4-H Ontario

2016 Message from the Chair

The Ontario 4-H Foundation’s primary role is to manage and grow the Ontario 4-H endowment fund, to financially support the vision, strategic plan and programs of 4-H in Ontario. The Foundation also supports local 4-H organizations assisting to raise funds and manage their locally endowed funds for the benefit of 4-H participants. 

In 2016 the Foundation Trustees continued efforts to connect with individuals who expressed interests in furthering their relationship with 4-H through these financial contributions to the provincial endowment funds or to their local organizations. The Foundation has facilitated the unique giving of stock transfers; beneficiaries of life insurance policies, investment accounts and currency.  

We are continually amazed with 4-H supporters. When visiting with people we often hear stories of how 4-H enabled them to speak in public; taught them values; created their network of business associates; furthered their education; encouraged them to step outside of their personal comfort zone; got them their first job; enabled them to become who they are today and the list is as long as there are 4-H supporters! We are finding these 4-H supporters believe it is their duty to ensure 4-H is forever!   

We are amazed with the multiple opportunities for people who decide to donate. We have heard ideas such as: I will give the equivalent of a load of corn; a day’s pay; an acre of land; the cost of two people attending camp; the proceeds from the sale of cow, and the list goes on. Corporations tell us they support 4-H Ontario as they believe the people that make up their company have a 4-H background. More importantly we have heard words similar to “we know what 4-H Ontario has to offer in the way of training and therefore we are proud to contribute to the endowment fund to help ensure the 4-H training is forever.” We are sincerely humbled by the families who choose 4-H as their celebratory charity—celebrating anniversaries, birthdays and legacies. We are truly humbled by your foresight and your commitment to the future.  

Again, in 2016, the Ontario 4-H Foundation organized two charity golf tournaments in support of the endowment fund. These tournaments were successful in raising funds, and, most importantly, they celebrate the success of 4-H and provide opportunities for supporters to network together.  

To learn more about the Ontario 4-H Foundation, I encourage you to talk with a Trustee and invite him or her to speak to your local 4-H Association, and I encourage involvement with the Foundation. After all, all of us want to ascertain 4-H is forever.

Thank you for your support in 2016. We look forward to working together to make 2017 a fantastic 4-H year!   


Joanne Currie,
Ontario 4-H Foundation Chair