4-H Ontario


                                              2018 HALDIMAND 4H CLUBS                                         


Ages 9 - 21 as of Jan. 1 - Born 2008 or earlier



Registration Fee $100 until Feb. 20

After Feb. 20 fee is $125

Katherine Hedley   905-971-1075


Cash or cheque only. No credit or debit available.

New members are allowed to

sign up for two clubs.

Registered Charity #83518 7691 RR0001



Artistic Display Club

Members will create an artistic display using seeds and plant material glued to a wooden base to exhibit in prize classes at the Dunnville, Caledonia and Royal Winter Fairs. Meeting March to July. Will be additional costs for seeds and grains. Meetings will take place on the second Monday of each month.  Fee $15

Stacy Barnes  stacytonerbarnes@yahoo.com;  Dawn Turnbull  kimanddawn@gmail.com


Breakfast Bonanza

Tired of the same old cereal and toast for breakfast? Learn to make recipes that offer alternative choices to start your day. Meetings will be Saturday mornings, starting Sat. Feb. 24, 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. at Balmoral United Church, near Nelles Corners. Later dates to be decided at the first meeting. Fee: $10. Limit of 12 members.

Sharon Mitchell redneckfarm@gmail.com;  Anne McMillan ianmcm52@sympatico.ca


Field Crops Club

Members will learn about the various aspects of soil and crops grown in the area. Members will also learn how to prepare crop samples for show.  Achievement will be exhibiting 5 crop samples at the Dunnville, Caledonia and Royal Winter Fairs.  Organizational meeting Monday, March 5th at Canfield Hall. Club meetings monthly March to August. Fee $10.

Kim Turnbull  905-774-8492; Doug Murphy; Elliott Armstrong; Aaron McQueen


It’s All “Fair” in 4-H

Members will learn about one of our community partners, the Caledonia Fair – its history and how to become more involved as an exhibitor and volunteer. Meeting topics will cover different areas of Fair competition (ie photography, baking, horticulture, crops, etc.) to help members prepare entries for club achievement. Monthly meetings from April to September at various locations. Limit 20 members. Fee $20.  

Sheila Phibbs 519-587-3809 sphibbs@rogers.com; Renee Hedley 905-774-8210 renee.hedley61@gmail.com; Stacy Barnes stacytonerbarnes@yahoo.com.


Garden Club

How exciting to run this club again. Members will grow a small garden of veggies and flowers. Seeds are provided by Dunnville Horticultural Society. Members will participate in Dunnville planting in May and clean up of all beds in October. Meetings will all be held in Rainham. Limit 15 members, ages 9-14 years. Fee $5. 

Gwen Schaefer 905-741-1395. schaefferg@optionsdsl.ca  Rita Vandervliet 905-774-7141 tarv@bell.net.


Livestock Judging Club

Learn to evaluate livestock and apply livestock judging skills. Meetings will be held at various farms from May to September. Previous judging experience is required; will focus on honing fine judging skills. Min. age 15.

Chris Stoneman  cstoneman13@hotmail.com; Greta Haupt  haupt.greta@gmail.com  


Pizza Club

Come learn all about pizza, and the endless things you can do with it. Club will run out of

Canfield Hall in early summer.  Must be 12 years or older.  Limit 20 members.  Fee $12. Karen Allen kjcanboro@gmail.com

Gwen Schaefer schaefferg@optionsdsl.ca



Sheaf Club

Members will learn how to build a sheaf. Achievement will be exhibiting the sheaf in the Dunnville, Caledonia and Royal Winter Fairs. Organizational meeting March 5th at Canfield Hall, club meetings to cut grain and build sheaves in July and August. Fee $15.

Kim and Dawn Turnbull 905-774-8492 kimandawn@gmail.com


Square Dance Club

Members will learn the basics of square dancing and also some other forms of social dancing.  The level will depend on past experience of members.  First meeting will be Thursday, March 8h. 7 PM at Canfield Hall. Achievement Caledonia Fair.  Please wear comfortable shoes for dancing, layered clothing AND bring a water bottle! 

Renee Hedley 905-774-8210  renee.hedley61@gmail.com; Doug Murphy 905-772-7194  dmurphy@cayugamutual.com; Sheila Phibbs; Helpers: Cheryl Phibbs & Allan Hedley


The Great Chicken and Egg Project

What came first? The mystery unravels as you experience hands-on cooking and creating with eggs and poultry. Discover the versatility of eggs and chickens and follow the chicken and the egg as they cross the road from farm to store. This project will have an emphasis on poultry and be sensitive to those with egg allergies. Weekly meetings Thursdays, April 12th to May 17th, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Limit 10 members. Fee $20.

Patty Rutherford 519-443-7330 prutherford1709@optionsdsl.ca; Amy Beischlag 905-768-0499 amyb@optionsdsl.ca.


Vet Club

The Haldimand 4-H Vet club will be learning about the Musculoskeletal System in several different species this year. The meetings will be held on Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:45pm: September 11 & 25; October 9 & 23 and November 6 & 20 with Achievement meeting on November 25. They will be held at the Canfield hall, or on a farm in Haldimand or Niagara County. It is the parents’ responsibility to provide transportation to the farm meetings. Limit 25 members.  Must attend the judging event in June and attend the Achievement meeting to get credit for club. 

