4-H Ontario



2018 Club Listings


For Members 6-8 Years old

Cloverbud Club- Members in this club are 6-8 year olds prior to January 1, 2018. They will take part in several meetings and activities which will give them a look at a variety of 4-H clubs. We will be looking at sheep, horses, cooking, crafts, sewing, woodworking, vegetable growing, and many more things. This is the only club members this age can belong to.  Meetings will be Saturday mornings, once a month starting in March or once we have the required number of members. 10 member limit.


For Members 9-21 years old

Barn Quilts- Discover the artist in you while also helping to beautify your community!  Barn quilts are painted quilt squares that are created on boards and then mounted on a barn or other building. Learn about the history of barn quilts, how to create these beautiful masterpieces and what it takes to finish and mount them.

Meetings will be (4)  3 hour meetings in April, May, June on Sunday afternoons. There may be some costs involved depending on the number of members.

Jersey Steer Calf Club- This is a club for members who want to learn about raising and showing a small Jersey steer calf. Meetings will be every other week on Sunday evenings starting early May. Members don't have to own their own calf but it is a lot more fun and you will learn a lot more if you do. 10 member limit

Veterinary Club-  In this club members will learn the basics of veterinary care through visits to various vet clinics, farms, wildlife preservation sanctuary. We will look at prevention and treatment of common health issues in animals. 6 meetings will be held starting in May on Tuesday evenings every other week.

Horse Club- Members in the 4-H Horse club will work with their own horse while learning about horse health and care.There will be a visit with a farrier to learn hoof health, we will practice horse showmanship and learn about equine-assisted therapy and more. . Members must own their horses and be able to trailer their horses or make arrangements for trailering. Achievement and pre-fair show will be at the Napanee Fairgrounds in the horse ring.. Meetings will be Tuesday evenings starting in the spring (opposite Tuesday to the Vet Club). 

Dairy- The 4-H Dairy Club may be for you if you would like to visit Dairy Farms with the latest innovative technology and enjoy showing a dairy animal. You will learn about the feeding, growing and showing of a 4-H Dairy calf while visiting modern dairy farms. Everyone will have the opportunity to show at our local fair, various regional events and ultimately the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair. As well we will spend time at various meetings judging different items and going over the finer tips of showmanship. The club will meet on 5 or 6 evenings every two to three weeks, depending on the wishes of the members. You will need access to a dairy calf to complete the project, but you do not need to own it.  

Spring Woodworking Club- Members in this club will select the project they want to make from a choice of 2. Meetings will be Friday evenings starting in the spring. Members are required to have their own hand tools, safety glasses and a tool box.  8 member limit.

Judging - This club will be 2 -3 hour meetings prior to July 24th Judge It day at Orono. The kids will do activities that will teach them why we judge and how to judge. They will learn to give reasons not only with animals but also with all imaginable objects..ie anything goes.  This club will help anyone who has difficulty speaking in front of people and will prepare any animal club members with their showing. Completion of this club will occur at Judge It day in Orono where kids will judge in a fun atmosphere but there will be a little friendly competition between 4-H members as individuals and team members representing Lennox and Addington. Nothing needed for this club except cost for Judge It day. Dates and meeting times to be determined.

Introduction to Woodworking - This year we will be creating a project picked from thousands of woodworking plans.  Geared towards each individual 4-H member including basic instruction and safety equipment.

Introduction to Swine Club - This club will be working with assigned piglets.  Learning about health, breeding, feeding, housing, transportation, biosecurity, traceability and nutrient management.   The completion of this club will be an auction of the swine at Napanee Fair as their achievement project.

Goat Club - Our club is dedicated to teaching youth how to raise, manage, exhibit, and enjoy being with their project goat.  This year we will be covering parts, breeds, production, showmanship, along with the many uses of goats, their care and the different industries.

We hold 3-4 fundraisers throughout the year.  Our fundraising efforts go towards shirts and sweaters for our club members, judges, awards, special events, and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Owning a goat is not needed, we will find you a goat to work with if you would like to join.

Sheep -We have a great year planned.  Each member will be assigned a lamb or may use one of their own.

They will become familiar with their lamb and demonstrate their new skills at Napanee Fair for completion.

Members will be judged on showmanship, knowledge and confirmation of their lambs in the 4-H show ring as their achievement project.

We will be discussing the following subjects during the meetings: Breeding, Lambing, Marketing, Nutrition, Selection, Health, Housing, Evaluation, Transportation, Grooming, Industry, Showmanship, Record Keeping. There will also be additional activities, tours, options to show their animals at local fairs for experience and enjoyment.  Parents are encouraged to attend.

Beef – Members must have their own project animal and show their animal at Napanee Fair for club completion.

You will also need to purchase show equipment. Such items are show harnesses and show stick, brushes for your animal, etc.  Club will run from Late April/early May to Napanee Fair. 

There may also be some additional special meetings which  could be during an evening or on a weekend.

Any questions about the club can be directed towards the leaders.

Cavy & Rabbit - This project covers anything and everything you may want to know about raising and showing rabbits and cavies. You will learn about selection, husbandry, feeding, and exhibiting. Handling, watching  them grow and learning how to care for them is what this project is all about.  Get to know a new fuzzy friend.

https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gifAmherst Island Homecraft Club - Type of homecraft to be decided. Meetings held on Amherst Island. Anyone is welcome to join. This is a summer club.


Fall Clubs

Feathered Friends In this club we will be looking at all things feathered, from housing and maintenance to exhibition and production. We will visit farms big and small, rescues for exotics and family pets.  Most of this club will be made up of field trips to see the wonderful world of birds that surround us.  Will run in Fall/Winter.

Trash to Treasure- This year’s Trash to Treasure is to continue learning about how to upcycle junk and turn it into something worthwhile. We will be making 4-H pins and zipper pulls with plastic, driftwood Christmas ornaments, pet beds out of old sweaters and pillows and "tired furniture". We will attempt a build of a pet bed made from an old wooden pallet. Only our imagination can hold us back. A little side for this year’s club.. we will be trying to compost some materials to see what affects them ie. weather and elements or if they will even show signs of breaking down. 

All the World's a Stage - Welcome to the World of Drama!  No experience is necessary.  We will be learning about story-telling and the art of pretending, discovering the World of make-up, design and sound effects!  There will be lots of fun interactive games and performances!!  This is a fall club.  Dates and times to be determined.

Spooktacular - Halloween Community Event – 4-H members will gain the tools needed to plan an event such as deciding on decorations, activities, food, entertainment, advertising, tickets, how many volunteers will be needed and even a possibility of choosing a Master of Ceremonies for the evening.  Learn time management, planning, and organizational skills and discover the importance of community involvement.  Don't forget the costumes, candy and spooks.

For Members 16-21 Years of Age- Region 3 Senior Members Club

Senior Member 4-H club is a club where senior members from a particular region join together to form a club. Senior member club is a club where you get to explore each county in the region, from activities known in the county, to national parks or tourist attractions or to special types of farms in the at particular county. Senior member club allows the members to not only explore different counties in their region, but to try new and exciting activities. Senior members from each county also get to host their counties meeting. This is a great opportunity for a senior members to build organization and leadership skills as each counties senior member(s) get to plan a 3 hour meeting in their home county. All the member in the club work together and come up with fantastic ideas for new adventures they would like to try. Maybe your county has a special attraction or something unusual you would like to share with other senior members in your region. Sign up today to meet long lasting friends and explore places you have never explored before!