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Waterloo 4-H is being inducted into the Waterloo Region Hall of Fame!

Sunday, April 30, 2 to 4:30pm Waterloo Region Museum 10 Huron Road, Kitchener

New Club Alert!

New Hamburg Veterinary 4-H Club,
1st meeting: Monday, April 24    7pm
New Hamburg Vet Clinic, 19 Arnold St., New Hamburg
Contact Cindy Habel, 

Floradale Veterinary 4-H Club,
1st meeting: Tuesday, April 25    7:30pm
Floradale Feed Mill, 2131 Floradale Rd, Floradale. (upstairs meeting room)

John Drummond 519-648-3453, john.drummond@hotmail.ca
Jason Brownridge, 519-501-0012, jasonbrownridge@hotmail.com
Julie Ogram, 519-807-4797, julieogram19@gmail.com

Still time to join...

Floradale Dairy 4-H Club. Next meeting: Tuesday, May2     7pm
Eby Manor Farm, Weeby Road, Waterloo
John Drummond 519-648-3453, john.drummond@hotmail.ca , Jackie Maciukiewicz, 519-993-2133, jackie.maciukiewicz@gmail.com, Wilf Strenzke 519-648-2436 , wlstrenzke@gmail.com
Tentative Dates: Apr.17, May 2/16/30, June 20, Aug.8, Junior Dairy Show Aug.24/25, Grand River Show Aug.26

Wilmot Wellesley Dairy 4-H Club,  Next meeting: 
Contact : Ken McNabb, 519-696-2554, callumlea@gmail.com, Graham Johnson, 519 575 2174, gorelane@hotmail.com, Carson Wagner, carson_wagner@hotmail.com
Tentative dates: Apr.19, May 8/26, June 7/22, July 10, Aug.9

Waterloo Senior Dairy 4-H Club (for members 15-21) Next meeting: Wednesday, May 3    7:30pm
Heritage Hill Farm (Graham Johnson), New Dundee

Lynsay Beavers,  lynsay@cdn.ca , John Drummond 519-648-3453 john.drummond@hotmail.ca, Joanna Follings, 519-835-7139, jfollings@hotmail.com, Colin McNabb, 519-696-9855, colin.h.mcnabb@gmail.com 
Tentative Dates: Apr.19, May 3/17/26/31, June 14

The 2017 Clubs Brochure

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Membership fees 2017

Please note that 2017 Membership Fees will be $85. However, the $10 early registration reward will be extended to Sign Up Night, Wednesday, March 22.

Flynn Reinhart have been a member of the Waterloo 4-H Sheep club for 2 years.
He has shown a lamb at the 2015 and 2016 Royal Winter Agricultural Fair Junior Sheep Show.
Flynn is a keen showman and wonderful competitor.
He was the very first youth from Waterloo 4-H Sheep club to attend the Royal Junior show in 2015.
Congratulations Flynn!!

World Dairy Expo 4-H Club

Trip date: October 5-8, 2017
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For more info on Waterloo 4-H, contact Cathy:


The 4-H Program is open to all youth in Ontario who are at least 9 years old and no more
than 21 before January 1st of this calendar year (born in the years 1995-2007 inclusive.)

  Waterloo is the home of Ontario's 1st 4-H Club. In 2015, we celebrated 100 years!

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The 2017 Resource Guide is out & online!
Projects, camps, conferences,
and important dates 

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