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Check out some of our latest News in Hastings County! 

Cookie Club- Written by Kassidy Little

In cookie club, we held 3 meeting this far. The meeting are held at the Springbrook hall on Monday nights at 6:30. In the three meetings 
we have learn about the history of cookies and what was the first cookie invented. We have also learned how to 
bake cookies and tips on how to use the stove properly so we don't get burnt. While the cookies were baking we talked about our achievement day which will hopefully be at the Stirling manor. We also put our hands to work to make the centre price for the awards banquet in our spare 
time while the cookies were baking.

Hastings County 4-H Report - Written by Sarah Kay 

4-H is an organization focused on strong leadership in youth and encouraging youth to reach their full potential. 4-H is for everyone! You can be part of 4-H as a member, volunteer, leader or staff member. 4-H is all about having fun, learning through experiencing and becoming a better version of YOU. 4-H is so much different than being a part of a sports team, girl/boy scouts or any other club. 4-H is empowering and sets out to make sure every child has an equal opportunity to learn and experience new and exciting things.

When you join 4-H you become a member of that county. But after that, you can choose which clubs you want to be a member of. There are many different clubs offered in Hastings County such as Beef Club, Dairy Club, Plowing Club, Small Engines Club, Life Skills Club and more. In the Animal Friends Club, kids have a chance to interact and learn about different types of livestock in our county and visit all of the interesting and unique farms. Previous farm visits included the Water Buffalo Farm in Stirling and many self-sustaining farms in the area where we learned how they live off of what they produce. In the more specialized livestock clubs such as beef and dairy, kids each have a calf or other project of their own that they have to work with for the year and they get coaching so they can compete at the inter-county fairs.

The Life Skills club covers different subject areas throughout the year that change every year to keep it fun and interesting. Previous subject areas included Pottery making, sewing, cake decorating and preserving. The Plowing and small engines clubs are for kids that want to learn about the technical side of agriculture. Kids can learn to drive a tractor and operate a plow and even compete at the Hastings County Plowing Match which is always a big success and enjoyed by many! Kids also learn how to repair small pieces of equipment such as lawn mowers, small ATV’s and more.

Everyone in 4-H is there for similar reasons; to have fun, meet new people and learn through experience. You will never find another organization like 4-H that will give you the same experiences.    4-H is very thankful for all of the support it receives in Hastings County with generous donations, farms opening up to give tours to groups and for the fairs and Plowing Match to allow us to showcase what we have learned to family, friends and spectators and show off 4-H in our area! We could not do what we do without your support and encouragement! We hope to see as many people as we can join 4-H and become part of something so exciting and enriching. 


Stirling Tweed Dairy Calf Club Reports

So far throughout the show season our Stirling

Tweed Dairy Club has shown at the Tweed Fair, the Stirling Fair, and the Shannonville Fair. A majority of our club has shown at these fairs and have done very well! Early in the summer we had a showmanship meeting which consisted of some clipping and preparing, judging and pointers on what to do in the ring from a local judge. We were lucky to have two guest speakers come in and talk about nutrition and about farm Safety. A huge thank you goes out to all of our senior members for organizing this event. Our club also had a meeting on clipping so that those who needed help, could have some additional pointers. We were also able to have a games meeting at the park and pool in Tweed. If you wish, you can come see what we do at the Quinte Ex on Saturday, September 3rd or at Madoc showing on Saturday, September 17th. Come see what we're all about and good luck to everyone showing.

South Hastings Dairy Club

The first meeting of the South Hastings 4-H Calf Club was held on May 12th, 2016. We had a very special guest at our meeting. Mr. Fred White, representing the Foxboro-Melrose Lions Club was on hand to make a presentation to our club. The Foxboro-Melrose Lions Club have been long time supporters of our 4-H Club and we certainly appreciate it. The financial donation from the Lions Club enables us to purchase jackets for our members and plan events thru the year. 

Furrow Flippers Club Reports

Our first meeting was held on April 18th at the Springbrook Hall. At this meeting we held our elections, played a couple of games to introduce ourselves to other members and also discussed some ideas of what we wanted to do at other meetings when we could not be on the tractors.
Our second meeting was held on May 9 at McKeown Motor Sales, with Cameron and Robert Stockdale as guests who spoke to us about farm safety, their farming accident and some ways that we should react if we are ever in that type of a situation. A special thanks to Bill, Grace and Al McKeown for being our hosts!
Our third meeting was held on May 30th with special guests: Kim Hadwen, Dave and Kim Reid and Dale Drake who displayed the skills of horse plowing and we learned about  how to judge horse plowing.
Our fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh meetings were held behind McKeown Motor Sales, where we practiced plowing and judged our own land as well as others. We also talked about and watched how to finish our land. 
Our Achievement Day was held at The Hastings County Plowing Match where we displayed to the public what we have learned!

Congratulations to Ally Ingram a member of our own club on  becoming Queen of the Furrow 2016!


Senior Vet Club Reports

April 3rd, 2016

On April 3rd, 2016 the 4H vet club, both senior and junior, met at the Foxboro Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Nadia taught us about the necessary maintenance when owning a small pet such as a guinea pig or hedgehog. She instructed us of the importance of dental hygiene, and parasites such as fleas and ticks. She showed us the surgery room, and some of the instruments that she uses when operating on an animal. She also explained the anesthesia machine, and how it works to put animals to sleep for surgery. It was a very informative session.

April 10th, 2016

April 10th's meeting of the junior and senior vet club was again held at Foxboro Veterinary Clinic.  It was well attended and several interesting demonstrations happened.  Dr. Nadia instructed the club members about blood tests, and the use of special tests to diagnose pancreatitis in dogs.  The members then got to observe the neutering of a cat through all stages including the anesthesia process.  The last part of the meeting involved observing the dissection process of an animal.


Junior Vet Club Reports

April 16th, 2016

Today’s meeting was at Dalock Farm owned by Jim and Tracy Dafoe. When we go there we wasted no time and got started with our meeting. The first thing that we did was dissect a cow’s eye ball. We were given our own eye to dissect. It was fascinating learning all the parts of a cow’s eye. We soon moved on to another dissection, the sheep’s internal organs. Veterinarian Dr. Walsh was on hand to teach us all about the internal organs of a sheep. Dr. Walsh let the group put gloves on to examine the several organs.  We also observed Dr. Walsh freeze and burn the horns on some calves. We then watched/observed him examine a female cow for pregnancy. The 4-H Vet Club wrapped up the day by singing Happy Birthday to a member and a leader. On behalf of the 4-H Vet Club we would like to thank Jim and Tracy Dafoe for letting us spend the day at their AMAZING farm!