in the high ropes with the camp kawartha staff. Day to day I enjoyed playing the different games and activities, including the build you own car out of LEGO challenge (which by the way my group won), an escape room, and a talent show, just to name a few. On the last night of camp we had a dinner banquet to thank our sponsors, followed by a dance. Like the staying ‘ we shopped till we dropped’, we literally danced till we dropped. We danced from 8-12!! From two-stepping, to square dancing, to the cotton eyed joe line dance; we definitely enjoyed our last night of camp together! The last day of camp came quickly, and it was time to say goodbye to all of my new friends.  This was difficult as it felt like we were a little FLIA family.

       This past March break was one of the best experiences of my life. I encourage all to take part in 4-H camps as they are one of the best parts of 4-H, and you will make memories that last a lifetime! This summer I am off to the career mania, which is a 4 day conference at the university of Guelph. There, I will be reunited with some of my FLIA friends, along with friends I made a YAC, and I am sure to meet new ones too, I can’t wait!  Always remember to “FIRE IT UP!”

submitted by Karlee Webster

4-H Pulling Club – We were led by Edna and Tom White.  Meetings were held at their home.  There were 10 members.  Edna and Tom had some quizzes about lawn tractors.  We had opportunities to repair and prepare the lawn tractors for the achievement day pull.  There was even an opportunity for a practice pull. 


Pulling Club Achievement Day, Sunday June 17, 2018

The 4-H Pulling Club Achievement Day was held at the Lindsay Fairgrounds by Kawartha Antique Power Show.  Every club member arrived for the weigh in and competed in the Jr. Tractor Pull in their weigh in class.

The results of the day are as follows:

Lawn Stock up to 500 lbs.

1st -Jack Hickson - 135.3 feet or 41.24 meters

2nd - Cody Crowe -135.1 feet or 41.17 meters

3rd - Landyn Bowen- 98.3 feet or 29.96 meters

4th- Wade Scoble - 93.4 feet or 28.47 meters

Lawn Stock 501 to 700 lbs

1st - Gage Instead - 153.8 feet or 46.88 meters

3rd - Jesse Peacock - 133.11 feet or 40.57 meters

Stock 601 to 800 lbs

6th - Caleb Dyck - 151.2 feet or 46.09 meters

Stock 801 to 1000 lbs

3rd - Curtis Blair - 123.3 feet or 37.58 meters

4th - Jacob Dyck - 90.10 feet or 27.46 meters

Modified 801 to 1000 lbs.

8th - Curtis Blair - 116.9 feet or 35.63 meters

11th - Nathan Tamlin - 95.4 feet or 29.08 meters

Open lawn & Utility tractor max 1200 lbs

9th - Tom White - 61.8 feet or 18.84 meters

A big thank you to Edna and Tom White for leading and organizing Pulling Club again this year.

                                                                                                       By Curtis Blair Press Reporter

My FLIA Experience
Once again I chose to spend my March break at a 4-H camp; last year I went to PLC and this year I found myself at FLIA, Future Leaders In Action. This camp really focuses on developing and utilising leadership skills. Everyday at camp we had sessions to teach us new ways to work in a group or gather ideas and opinions. We then had the opportunity to apply these ideas in our facilitation groups; these groups were responsible for organising and running wake up, energizers or evening programming. These events were completely camper lead and always innovative and fun! This provided myself and all the other campers the platform to express our ideas and practice leading. The skills that I learned at FLIA benefit me everyday; I use them in school, 4-H meetings and during sports to name a few examples. FLIA is also a great experience because of the upbeat and supportive 4-H environment! The facilitators were always energized and constantly demonstrated what it means to be a good leader. The campers were also very friendly and supportive. They made it easy to break out of your comfort zone and take risks. Throughout my week at FLIA I had so much fun making new friends, trying new things and building on my leadership skills! I have attended numerous 4-H opportunities and I hope to continue throughout my remaining 4-H years! I encourage every 4-H member to take a chance and attend a 4-H opportunity, weather it is a camp, judging event or conference, as they are great learning opportunities and because 4-H members make great, lifelong friends!
- Maggie-Jo Hickson