4-H Ontario

2016 Messages from Supporters

A Message from the Honourable Jeff Leal 

On behalf of the Government of Ontario, it is a pleasure to offer greetings as part of 4-H Ontario’s 2016 Annual Report.

For more than 100 years, 4-H Ontario has played a significant role in strengthening our rural communities. The Ontario government is proud to partner with this great organization as it continues to inspire youth and volunteers to “Learn To Do By Doing.” 

Our government was pleased to announce a new, five-year, $3.5 million agreement in 2016. This support will help 4-H Ontario continue in its delivery of community-based educational and leadership opportunities to youth throughout rural Ontario. This programming includes training for the next generation of agri-food leaders in the province. I am also pleased of your work to partner with four First Nations communities to engage Indigenous youth in 4-H programs. 

I am always grateful for an opportunity to extend my thanks and appreciation to the hard-working and committed volunteers at 4-H Ontario. You play a pivotal role in bringing meaningful learning opportunities to our youth and young adults; practical, hands-on skills that can benefit them throughout their lives. 

Congratulations on all that you achieved in 2016. I wish you all the best in the year ahead, and applaud your efforts in supporting youth to “Learn To Do By Doing”.

Jeff Leal - Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs



Ontario Mutuals

Another year has passed and we’ve had more opportunities than ever to see our 4-H friends in action at the leader, volunteer and participant level. 

4-H plays a key role in providing opportunities for tomorrow’s leaders to “Learn To Do By Doing”. Ontario Mutuals member companies are deeply rooted in our communities and many of our directors, employees, and policyholders got their start in 4-H and take great pride in their 4-H roots.

Ontario Mutuals and the Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan support a variety of 4-H initiatives; one of our favourite is seeing the enthusiasm demonstrated by county teams at the Go For The Gold competition at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair each year.

Speaking for all of the Ontario Mutuals, we wish 4-H well for another successful year.

John Taylor - President, Ontario Mutual Insurance Association



Dairy Farmers of Ontario 

Preparing our youth with the skills to become future leaders in agriculture is something we value at Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO). This is one of the reasons we are pleased to recognize and support 4-H Ontario for being one of the most valued youth organizations in the country. 

For more than 100 years, 4-H volunteers and supporters have demonstrated their commitment to mentoring 4-H youth to become future leaders in Ontario agriculture. Through teaching by example, 4-H provides numerous opportunities for youth to develop their skills and succeed. 

Not only does this allow our youth to reach their full potential, but it ensures we have valuable leaders who are prepared to tackle future challenges in agriculture and ensure rural communities continue to grow and develop. 

The 4-H Ontario program continues to be an important training program for our youth because it is clearly evident 4-H members of today will become the farmers who will feed Ontario and the world tomorrow. Many dairy farmers, Dairy Producer Committee members and board members can trace their roots back to 4-H and the valuable skills they learned in the program. 

This is why DFO remains a proud long-term sponsor of various 4-H programming, including the Provincial 4-H Leadership Camp, Future Leaders In Action and the Dairy Sen$e Conference. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of 4-H volunteers and supporters who continue to provide this important training ground for our youth. 

Ralph Dietrich - Chair, Dairy Farmers of Ontario



Gay Lea Foods Cooperative 

Gay Lea Foods has been a long-time supporter of the Ontario 4-H program. Many of our directors and delegates have been intimately involved with the 4-H program in their local communities, starting as members and often as volunteer leaders. The 4-H Ontario Program provides the opportunity for our youth to Learn To Do By Doing, a multitude of skills that will help them and our society in so many ways. We truly value the leadership training that the 4-H program provides for our future leaders, both for our Co-op and rural communities.

We are proud to support our Ontario 4-H program through sponsoring the long established 24 Project Award, presented to members upon completing this remarkable achievement. The enthusiasm of these young people for 4-H is amazing. The skills they learn along the way will be with them forever.

We realize a great deal of volunteer time goes into making the program possible throughout the province, both at the local and provincial level. Gay Lea Foods is pleased to do what we can to help you along the way. We are pleased to provide recognition each year to awarded/selected Outstanding New Leaders throughout Ontario.

The world is our community and Ontario is our home. We are proud to continue to support the work of both the Ontario 4-H Council and Ontario 4-H Foundation, as you deliver this amazing youth training program across our province.

Steve Dolson - Board Chairman, Gay Lea Foods Cooperative