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2019 Spring and Summer Clubs

Please contact the club leaders immediately to sign up or email brant4h.programmanager@gmail.com

Designed for beginners and those with some artistic training. Each meeting will explore a new art technique and style. Members will spend most meetings creating several art pieces.
Leaders: Scott Archer & Betty Summerhayes   betty.summerhayes@gmail.com  
                Emily Summerhayes   emily.summerhayes19@gmail.com 
Meeting Dates: Thursdays -  April 11, May 9, June 13, July 11 & August 15
Time:  6:30 pm - 9 pm
1st Meeting: Thursday, April 11th 
Location:  32 Indian Line Rd., Mt. Pleasant
Achievement: exhibit a piece of artwork at the Burford Fair (Thanksgiving weekend)
*maximum of 15 members
Batter Up: Cookie Club
Learn to bake different kinds of cookies and store them for future use. Compare different ingredients – butter vs margarine – to see if it makes a difference in the taste and consistency. Each meeting will consist of baking cookies, judging them for consistency colour, size and taste. Achievement will offer the members the opportunity to serve their cookies to the Paris Fair Patrons at the Two of Kind show.
Leaders: Michelle Linington  liningtonm@gmail.com 
                 Tammy Oswick   to13new@gmail.com 
Meeting Dates:  Saturdays – June 15, 22; July 6, 20 & August 10
Time:  9:30 am - Noon
1st Meeting: Saturday, June 15th  
Location:  Kitchen at the Paris Fairgrounds
Achievement: Friday, August 30th    10:45 am - 2 pm at the Paris Fairgrounds (Labour Day weekend)
Leaders:  Ron Eadie  519 647-3961  ron@doubledtransport.com 
                  Mark Eddy  519  442-5801  markwseddy@gmail.com 
                  Martin Mason martinm@ayrmutual.com 
Meeting Dates: 2nd Tuesday each month April – August;  plus - Judging Night – June 26th  mandatory meeting; August exhibit board meeting.
1st Meeting: April 9th 
Location: Various host farms around the county
Achievement: Saturday, August 31st; 4-H Beef  Show  @ the Paris Fair
Bread is art and science all at once, so this club is perfect for anyone who loves baking or experiments! Members will learn about yeast, kneading, rising and baking, and we’ll make regular white bread, breads from around the world, quick breads and sour dough, Best of all, you get to eat your creations. This club will have an opportunity to put “our hands to larger service” by making rolls for a local breakfast program. Join us on this Breadventure!
Leaders:  Michelle Linington liningtonm@gmail.com 
                  Maggie McCormick  contact.m.mccormick@gmail.com 
                  Kara Pate  kara.d.pate@gmail.com 
Meeting Dates: Thursdays – March 14, April 18, May 9, June 13, July 11 & August 8
Time: 7pm – 9 pm
1st Meeting: Thursday, March 14
Location: Brantwood Farms – Shop Kitchen, 251 Powerline Rd., Brantford
Material Fee: $10. 
Achievement: Thursday, August 15th 
Breakfast Bonanza
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do find yourself eating the same foods each day?  Learn different ways to make breakfast more exciting and nutritional. But breakfast foods aren’t just for breakfast. They can be a great alternative for lunch or supper too. A fun, practical cooking club open to all ages
Leaders:  Scott Archer & Betty Summerhayes   betty.summerhayes@gmail.com  
                  Emily Summerhayes  emily.summerhayes19@gmail.com 
Meeting Dates: Saturdays – June 8 & 29; July 13 & 27
Time: 10 am – 1 pm
1st Meeting: Saturday, June 8th 
Location: 32 Indian Line Rd., Mt. Pleasant
Material Fee: $5.
Achievement: Bake a batch of muffins at home, bring to last meeting, donation to the Stedman Hospice
*maximum of 12 members
Body Works: Yoga
This club will focus on individual health. Learn the basics of Yoga, healthy eating, meditation and positive head spaces. Explore how your body moves as we explore many different types of yoga and other fitness opportunities. Members will leave the club learning how to complete several postures, the importance daily activity and a better understanding of how the body moves.
Things to bring to each meeting:  fitness clothing, water bottle, Yoga mat (if you have/not required)
Leaders:  Michelle Linington liningtonm@gmail.com
