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These are the clubs we are planning for 2020!

Calf Clubs (Dairy and Beef)

Join us with learning about both Dairy and Beef Cattle!  

Choosing to complete with a dairy calf project or beef calf project.  Note: if we have enough members, we will split into two clubs.

You must have access to a calf to train and can compete in local fall fairs, junior shows and more!

Club Objectives:

  • To learn the different breeds of dairy cattle
  • To learn the different breeds of beef cattle 
  • To learn the parts of the beef and dairy cow
  • To learn the skills of judging and selecting cattle and/or a 4-H project
  • To understand feeding and nutriton
  • To understand the breeding cycle of a cow
  • To participate and learn showmanship of both beef and dairy 
  • To learn the different types of housing for cattle both beef and dairy

Goat Club

You'll need a goat for this one (ask your leaders for details)

Topics to be covered at the meetings include:


  • meat and dairy goats
  • proper nutrition, housing and management
  • general health and concerns
  • conformation and judging
  • getting ready to show
  • proper showmanship

Meetings to be held the first Wednesday of each month, starting in May!


Rabbit Hopping Club                  

In this club you learn how to:

  • Select a rabbit, properly fit a harness, proper handling of your rabbit
  • Provide proper housing, nutrition and care for your rabbit
  • Teach your rabbit to hop  - check out www.canadianrabbithoppingclub.com
  • Requirements for completion of the club:
    • Obtain and keep a rabbit as a club project (we can help you find a rabbit!!)
    • Attend 2/3rds of the club meetings
    • Attend the Halton 4-H Judging Competition
    • Attend one Achievement Day event with your rabbit

Lawn Tractor Pulling Club Tractor Pulling 2012

Each member must have their own pulling tractor to complete. Achievement Day is to be held in July at Country Heritage Park. 

Topics to be covered at the meetings include

  • the nuts and bolts of tractor pulling
  • safety, safety, safety!
  • the how to's of tractor pull meets
  • you will participate in several lawn tractor pulls

Photography Club


  • To learn about different photography techniques
  • Ways to scrapbook your photos
  • Get creative!
  • Be imaginative! 

Six x Sixteen Club

Based on the Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s concept of Six by Sixteen, youth will gain the tools to help plan and prepare six nutritious meal by the age of sixteen. This practical project, which includes food safety basics, includes recipes such as Spaghetti, Fruit Salad, Chicken Stirfry, Fruit Crisp, Lasagna, Chicken Fajitas, Trifle and Shepherd’s Pie.

Open to members under 16 years of age.

Crockpot Cooking Club

Horse Club


Etiquette Club

Walk on the Wild Side Club

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