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Dufferin 4-H Clubs planned for 2018




Dufferin 4-H Lawn Tractor Pull Club:

Do you own a lawn tractor and are interested in learning how to TRACTOR PULL? 

This club offers a wide variety of activities from field trips, hands on tractor work, to garden tractor pulling.


Dufferin 4-H Paintball Club:

4-H Paintball is for anyone who likes friendly competition, action, strategy and personal development.

It comes in many different forms, ranging from small team games to large group activities. 

Each teaches strategy, teamwork, and leadership development, with a healthy dose of physical activity!


Dufferin 4-H Beef Club: (1st Meeting Tuesday March 27th - 7:30 at Lasby's)

The main objective of the Dufferin 4-H Beef Club is to teach the members the road to the show ring and give them the skill base to be competitive in the show ring.

Teaching everything from the judging to choose a 4-H project, to the daily care of the animal, to the final show day experience.

We emphasize the importance of working as a team within the competitive atmosphere. 


Dufferin 4-H Judging Club:

The Judging club is a livestock life-skills club. Judging is something everyone does everyday.

The leaders teach the kids judging on anything from food in the supermarket, to the footwear you need in your day to day life, to animals you pick for the show ring.

This is a club for everyone and you will take the skills learned to your every day life. 


Dufferin 4-H Craft Club: (1st Meeting Wednesday March 14th - CANCELLED DUE TO BAD WEATHER NEW DATE TBA !!!!)

The Craft Club is a fun way to spend your March break making crafts and learning new fun craft ideas with your friends. 

You will leave the meetings with many crafts to take home to your family and friends and having the know how to teach them to make the crafts with you next time. 


Dufferin 4-H Crock Pot Club:

The Crock Pot Club is for all the busy families out there. If you are ready to learn how to WOW your parents with dinner ready this is the club for you. 

The Crock Pot Club is going to teach the members how to make simple, delicious dinners for their families and friends. 


Dufferin 4-H Baking Club:

The Baking Club is a fun way to expand your life-skills by getting the basic knowledge of baking many different dishes.

Learning how to bake everything from cookies, pies, squares and cakes. This club is for the sweet tooth lovers.


Dufferin 4-H Horse Club:

A fun way to learn about horse care, handling and safety, this project covers a wide variety of topics related to horses.

Beginners to advanced, all levels welcome. You don’t have to own a horse to be in this club.



This project is all about dairy products and substitutes.

You’ll learn why dairy products and substitutes are an important part of our diet, how they are made and how to cook and prepare foods containing these delicious items.

Taste testing is of course a “must” in this project!


Dufferin 4-H Show Lamb Club:

The focus of this club will be the washing, prepping, and training of show lambs with the ultimate goal being showing lambs at the Royal Winter Fair Junior Show.

Members will learn skills needed to prep and daily care for show lambs at fairs. Opportunities for out of county shows is a possibility as well.


Dufferin 4-H Sports Club:

Another new club to help celebrate Dufferin's 100th Anniversary: 

Alicia and Matt Snooks are looking forward to running a Sports Club. There will be a different sport at each meeting.



Also running for 2018:  Cloverbuds, Crop, Dairy, Market Animal and Sheep Clubs




Watch this space for more clubs and meetings to be announced.

See the "News" Page for Club Press Reports

We are looking for leaders for Life Skills Clubs, so, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer,

contact: Mary Lynn Smith


Dufferin 4-H Association Secretary:  Mary Lynn Smith 

email: dufferin4h@xplornet.com  Phone: 519-925-5328


Dufferin 4-H Association Registrar: Dawn Van Kampen

email: dufferin4h@xplornet.com  Phone: 519-940-2202