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2018 AGM

Grey County 4-H AGM and Volunteer Re-engagement is March 1, 2018 at Annseley United Church, Markdale at 7:00 pm.
All are welcome.
All volunteers are to attend.
Please RSVP to greycounty4hsecretary@hotmail.com

2017 Owen Sound Regional Dairy Results

Novice Showmanship

1st Hudson Maisonneuve – Wiarton

2nd Lauren McKnight – Rocklyn

3rd Adam Fisher – Durham

4th Renayla Campbell – Rocklyn

5th Preslee Hollingworth – Rocklyn

Jr. Showmanship

1st Grace McNab – Wiarton

2nd Dustin Francis – Durham

3rd Megan Fisher – Durham

4th Kara Kapteyn – Wiarton

5th Hunter Maisonneuve – Wiarton

Int Showmanship

1st Micaela Hill – Durham

2nd Brandon Elliott – Durham

3rd Cynthia Bumstead – Wiarton

4th Noah McNab – Wiarton

5th Joseph Kapteyn – Wiarton

Sr. Showmanship

1st Ally Spielmacher – Durham

2nd Tiffany Lenselink – Mildmay

3rd Riley Hastie – Durham

4th Mitch Betts - Dundalk

5th Ashley Fisher –Durham

Champion Dairy Showperson – Ally Spielmacher, Durham

Reserve Champion Dairy Showperson – Tiffany Lenselink, Mildmay

HM – Micaela Hill, Durham

Jr. Calves

1st Riley Hastie - Durham

2nd Hudson Maisonneuve - Wiarton

3rd Adam Fisher – Durham

4th Grace McNab – Wiarton

5th Scott Weppler – Durham

Int. Claves

1st Kara Kapteyn – Wiarton

2nd Autumn Bechard – Wiarton

3rd Delaney Hopkins – Durham

4th Hunter Maisonneuve – Wiarton

5th Allison Pepper – Durham

Sr. Heifers

1st Ally Spielmacher – Durham

2nd Micaela Hill – Durham

3rd Tiffany Lenselink – Mildmay

4th Hayley thede – Mildmay

5th Ashley Fisher – Durham

Summer Yearlings

Joseph Kapteyn – Wiarton

Mitch Betts – Dundalk

Noah McNabb – Wiarton

Madison Goodwill – Owen Sound

Dustin Francis – Durham

Jr Yearlings

1st Tyler Dietrich – Desboro-Chatsworth

2nd Tyler Heiben – Owen Sound

3rd Anthony Sachs – Desboro-Chatsworth

Champion Dairy Calf – Riley Hastie - Durham

Reserve Dairy Calf – Joseph Kapteyn - Wiarton

HM – Kara Kapteyn – Wiarton

Group of 3

1st Durham

2nd Wiarton

2017 Owen Sound Regional Show Beef Results

Novice Showmanship

1st Isabella Davidson – Paisley Beef Club

2nd Summer McKay – Rocklyn Calf Club

3rd Logan Saunders - Rocklyn Calf Club

4th Eve Snobelen – South Bruce

5th Addison Newman – Desboro-Chatsworth

Junior Showmanship

1st  Madison Saunders – Rocklyn Calf Club

2nd Caden Martin – Rocklyn Calf Club

3rd Kate Leppington – South Bruce

4th Halle Packer – Desboro-Chatsworth

5th Owen Dudgeon – Paisley Beef Club

Intermediate Showmanship

1st Austina Bellamy – Paisley Beef Club

2nd Mikaela Adams – Rocklyn Calf Club

3rd Travis Fulford – St. Vincent Calf Club

4th Kent Ribey – Paisley Beef Club

5th Madi Lewis – St. Vincent Calf Club

Senior Showmanship

1st Bailey McConnell – South Bruce

2nd Tayler Aldcorn – Feversham Beef Club

3rd Christopher Hargrave – Dundalk Calf Club

4th Alexa Campbell – Rocklyn Calf Club

5th Hannah Fulford – St. Vincent Calf Club

Champion Showperson – Bailey McConnell – South Bruce

Reserve Champion Showperson – Austina Bellamy – Paisley Beef Club

Market Animals

1st Bailey McConnell – South Bruce

2nd Grace Kuhl – Desboro-Chatsworth

3rd Riley Cook – Desboro-Chatsworth

4th Garrett McNabb – Desboro-Chatsworth

Group of 3 – Desboro-Chatsworth

Jr. Heifer

1st Hannah MacDonald – South Bruce

2nd Connor Caswell – St. Vincent Calf Club

3rd Paige Grant – Rocklyn Calf Club

4th Megan Priddle – Feversham Calf Club

5th Eve Snobelen – South Bruce

Int Yearling

1st  Alex McNally – St. Vincent Calf Club

2nd Aleah McKay – Rocklyn Calf Club

3rd Brayden Bullock – Feversham Beef Club

Jr. Yearling

1st Tayler Aldcorn – Feversham Beef Club

2nd Sarah Baker – Durham Beef Club

