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Rally/Sign-up Night

Friday March 6, 2015

7-9:00pm Church's Farm Supply

3560 7th Line, Innisfil

$70 on sign up night and $75 after March 6th

Ever attended College Royal at the University of Guelph?

Now is your chance as South Simcoe will be doing a bus trip down to the event

on March 22nd, 2015!

What to become a volunteer or leader with South Simcoe 4-H?

Wednesday, April 1st there will be a leader/volunteer training

Church's Farm Supply 7:30pm

18 Clubs offered in 2015!

Please see the Clubs page for more details

Beeton Area

Beeton/Bradford Dairy Club, Schomberg Miniature Horse Club, Pasta Club, Sheep Club, Poultry/Rabbit Club, Farm Safety Club, Crops Club (new)

Cookstown Area
South Simcoe Hiking Club, Cookstown Beef Club, Cookstown Dairy Club, Cookstown 4-H Horse and Pony Club, Photography Club (new), Trash to Treasure Club (new), To your good Health Club (new)

Clearview Area

 Clearview Dairy Club, Clearview Beef Club, Georgian Triangle Miniature Horse Club, Sheep Club (new)


Royal Winter Fair Eligibility

In order to be eligible to attend the Royal. you must have comopleted the Confermation and Showmanship at your achivement day (Essa/Barrie, Beeton, Collingwood) as well as TWO additional shows of your choice. Your leader has the entry forms where you can keep track of all your shows and results. You can obtain this form from Carla Williams or your leader. This form must be submitted to Carla or your leader by September 23rd, 2013.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve our website please e-mail the secretary Carla Williams or the webmaster Morgan Baker your comments. (E-mails are listed blow)  

South Simcoe Meeting Sign




Welcome to our 4-H family new leaders, volunteers and director's, your help is greatly appaeshated!


 2015 South Simcoe Director's

President- Karen Baker    

905-939-8223   karenbaker@live.ca

Vice President- Jeff West

905-729-3310     jwest@altagenetics.com

Secretary/Treasurer- Carla Williams 

905-778-8726  southsimcoe4h@hotmail.com

Association Rep.- Kelly Young

905-435-5374   kellyyoung@zing-net.ca

4-H Ontario Rep.- John den Haan  

705-435-5454    haanview@zing-net.ca 

Dan Baker (NEW as of 2015)

905-939-8223   bakerridgefarms@hotmail.com

Darlene Jebb (NEW as of 2015)


Kim Kneeshaw (NEW as of 2015)


Barb Kell-Rose

705-456-3036 kellwood@csolve.net

Sandy O’Hara   

905-939-7174     dandylandholsteins@gmail.com

Dorothy Lange

705-458-4440  langeintexas@yahoo.ca

Kevin Harvey 

705-428-5887  harvdale@hotmail.ca

Lisa Lloyd (NEW as of 2015)

905-778-8429     wemakmlk@gmail.com   

Janet Gardner

905-775-0060     luv4dolfins@hotmail.com

Jr. Director/ Webmaster- Morgan Baker

905-939-8223     morganbaker@hotmail.ca

  • If you have any photos or would like to add to the website please e-mail morganbaker@hotmail.ca