                  Maggie McCormick  contact.m.mccormick@gmail.com
                  Kara Pate  kara.d.pate@gmail.com 
Meeting Dates: Thursdays – March 28, April 25, May 23, June 27, July 25 &August 22
1st Meeting: Thursday, March 28th 
Location: Brantwood Farms,  251 Powerline Rd., Brantford
Achievement: TBD
Leaders:  Nadine Illet   n_illet@hotmail.com
                  Sarah Monahan  monahan_sarah1@hotmail.com 
Meeting Dates:   Thursday  of each month April - September
Time:  7 pm - 9 pm
1st Meeting: Thursday, April ; 7 pm – 9 pm 
Location:  TBD
Achievement: TBD
Community Involvement
As a Historical Interpreter & Presenter at the Bell Homestead.
Brant 4-H is very fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with the Bell Homestead, National Historic Site for a Community Involvement club, that is also a part of Our Heritage in Brant.  This is your chance to become a historical interpreter. You will be given an Introduction to museum interpretation; Develop historical thinking skills; Research to work on your presentation as well writing interpretation; Better your public speaking skills; Costuming of the time period to reflect your room you are in; Approval of your presentations & notes by the curator and education co-ordinator of the homestead; Presentations to the public at the Edwardian Tea & Tours, Sunday, April 8th
Leaders: Lesleigh Elgie   lesleigh.elgie@gmail.com  
                 Elaine Elgie   sled1@sympatico.ca  
Meeting Dates:  Wednesday, March 20; Monday, March 18 or 20 ; Wednesday, March 27; Monday, April 1st; Wednesday, April 3  - all of these meetings at the educational at the Bell Homestead
Time:  7 pm – 9 pm 
Location: all meetings at the Bell Homestead
Achievement: Sunday, April 7th; Tours given between 12:30 & 4
Crops: Specialty Agriculture
The 2019 Brant Crops Club will continue to explore alternative crops in our area. We will be travelling to several different farms throughout the county. Producers will give 4-H Members tours of their operations.  The farmers will share the thought process of establishing an alternative crop, the pros and cons of an alternative crop as well as marketing. 
The 4-H Crops will be a continuation from last year’s club and we always welcome new members!
Leaders: Dan Van Weerdhuizen  519 463-9656  danvan@golden.net 
                Steve Sickle 519 442-1831  ssicklefarm@hotmail.com 
Meeting Dates: 4th  Thursdays;  April - August
Times: 7 pm -9 pm, unless notified by leaders
Location: various locations
First Meeting: Thursday, April 25th; leaders will notify of location  
Achievement: September 26th  (tentative)
Dairy: Junior
(9 -13* as of Jan. 1st, 2019)
Leaders: Valerie Stone   519 732-1928    valstone18@hotmail.com
                 Gord Vellenga   519 753-1522   gcvellenga@silomail.com  
Meeting Dates: 1st Wednesday each month April - August & * Judging Night - mandatory meeting June 26th 
Time: 7:30 pm- 9 pm
1st Meeting: Wednesday, April 4th; Leaders will notify of location (& if a change of date for first meeting)
Locations: various host farms around the county
Achievement: Friday, August 30th - 4-H Dairy Show, Paris Fair
Dairy: Senior
(14* & up as of Jan. 1st, 2019)
Leaders: Terry Green 519 759-3845   tgreen@sympatico.ca 
                 Colton Oughtred    colton_oughtred@hotmail.ca 
                 Brad Stuart   519 458-4108   bradstuart@silomail.com  
Meeting Dates: 2nd Wednesday each month May - August  & *Judging Night mandatory meeting June 26th 
1st Meeting: May 8th 
Location: various host farms around the county
Achievement:  Friday, August 30th; 4-H Dairy Show, Paris Fair
Explore 4-H
This is not a club just for new members to 4-H, but for all 4-H members! Have you ever wondered what they do in Baking club or Cooking club? How about a Sporting Chance club? Livestock club? Conservation Club?  Creative Club? Cultural Diversity – Did you even know there was such a club? Well, now is the time to find out. Each meeting will be a different 4-H topic. 4-H is more, then you ever imagined!!!
Leaders:  Amanda Young   jfrog9@rogers.com
                  Elaine Elgie   sled1@sympatico.ca 
                  Lesleigh Elgie   lesleigh.elgie@gmail.com 