Sherry Smith cvsvetsmith@hotmail.com; Jennifer Thompson jenthompson333@gmail.com; Cathy Lemire cathymlemire@yahoo.ca


Woodworking - Beginners

This club is for members new to the woodworking world; will cover the basics of safety, tools, wood and simple finishes while completing easy projects. Achievement will include an entry in a local fair.  Meetings will be held in June-July in Dunnville.  Limit 15 members.  Fee $10.

Kim Turnbull 905-774-8492; Karen Allen 905-774-2891 kjcanboro@gmail.com


Woodworking Club - Advanced

Recommended for members with basic knowledge of woodworking and tools.  Hands on learning using hand and power tools to complete more complex projects.  Achievement will include an entry in a local fair.  Meetings will be held in June-July in Dunnville.  Limit 15 members.  Fee $10.

Kim Turnbull 905-774-8492; Karen Allen 905-774-2891 kjcanboro@gmail.com

Livestock Clubs

Beef Club

Members will learn to train and care for a beef calf. (Members are responsible for arranging for a project calf.) Meetings held from April to September at various locations throughout Haldimand. 

Glen Phibbs 519-587-3809 sphibbs@rogers.com; Sue Passow, 905-517-1547 rspassow@hotmail.com; Kevin Schweyer


Dairy Club  

Members will learn about basic care for a dairy cow. Learn proper training of your calf to prepare for the show ring. As well, learn about the reproductive system and the different dairy breeds. Meeting will run from spring to fall at local dairy farms.

Sara Tiersma 289-682-7840 sara_rodeo_gurl@hotmail.com; Arthur DeBoer 519-217-6357 aa.deboer06@gmail.com; Pete Cocking 289-339-4171 pete.cocking@gmail.com; Scott Schweyer 289-683-4846 ldschweyer@hotmail.ca; Morris Bartlett 289-439-8979 pmbartlett62@yahoo.ca


Introduction to Miniature Horses
For members new to miniature horses; this club will focus on handling and basic care.  Meetings in Dunnville on Saturday afternoons in April and May.  Detailed schedule available.   Limit of 8 members. Fee $10.

Wendy Strong 905-774-7028 wendy@stronghorses.com; Dale Tomlin 905-701-0737 dtomlin44@gmail.com


Miniature Horse Club

Focus will be on training, show grooming & showmanship.  Introduction to Miniature Horses is a prerequisite unless member has previous horse handling experience.  See leaders at Sign Up Day for details.  Meeting dates: Mar. 19, Apr. 23, June 2, July 14, Aug. 11, Sept. 10, Oct. 13. (dates subject to change) Times vary.  Fee $20 with their own horse, $30 if using leader’s horse (limited number).  Fee includes clinic fee. 

Rita Vandervliet  905-774-7141 tarv@bell.net; Isabel Miller 519-587-4012 izzy.miller@sympatico.ca; Debbie Lishman 905-779-2462; Gwen Schaeffer 905-741-1395


Miniature Horse Driving Club                                                                                                                        Members learn to safely harness, hitch, drive & compete in Youth Pleasure Driving Class at local fairs.  Members must log 10 hrs. hands on driving and attend driving clinic.  Must be 13 years old with at least 2 yrs. of showmanship experience or the equivalent.  See leaders at Sign up Day for details.  Meeting dates: Mar. 24, Apr. 21,May 19, June 16, July 28, final meeting TBD. (Dates subject to change) Limited horses available.  Fee $40 incl. clinic fee. Wendy  Strong 905-774-7028 wendy@stronghorses.com; Isabel Miller 519-587-4012 izzy.miller@sympatico.ca


Rabbit Club

Members will learn about rabbit care, feeding, different types of housing.  Proper handling and showmanship procedure will be practiced as members learn to show at the Caledonia Fair. Special topics may include rabbit agility and rabbit breeding as a business.

Sheila Phibbs 519-587-3809 sphibbs@rogers.com; Les Yule 519-587-5969 sprucegrovefarm@hotmail.com; Sue Passow 905-517-1547 rspassow@hotmail.com


Sheep Club 

Members will learn about basic care for sheep. Learn to train and show a lamb for achievement day. Meetings will be held from spring through fall at farms of club members and leaders.

Sara Tiersma 289-682-7840 sara_rodeo_gurl@hotmail.com; Laurie Cocking 905-779-0825 laurie.cocking@gmail.com; Jasmin Fisher 905-765-8425 haflingerhill@hotmail.com; Penny Bartlett 905-765-3893 pmbartlett62@yahoo.ca.





To complete a club, members must:

Attend 2/3 of meetings

Complete specified club requirements and achievement project(s)

Attend Judging Event on June 11, 2018

Livestock Club members must attend Achievement Day at Caledonia Fair, Saturday, September 29, 2018


Judging Clinic – June 6, 2018

Canfield Hall, 7 to 9 pm


Judging Event – June 11, 2018

Caledonia Fairgrounds


Caledonia Fair – Sept. 27 – 30, 2018