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 4-H Award and Scholarship Opportunities 2018

·         Sr. Member of the Year

·         Jr. Member of the Year

·         Club of the Year

·         Secretary of the Year

·         Treasurer of the Year

·         Press Reporter of the Year

·         Scholarships x2


Essex County 4-H Awards - 2018 

Member of the Year Award JR and SR 

4-H members may be nominated for junior member of the year (ages 9-15,) or senior member of the year (ages 16-21).  Anyone may nominate a member for this award by submitting a letter of recommendation listing why the member merits this award.   


The letter could also include the member’s 4-H involvement at local, provincial and national levels, along with a list of completed clubs, club positions held and any special efforts that this member made to the community.   Members may be nominated by more than one person.  This award reflects a 4-H member who has made a significant contribution to club meetings, events and programs.   The winning junior and senior members will each receive $100.00 and be recognized on the Member or the Year plaque. 


Club of the Year Award 

This award recognizes an outstanding 4-H club that has dedicated members who attend club events, complete and display a club exhibit at local fairs and make 4-H visible in our county.  To be considered for this award, the following items must be submitted: 

a) Copies of all club press reports 

b) The completed secretary’s book 

c) The completed treasurer’s report 

d) A list of events where the club display was exhibited 

e) A report listing the club accomplishments and achievements 


The winning club will receive $200.00 based upon the following point system: 


Meeting attendance and member completion15 points 

Press reports and an achievement day report submitted15 points 

Treasurer’s Report10 points 

Secretary’s Report15 points 

Public Awareness Activity15 points 

Member attendance at events15 points 

Educational display (3 points per fair)15 points 

TOTAL100 points 


Secretary of the Year 

4-H members may be nominated for this award by club leaders or members.  A complete secretary’s book including member attendance, all meeting minutes, activities and an Achievement Day report must be submitted.   The winner will receive $100.00 and have their name placed on the Secretary of the Year plaque. 


Treasurer of the Year 

Leaders or members may nominate a 4-H member for this award.  An income and expense statement along with copies of the bank statements must be submitted.  The income and expense statement must be verified and signed by the club leader upon completion of the club.  The winner will receive $100.00 and have their name added to the Treasurer of the Year plaque. 



Press Reporter of the Year 

Anyone can nominate a 4-H member for this award.  Edited press reports of the meetings, activities and Achievement Day report must have been submitted to the media contact within one week of the club meeting date.  These reports should include the club name, date, location and information learned at each meeting, along with the suggested date of the next meeting.  The reports must be written by the member.  All reports must be submitted to qualify for this award.  The winner will receive $100.00 and have their name added to the Press Reporter of the Year plaque. 



Scholarships are available for 4H members attending college, university or trade school programs. 

There are 2 $500.00 scholarships available 

Applicants must have a minimum of 5 consecutive years in 4H with the last year being the scholarship application year. 

Please email davejuliegrace@hotmail.com for a scholarship application form. 





All awards nominations are to be submitted to the Awards Review committee by January 31 2019 by either mail or email 


Essex County 4H Association 

P.O. Box 394 

Essex, ON N8M 2Y4