Meeting Dates:  Saturdays – March 30th, April 13 & 27*; May 11: Wednesday, July 3rd  *,  Saturday, September 28th, (*April 27th  joint meeting with the  Our Great Outdoors Club’s tree planting)
Time:  specific to activity (or not to overlap with another club meeting)
1st Meeting: Saturday, March 30th at Bethel; Time: 10 am – 12:30 pm  
                     Bring to first meeting a plain t-shirt (white, green, grey or black)
Material Fee: *cost of passport for the Brantford International Villages $10. (Wednesday, July 3rd) & any foods wish to purchase; there could be nominal fees for other activities – we keep as low as possible
Location: various locations
Achievement: Saturday, October 19th 
Expand your knowledge of the goat. What are the major goat diseases, that could make your goat sick and how do you prevent them?  Be prepared for when your doe kids (has a baby). Learn how to train your goat to lead to be ready for the show. Train your own goat or one ours. Attending a judging event is required to complete this club. Achievment will be showing a goat at the Paris Fair.
Goat washing & trimming for the fair will be Tuesday, August 26th  6 -9 pm
Leaders:  Holly Illman   226 388-4083   holly@pinehavensolutions.com
                  Tricia Henderson 519 448-1000    tshenderson00@gmail.com 
Dates: 3rd Wednesdays,  March – August & Judging Night June 26th
            March 20, April 17, May 15, June 19, July 17,  August 21 & Goat washing & trimming Tuesdays, August 27th
Time: 7 pm  -  9 pm
Location of meetings: 855 Paris Plains Church Rd. Paris
First Meeting:  Wednesday, March 20th 
Achievement: at the Paris Fair – Saturday, August 31st – goat will have to be on the fairgrounds for 8 am; show to start at 9 am. 
Horse: Rodeo
Strengthen your knowledge of horses as we learn about our equine friends. Focus will be on western style events but all horse lovers are welcome. As an optional field trip we will attend a rodeo or other horse event this summer. There will be an approximate cost of $20. for this. No horse needed, but if you have one you will be able to bring it to most meetings to practice your riding skills.
Leaders: Corey & Holly Illman  226-388-4083  holly@pinehavensolutins.com     
Meeting Dates:  3rd Thursdays, March  - August
                            March 21st, May 16th, June 20th, July 18th, August 15th notice no April* is missing - *Tuesday, April 30th  
Time: 7 pm - 9 pm
Location: 855 Paris Plains Church Rd., Paris 
1st  Meeting: Thursday, March 21st  @ 855 Paris Plains Church Rd., Paris  7 pm
Leaders must have at the 1st meeting a completed copy of your 4-H Ontario participant agreement form
Achievement: Saturday, August 187h   9 am – noon – We will have a “horse show’ with riding and on foot classes
Our Great Outdoors
A “Grand” Good Time! This club will explore some of the many facets of the Grand River, from tree planting in the Grand River watershed to getting wet and wild on the Grand through some water adventures. 
Leaders:  Nancy Van Sas  nancy.vansas@gmail.com
                  Sarah Monahan  monahan_sarah1@hotmail.com 
Meeting Dates: Saturday, April 27; 9 am – Noon; Paris - Drinking Water Protection Zone Tree Planting  * (* this meeting the Explore 4-H Club will join us)
                           Saturday, May 4 (rain date May 11) 1 pm – 4 pm; Apps’ Mills – Explore Our Waterline
                           Saturday, June 15 (rain date June 29) 11:30 am – 6 pm; Brant Park – Grand River Turbo Tubing
Time: specific to activity
Material Fee: $40. Payable at first meeting
1st Meeting: April 27th  9 am meet at Grand River St. N. & Scott Ave. Paris
Note: Leaders may call a mandatory pre-meeting to outline expectations, go over details of each meeting, safety, election of executive …
Location: various locations as noted
Achievement: Saturday, May 4th (rain date May 11th)
An introduction to poultry.
Leaders:  Amy Bradley amybradly477@msn.com
                  Shirley Caron   slcain@execulink.com
                  Carol Cowan    carolcowan123@gmail.com 
Meeting Dates:  3rd Friday – April – November
Time: 6:30pm – 8 pm
1st Meeting: to be confirmed by leaders
Location: leaders will confirm each meeting; as their will be field trips
Achievement: November/TBD
Quilting: Clubs 1 & 2
