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Floradale Veterinary 4-H Club
1st meeting: Tuesday, May 1   7:30pm
Floradale Feed Mill Meeting Room
Tentative dates: May1/15/29, June 12/26, July 10

John Drummond 519-580-0620, john.drummond@hotmail.ca
Jason Brownridge, 519-501-0012, jasonbrownridge@hotmail.com
Heather Bauman, heatherbauman19@gmail.com 

Still time to join:

Wilmot Wellesley Dairy 4-H Club
Contact : Ken McNabb, 519-696-2554, callumlea@gmail.comGraham Johnson, 519 575 2174, gorelane@hotmail.comCarson Wagner, carson_wagner@hotmail.com

Waterloo 4-H Beef Club
Contact Kelly Williams, thewilliamsfamily@rogers.com

Cambridge Dairy 4-H Club - Tentative dates: Apr.19, May 2/23, June13
Contact: Alannah Eby, 519-580-0723, alannaheby@hotmail.ca, Don Eby, 519-632-7917 / don.julie.eby@gmail.com , Lauren Eby, 519-580-0740 / laureneby75@gmail.com

Floradale Dairy 4-H Club
Next meeting: Monday, May7   7pm
Contact John Drummond 519-580-0620, john.drummond@hotmail.ca , Jackie Maciukiewicz, 519-993-2133, jackie.maciukiewicz@gmail.com , Wilf Strenzke 519-648-2436 , wlstrenzke@gmail.com 

Senior Dairy 4-H Clubfor members 15-21
Next Meeting: Tuesday, May8   7:30pm
Tentative dates: Apr.25, May 8/22, June 1/13/20, Aug.8
Lynsay Beavers, lynsay@cdn.ca , John Drummond, 519-580-0620,  john.drummond@hotmail.caJoanna Follings, 519-835-7139, jfollings@hotmail.comColin McNabb, 519-696-9855, colin.h.mcnabb@gmail.com

New Volunteer Orientations

If you're a new 4-H Club leader, or just looking to re-engage, then this is what you're looking for.

Date Location Address
May 10 Floradale Feed Mill 2131 Floradale Rd., Floradale
July 12 Bethel Stone United Church 154 Bethel Road, Paris

Please RSVP for these events by contacting:  region4@4-hontario.ca , 1.877.410.6748 x478

For more info on Waterloo 4-H, contact Cathy:

The 4-H Program is open to all youth in Ontario who are at least 9 years old and no more
than 21 before January 1st of this calendar year (born in the years 1996-2008 inclusive.)

  Waterloo is the home of Ontario's 1st 4-H Club. In 2015, we celebrated 100 years!

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