4-H Ontario


2017 KLH 4-H Board of Directors 


Past President:   David Gould 705-328-0181

President:  Tom White 705-374-4441

Vice President:  Matt English 705-928-5111

Secretary: Edna White 705-374-4441

Treasurer:  Melinda Buckley 705-879-8704

Activity Co-ordinator/Newsletter Editor:  Diane Armstrong 705-741-8739 

Membership Clerk:  

Association Rep: Jane Durward 705-374-4381 

Association Rep:  Susanne Barker  705-799-1319 


Julie Cameron 705-879-3452

Cheryl Crowe 705-786-7676

Deanna Hood  705-879-1485

Ryan Parish  705-928-4801

Kattie Sims  705-340-8653

Elysha Bryans  705-344-4615

Linda Staples  705-328-0181



4-H Ontario Coordinator, Volunteer Support:  Megan Burnside  1-877-410-6748 ext. 477  


Please call or email a member of the board of directors (click on their name) if you have a question, concern, or suggestion at anytime.