Quilting is an exacting & precise craft, requiring patience, willingness to keep trying until you get it right, need a keen sense to learn & able to take direction
We will continue to become confident using the rotary cutter, working with a quilting ruler to cut your own fabric, reading & following a pattern. Perfecting that 1/4`` seam & nesting seams. Most members will complete - either a lap or full size quilt or a wall hanging (of a good size) & warm up projects
Projects matched to skill level.  We will have some fun ‘warm up/refresher’ projects to start off.
First & second time quilting club member will have a pattern to begin/ build their quilting skills.  
Long time returning members will complete a ‘French Braid’ in a size of their choice. As well as being introduced to machine quilting.
Leaders: Lori DeJong  519 442-1251  pdejong@rogers.com  
                Elaine Elgie  519 756-4515   sled1@sympatico.ca 
                Lesleigh Elgie  519 761-1496   lesleigh.elgie@gmail.com  
                Amy Quinn  punchwich@yahoo.ca  
Meeting Dates:  - Mondays- April 8, 15, & 29; May 6, 13 & 27; June 3, 10, 17 & 24 and a Road trip TBD                                             
- Bring sewing machine to all meetings 
Times: Monday’s   6:30 - 9
Location: Bethel Stone United Church - church hall
1st Meeting: Monday, April 8th 
Material Fee: Cost of purchasing of 100% cotton fabric & 100% cotton thread for your main project 
Achievement: Entry into the Paris Fair - August 29th taken to the fairgrounds between 2:30 – 8pm & 2nd Ach. TBD
Note:  If, we are able to accomplish all that we hope to cover/complete this will count as 2 clubs, running concurrently.
Members MUST have & KNOW HOW TO OPERATE their SEWING MACHINE (this includes threading of the machine, bobbin, tension) & Bring Machine to ALL Meetings, along with sewing/quilting accessories!!!   Have available to use & bring to all meetings fabric scissors, quilting pins, stitch ripper; etc. Cutting mat  & rotary cutter if you have.  
Previous year members bring your 4-H Quilting Club binder to the first meeting.
Hands on at every meeting. 
Leaders:  Josh & Melissa Groves    vangrofarms@hotmail.com
                  Lesleigh Elgie    lesleigh.elgie@gmail.com 
Meeting Dates: 1st Thursday of each month May – August, plus 2 summer meetings & a pre-fair sheep washing & clipping date
1st Meeting:  Thursday, May 2nd 
Time: 7 - 9
Location: Vangro Farms - 594 Hwy 54, Brantford 
Achievement: Monday, Sept. 2nd, Brant 4-H Sheep Show, Paris Fair
Sodbusters: Plowing 
* must be 12 or older as of January 1st, 2019
Leaders: Brent Cochrane  519 442-2723 brentcochrane@hotmail.com
                Amanda Henderson  519 448-1000    amanda.henderson.001@gmail.com
                Scott Henderson  519 448-1000
Meeting Dates: - over the summer months; Leaders will be in contact with those interested
Location: various locations
Achievement: Participating at the Brant-Six Nations Plowing Match - August 10th 
Spice of Life
Variety is the Spice of Life. All you ever wanted to know about herbs and spices is here.  Discover how to use herbs and spices in cooking and crafts and for cosmetics and therapeutic uses. Make salsa, guacamole, herbal tea, herbal sun catchers, potpourri, aromatherapy hand message, herbal lip balm, shampoo and more!
Leaders:  Janice Kyle  pjkyle92@gmail.com
                  Tricia Henderson  tshenderson00@gmail.com
                  Cathy Gillyatt  cegillyatt@rogers.com 
Meeting Dates: Wednesdays – April 24, May 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29
Time:  7 pm – 9pm
Material Fee: $10.
1st Meeting: Wednesday, April 24th 
Location: Bethel Stone United Church, - church hall
Achievement: TBD
The Cloverbud Program
For youth ages 6 - 8 (as of January 1st, 2019)
Eligible birth years = 2010, 2011 & 2012
Membership fee $100. For the calendar year 
The Cloverbud program runs independently of the 4-H program.
A different 4-H topic at each meeting
2nd & 4th Fridays of the month February to November 
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
 *unless notified by the leaders
Next meeting – Friday, March 8th, 2019 (Bethel, Paris)
Friday, March 15th, 2019 (St. George)
Cloverbuds meet at 2 locations ~ offering the same great programming!


