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Proposed Constitution and Policy and Procedures Changes

Please see the documents below to familiarize yourself with proposed changes prior to the AGM on February 4th 2020.



Award Nominations 2019

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Novice-Junior Life Skills Award

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Constitution and Policy and Procedures

These are the most current copies of the consitution and the policy and procedures for the Brant 4-H Association. Please give them a read to familiarize yourselves with them.

Policies and Procedures (proposed changes highlighted).

Constitution (proposed changes highlighted).

2019 Cyber Reports

Explore 4-H  - Meeting 2

 by Alex Hamilton

On April 13, the Explore 4-H club went to the West Brant Animal Hospital to learn about being a Veterinarian. Kate Young a Practice Manager that works there gave the members a tour of the building. First, the members learned how to preform a surgery on an animal with the laser. We all had to wear special goggles to protect our eyes. Kate showed us all the surgery tools and what they are called. She also showed us the surgery table and all the machines used in the surgery. Then the members learned about some of the diseases pets can get and how to cure them. We then learned to read an x-ray machine and how its used to help deliver babies. Kate then lead the members into the next room where she talked about how to find and remove ticks and tapeworms on our pets. After the tour was done, Elaine got us to judge the size of a dog to a carrier. After judging, the club members made trail mix for their next meeting.

Spice of Life  - Meeting 1

 by Charlotte Coleman

The first meeting of the Spice of Life 4-H club was held Wed April 24, 2019.  The meeting began with the 4-H pledge, followed by the role call: what is your favourite spice and what do you use it for?  There were a variety of answers, however most members commented that cinnamon was their favourite spice.  Elections were held. The next order of business took place having members smelling and tasting different spices and herbs. A game was then played where members had to guess and ask other members questions about a spice that was placed on sticker on their back. Everyone had a snack and the meeting was adjourned just before 9pm.

The Great Outdoors  - Meeting 1

 by Lukas

On Saturday, April 27th our 4H Gear Outdoors Club, along with the County of Brant and the Grand River Conservation Authority planted 700 trees behind the Sobeys in Paris. It was cold and very windy but we still had fun!

Goat  - Meeting 1

 by Zephy

Brant County’s first 4H Goat club meeting was a success! At the meeting we chose our executives, we started to learn how to walk our goats in the show ring and we got to watch a goat milking demonstration. It was so much fun! 

Explore 4-H  - Meeting 3

 by Alex Hamilton

On April 27, the Explore 4-H club held their third meeting with the Outdoors club in a field behind the Sobeys in Paris. We were all there to plant all types of trees like maple and evergreen. First we had to learn the proper way to dig the hole and how deep it had to be. Secondly we had to ensure that the trees were straight and then put mulch around it. There was 500 trees to plant and we planted them all. The two 4-H clubs spent two hours of their morning planting the trees. After they planted all the trees, The Lions Park Club came and gave all the volunteers hotdogs and hot chocolate.

Spice of Life  - Meeting 2

 by Charlotte Coleman

The second meeting of the Spice of Life 4-H Club took place May 8, 2019 at Bethel Hall.  The roll call was what spices are in products that you use daily. For example if you use soap and it contains lavender, you would use it to wash your hands.  Members then went to the kitchen to cook and bake with herbs and spices.  Dishes created included: iced tea, salsa, guacamole, pesto wraps, and ginger snaps.  The members were then able to taste the delicious creations and invited parents to partake.  The meeting was adjourned at 9pm.  Next meeting to be held at Bethel Hall Wed May 15, 2019.

2018 Cyber Reports

Community Involvement Club  - Meeting 4

 by Colby Young

Meeting #4 for the Community Involvement Club was at the Bell Homestead on Nov 28, 2018. The meeting started at 7:01pm. Notes were then gone over from last meeting. Members then went to the Bell Homestead House and the Henderson house to do a practice and learn a little more about their rooms. Colby Young learned how to run the switchboard. Girls then pick out their dresses and Colby picked out a vest. Members then went back to do some more research and started writing the scripts for their rooms. Meeting ended at 9:00pm. 

Community Involvement - Meeting 2

by Colby Young

The second 4-H Bell Homestead Club started at 7:06 at the Bell Homestead in Brantford. First the members had a roll-call and it was “What do you think of an old fashion Christmas?” Members answered with great responses. Then the meeting was handed over to Sarah were they went over Historical Thinking. After that they looked at some amazing letters that Alexander’s friends and family wrote back and fourth. It was cool to see their writing back then and how they spelt words too. Members then asked questions about the letters. Members traveled over to the Bell Homestead National Historic Site and read about when the homestead was purchased, what price was paid, what they sold it for as well as so many other cool facts. Alexander’s family tree was what the members went over to next and they realized Alexander’s family like to re-use names a lot. It had names of Alexander’s family and friends, what they did, where they lived, where were they were born as well as many more cool facts in the book. The members then started some research. The meeting ended at 9:01.

Community Involvement Club - Meeting 1

by Colby Young

The first meeting for the Bell Homestead club was on November 7, 2018 at the Bell Homestead. The meeting started at 7:04pmWe first started off by drawing a name out of a hat for our President, Vice President, Secretary, and Cyber Reporter. After that we went for a walk to each of the rooms to see what room we wanted. The rooms were either in the Alexander’s House or the Henderson House. There was a lot of  them and lots of cool things that were in that room but you could only can choose one. There was 10 to choose from but there were only 7 of us. The rooms that got chosen were the drawing room (Davinelle), Carrie’s room (Dannah), Aleck’s room (Danessa), Kitchen (Carley), Switch board (Colby), Library (Morgan), and the Dining room (Isabel). 3 were left.  Then we got our booklets that had a LOT of great information that we could need on our achievement day when we give people tours about the History that happened on the land where the Bell Homestead is and the people like when they came over and what happened from then on. Next, we did a lot of writing in our booklets. We had to fill in the blanks and go over who everyone was related to. After that the meeting ended at 9:00pm.