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Bingo Dates Available- Up to June 2018 Annual General Meeting

·        Wednesday May 16th- as above

·        Saturday June 16th - Bingo at 3:30 - club participants to be there by 1:45pm

Please contact Fred Sharpe at sharpejohnfred@yahoo.ca if your club is interested

?Club Start Ups

Please see club page for start up dates- to be updated as more information becomes available


4-H Dairy Show Results- Roseneath Fair

Junior Showmanship: 1st- Katelyn Redner, 2nd- Meghan Herrington, 3rd- Gillan Forestell

Intermediate Showmanship: 1st- Taylor VanderMeulen, 2nd- Megan MacKinnon, 3rd- Lucy Clitherow

Senior Showmanship: 1st- Rebecca Redner, 2nd- Jessica Sills, 3rd- Elaine Jeffs

Grand Showman: Rebecca Redner

Reserve Grand Showman: Taylor VanderMeulen

Honourable Mention: Jessica Sills

Junior Heifer Calf: 1st- Meaghan Herrington

Intermedate Heifer Calf: 1st- Gillan Forestell, 2nd- Caroline Clitherow, 3rd- Rebecca Redner

Senior Heifer Calf: 1st- Jessica Sills, 2nd- Lucy Clitherow

Summer Yearling Heifer: 1st- Taylor VanderMeulen

Grand Champion Calf: Meghan Herrington

Reserve Champion Calf: Taylor VanderMeulen

Honourable Mention: Gillian Forestell

4-H Dairy Show Results- Quinte Exhibition

Junior Showmanship: 1st- Meaghan Herrington, 2nd- Katelyn Redner

Intermediate Showmanship: 1st- Megan MacKinnon, 2nd- Taylor VanderMeulen

Senior Showmanship: 1st- Matt Forestell, 2nd- Jessica Sills, 3rd- Rebecca Redner

Grand Showman: Matt Forstell

Reserve Grand Showman: Jessica Sills

Honourable Mention: Megan MacKinnon

Junior Heifer Calf: 4th- Meaghan Herrington

Intermedate Heifer Calf: 1st- Katelyn Redner, 2nd- Gillian Forestell, 3rd- Rebecca Redner

Colour Breeds Heifer Calf: 1st- Megan MacKinnon, 3rd- Ava Finlay

Senior Heifer Calf: 1st- Jessica Sills

Senior Colour Breeds: 1st- Will VanderMeulen, 2nd- Austin Terry

Yearling Colour Breeds: 1st- Taylor VanderMeulen

Junior Yearling Heifer: 1st- Matt Forestell

Grand Champion Calf: Matt Forestell

Reserve Champion Calf: Jessica Sills

Honourable Mention: Katelyn Redner

Grand Champion Colour Breeds: Will VanderMeulen

Reserve Champion Colour Breeds: Megan MacKinnon

4-H Dairy Show Results- Campbellford Fair

Novice Showmanship: 2nd- Gregory Terry, 3rd- Ava Finlay

Junior Showmanship: 1st- Will VanderMeulen, 2nd- Gillian Forestell, 3rd- Katelyn Redner

Intermediate Showmanship: 1st- Taylor VanderMeulen, 4th- Megan MacKinnon

Senior Showmanship: 1st- Matt Forestell, 2nd- Rebecca Redner. 3rd- Jessica Sills

Grand Showman: Matt Forstell

Reserve Grand Showman: Will VanderMeulen

Honourable Mention: Rebecca Redner

Junior Heifer Calf: 1st- Meaghan Herrington, 3rd- Dylan Hart, 4th- Isabel Bennett

Intermedate Heifer Calf: 1st- Caroline Clitherow, 2nd- Elaine Jeffs, 3rd- Megan MacKinnon

Senior Heifer Calf: 1st- Will VanderMeulen, 2nd- Jessica Sils

Summer Yearling Heifer: 1st- Taylor VanderMeulen

Junior Yearling Heifer: 1st- Matt Forestell

Grand Champion Calf: Matt Forestell

Reserve Champion Calf: Caroline Clitherow

Honourable Mention: Will VanderMeulen


When: Monday evenings- October 2 and 23, November 6 and 20, December 4 and 18

Location: Centreton Community Centre, 2363 County Road #23

Time: 6:30pm till 8:30pm

Leaders: Karen Magee 905-355-5963 & Mary Catherine O’Neill 905-349-3839

4-H Ambassador- Elaine Jeffs

4-H Ontario has announced the selection of the six new Ambassadors who will represent the organization across the province in 2016.

Vicki Brisson, Laura DeKlein, Logan Emiry, Julie French, Sadie-Jane Hickson and Elaine Jeffs were chosen by a panel of judges at the 4-H Ontario head office in Rockwood. The judging panel comprised a 4-H Ontario volunteer and staff member, as well as a representative of GROWMARK, Inc., which sponsors the 4-H Ontario Ambassador program.

The 4-H Ontario Ambassador program provides youth with advanced level training in leadership, citizenship, communications and public relations. Ambassadors put their energy and 4-H experiences to work recruiting new members and sharing the 4-H story. They attend 4-H Ontario events across the province, as well as representing the organization at community events to promote the program.

“The 4-H Ontario Ambassadors are an integral part to the promotion of 4-H to current and potential volunteers, members and stakeholders by representing the program across the province,” says Marianne Fallis, Senior Manager, Programming, 4-H Ontario. “This year’s new team of Ambassadors will carry on the tradition of exceptional youth who are passionate about sharing the many experiences and opportunities the 4-H Ontario program has to offer.”

In photo left-right: Sadie-Jane, Laura, Vicki, Julie, Logan & Elaine.

Elaine is a proud member of the Northumberland 4-H Association. Over the past eight years as a 4-H member, Elaine has completed 25 projects ranging from Dairy, Chocolate, Vet Science, Giant Vegetable and more!  She has participated in many provincial 4-H opportunities such as- Discovery Days, Provincial 4-H Leadership Camp, Career Mania and Future Leadership in Action.  Outside of 4-H,  Elaine coaches’ figure skating at 2 area clubs, enjoys running and showing cattle all the while helping out on her families large dairy farm.  Elaine is very passionate about the 4-H program and its values as it has been a very important part of her family – since her great grandmother was a leader!  Elaine has discovered that 4-H opportunities are some of the most impact events for members. She says, "Always see challenges as opportunities! Even if you are nervous you won't regret attending a 4-H camp or event. You will make new friends and great memories that will last a life time!" Elaine will be attending the University of Guelph this fall, enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program.

Congratulations Elaine!

4-H Leader Recognition

Northumberland 4-H recently had two leaders recognized for their years of service to the 4-H Program. Jennifer Jeffs and Eric Lawlor were honoured at a formal luncheon at the 4-H Ontario Conference and Annual Meeting on April 2nd, 2016. Jennifer and Eric were honoured for 25 years of service!

Thank you Jennifer and Eric for all you do for 4-H in Northumberland County!