2019 Winter Clubs

Please contact the club leaders immediately to sign up or email brant4h.programmanager@gmail.com

Canceled - COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT CLUB – Do you see things you would like to support, build or change? If the answer is yes, then a community involvement project is the right project for you. Explore the world of giving back; learn how to identify social issues that concern you and design action plans to address them. Gillian Crawley will share with us about chemo Care Totes at one of our meetings – as an example.

Leaders: Janice Kyle pjkyle92@gmail.com   
Tammy Oswick  to13new@gmail.com
Karen Condon karenjc24@yahoo.com

Meeting Dates:  January 30; February 6, 11, 25; March 4

First Meeting: Wednesday, January 30th @ Bethel Stone United Church  6:45 – 9 pm

Achievement: TBA

If you are interested in joining this club please contact the leaders by January 26th.

Let's all use our Hands to Larger Service and give back to our community

OUR HERITAGE: COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT CLUB – Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a museum professional? This is your chance to get behind the velvet ropes! We are so fortunate to have a National Historic Site in our community. We have developed a wonderful partnership and incredible opportunity with the Bell Homestead.

Have you been to the Bell Homestead yet? This club is your chance to become a historical interpreter and presenter. You will be given an introduction to museum interpretation; develop historical thinking skills; research to work on your presentation as well writing interpretation; better your public speaking skills; develop a costume of the time period to reflect your room you are in; Approval of your presentations & notes by the curator and education co-ordinator of the homestead; Presentations to the public at the Edwardian Tea & Tours, Sunday, April 7th.

Leaders: Lesleigh Elgie   lesleigh.elgie@gmail.com
Elaine Elgie sled1@sympatico.ca

Meeting Date: Wednesdays, February 20, 27; March 20, 27; April 3rd
All of these meetings at the Educational Centre at the Bell Homestead.

Time:  7 pm – 9 pm

*Tentative first meeting: Wednesday, February 13th; depending on the number of new members to the club. Parents are encouraged to stay for this meeting!

Wednesday, April 10th – will be a wrap meeting, completing exhibit boards @ Bethel

Note: Attendance is a must at all meetings. Each meeting is required to write your notes, research & gather your information.

Achievement: Sunday, April 7th; Tours given between 12:30 & 4

CLOVERBUDS – for youth between the ages of 7 – 9 years of age (birth years 2010, 2011 & 2012)

Meeting Dates: Meet the 2nd & 4th Fridays 6:30 – 8 pm   First Cloverbud meeting of 2019 - Friday, February 8th

Bethel Leaders:  Elaine Elgie  sled1@sympatico.ca
Lesleigh Elgie lesleigh.elgie@gmail .com
Adriana Van Oostveen vanoadriana@gmail.com

Meeting at Bethel Stone United Church, Bethel Rd. Paris

St. George Leaders:  
Holly Black  holly@parkviewcm.com
Justine Timmermans justine_im_jackson@yahoo.ca

Meeting Place: St. George United Church

Contact leaders to sign up or email brant4h.programmanager@gmail.com for Cloverbuds or any of the 4-H Clubs.