4-H Ontario


Huron County offers a variety of livestock and life skill clubs.

Currently, we have eight livestock, two crop, four life skill clubs, and one cloverbud program. Find contact information here.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more up to date information about what new clubs are running in the county!

Huron County 4-H Leaders' Association

President: Darrell Bergsma
Email: bergie8ca@hotmail.com
Vice President: TBD
The Huron County 4-H Leaders' Association is seeking a vice president for 2017.
Association Representative: Darrell Bergsma
Email: bergie8ca@hotmail.com
Past President: Reg Vinnicombe
Email: rvinnico@its.jnj.com
Volunteer Screening: Reg Vinnicombe
Email: rvinnico@its.jnj.com
Membership and Awards Coordinator: Lorri Ann Moore
Email: hc4hMAC@hotmail.com
Secretary: Shannon Ritchie
Email: Huron4-HSecretary@hotmail.com
Treasurer: Cathy Drennan
Contact by:
Volunteer Coordinator and Support: Judy Hall
Phone: 226-678-7155
Toll Free: 1-877-410-6748 ex. 487
Email: region5@4-hontario.ca
Newsletter Editor: Kristina Drennan
Email: HuronCounty4HNews@hotmail.com
Webmaster: Jolande Oudshoorn
Email: Jolande.Oudshoorn@gmail.com
Mary Ellen Foran
      Email: stdonny@hurontel.on.ca
Holly Holyoake
Betty Jane Higgins
Erica Murray
Margaret Vincent
Board Committees
Go for the Gold
Marita Oudshoorn
Email: oudshoorn@hurontel.on.ca
Fundraising Committee
Contact by:
Judging Competition
Reg Vinnicombe
Email: rvinnico@its.jnj.com


Belgrave and Brussels Beef

Contact Kim Higgins for more information,    519-357-5178         kh@tnt21.com

Lucknow Beef

The Lucknow 4-H Beef Club is an annual club that begins in April and ends in September at their Achievement Day, at Lucknow Fall Fair. This club provides learning around  caring for and showing your beef project.

For more information call Christine MacIntyre at     519-357-8646       pcmacintyre@hurontel.on.ca

                                                Shannon Ritchie at     519-530-8844       tigg.28@hotmail.com


Central-Huron Swine

Learn how to care for market hogs, which you will show at Seaforth Fall Fair as part of your achievement program. Please contact Barb at      519-527-1049        barbara.storey@hotmail.com      if you are interested in joining the club!


Lucknow Dairy

For 2017, this club has merged with South Central Dairy

South Central Dairy

Contact Curtis McNeil     mcneil.curtis@gmail.com     519-525-2948


Lucknow Sheep

Please contact Joan Finlay at      finn@tnt21.com      519-528-2620     if you are interested in joining!

South Huron Sheep

Contact Deb Falconer     519-233-5393     falconspring@tcc.on.ca 

Howick Sheep

Contact Christian Feldskov at      staceyandchristian@gmail.com


Huron Goat

Learn all about raising goats! Previous years, we built kid treatment boxes, tasted all kinds of goat products, learned how to give needles, toured interesting farms, identified pregnancy by ultrasound, did post mortems, and much more. In 2016, we will learn about breeding and reproduction, and show our project goats at Zurich and Seaforth Fairs. We have a building project idea, and hope to arrange a tour day and goat feast by the end of the club. Leading the club in the South Huron area; meat goat producer, Amy Vingerhoeds (avingerhoeds@quadro.net) and Angela Gerretsen, practicing vet in the Mitchell and Stratford area. Please contact Amy for more information about the club. New members are always welcome!


Huron Sod Busters

Contact Melissa Veldman     519-317-8470     msparling87@gmail.com

Lucknow Field Crops


Life Skills

Wawanosh Life Skills

The club usually runs 2 or 3 Lifeskills clubs during the 4-H season (April to October). Skill topics vary among; cooking, baking, gardening, sewing, quilting, outdoors, sports, and healthy living. The home base is the Auburn area.

For more information contact:

Mary Ellen     stdonny@hurontel.on.ca

Eileen George     eihageorge@gmail.com

Grey Township Life Skills

The Grey Township 4-H Club is based out of the Walton area.  In the past we have tackled many different projects from Cooking to Judging to photography, and outdoor sports to small engines.  We choose our projects from what our members are interested in and what the leaders skills are. We like to keep our groups small so members can take full advantage of the 4-H Motto “Learn To Do By Doing”. For more information about our group, please contact:

Monique Baan         519-887-6998                 dmbaan@tcc.on.ca

Reg Vinnicombe     519-933-1798                  RVINNICA@its.jnj.com

Hensall Life Skills

The Hensall Life Skills club works on balancing indoor and outdoor activities. Past projects have included Heritage, Rug Hooking, Hiking, Pizza, Line Dancing, Vegetarian Cooking, Winter and Summer Sports Sampler, Working with Wool  and Home for the Holidays. We have developed our own projects to meet the interests of our club members such as the Grown Huron! Based out of Hensall, but often touring the county, we endeavor to really live the 4-H motto of 'Learn To Do By Doing' and offer our members new experiences. Most years we participate in the Hensall Spring Fair in some manner which is the 2nd weekend of June. We strongly encourage our members to take advantage of county and provincial opportunities!

For more information contact:

Mary Lynn MacDonald     519-262-3123      projects@hay.net

Denise Iszczuk                   519-629-3319       biegade@hotmail.com

Howick Life Skills

Contact Darcey at      howick4h@gmail.com

This club is currently not running in 2017


Howick Cloverbuds

 Meeting are every other Friday from 6:30-8:30 at the Fordwich United Church from March 31 to Thanksgiving. Each meeting will have a different topics as there are 72 topics to choose from! Contact Kelly Payne at kjpayne@wightman.ca

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Locally Developed Clubs

Check out these projects that were developed in our very own county!

Grow Huron - Hensall, 2016

Happy Holidays - Annual Celebrations

Let's Make Music

Line Dancing

Rug Hooking - Hensall, 2015