3rd Katelynn Ribey – Paisley Beef Club

4th Michelle Cole – Durham Beef Club

5th Sarah Bryans – Desboro-Chatsworth

Senior Yearling

1st Alexa Campbell – Rocklyn Calf Club

2nd Travis Fulford – St. Vincent Calf Club

3rd Christopher Hargrave – Dundalk Calf Club

4th Kate Leppington – South Bruce

5th Mikaela Adams – Rocklyn Calf Club

Champion Beef Animal – Alexa Campbell – Rocklyn Calf Club

Reserve Champion Beef Animal – Tayler Aldcorn – Feversham Beef Club

Group of 3

1st – South Bruce

2nd – Paisley Beef Club

3rd – Rocklyn Calf Club

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A Return That Makes Everybody Happy.

Box Back ProgramMerial Canada continues its ongoing commitment to Canada's next generation of producers with a new program to assist 4-H members in raising funds for their local 4-H chapters. Introducing the IVOMEC® & EPRINEX® 4-H BoxBack Program.

The IVOMEC & EPRINEX 4-H BoxBack Program makes earning money for your club easy. Just collect box labels from IVOMEC and EPRINEX Pour-On purchased this season. For each eligible box label you send in, Merial will donate $10 to your 4-H club. It's fast and simple.

Collect box labels from IVOMEC Pour-On 2.5 Litres, 5 Litres and 20 Litres packs and/or 2.5 Litres and 5 Litres packs of EPRINEX Pour-On.  Boxes can be given to any of the board of directors or let Katie know you have some by emailing greycounty4hsecretary@hotmail.com and we can make arrangements to pick them up.

2017 4-H Ontario Ambassabor

Congrats to Robert McKinlay on being selected as a 2017 4-H Ontario Ambassador!!!! Robert has been a 4H member for 8 years completing over 33 projects. Great job Robert and wishing you an amazing year ahead. #greycountyproud

Please Welcome our NEW Secretary/Treasurer

Dianne Booker has joined our Grey County 4H Team in the role as secretary/Treasurer. Welcome Dianne and we look forward to working with you!

Royal 2016 - Jr Sheep Show Results

 4 Grey County clubs took part in the largest junior sheep show and once again, Grey County had a very successful show.


1st Ally Spielmacher, Wiarton
7th Valerie Robinson, Hanover
9th Allison Pepper, Wiarton
14th Emily Lemon. Beaver Valley
4th Megan Priddle, South East Grey
10th Brietta Bartlett, Hanover
11th Ashley McConnell, South East Grey
15th Noah McNab, Wiarton
also competing
Joseph Kapteyn, Wiarton
ERin Priddle, South East Grey
Brandon Feltz, Hanover
Julie Sheridan, Beaver Valley
Robert McKinley, Beaver Valley
Katie Schlosser, Hanover
Abigail Henricks-Becker, hanover
Helen Grubb, Hanover
Domi Dillon, Hanover
1st Delaney Hopkins, Wiarton
2nd Olivia Schlosser, Hanover
4th Alexa Elford, Beaver Valley
6th Darren Eby, South East Grey
8th Jamey Eby, South East Grey
10th Paul Grein, Hanover
13th Mikayla Goudie, South East Grey
14th Erik Johnston, Beaver Valley
also competing
Joanna Kapteyn, Wiarton
Dustin Francis, Hanover
Ashleigh Long, Hanover
Spencer McKay, Beaver Valley
Larissa Bartlett, Hanover
Kara Kapteyn, Wiarton
Jillian Priddle, South East Grey
2nd Mollie McLaurin, Wiarton
8th Paige Grant, South East Grey
11th Carson Elford, Beaver Valley
also competing
Mya Bechard, Wiarton
Chelsea Lynn Johnston, Beaver Valley
Autumn Bechard, Wiarton
Stephen Schieck, Hanover
Lauren Ritchie, Beaver Valley
Kaitlyn Brisco, Beaver Valley
Congratulations to Ally Spielmacher, wiarton on being named reserve champion showman
AOB shortwool
7th Paul Grein, Hanover
9th Valerie Robinson, Hanover
AOB Longwool
4th Domi Dillon, Hanover
5th Olivia Schlosser, Hanover
6th Stephen Schieck, Hanover
7th Katie Schlosser, hanover
1st ERin Priddle, South East Grey
2nd Megan Priddle, South East Grey
3rd AShley McConnell, South East Grey
8th Paige Grant, South East Grey
9th Jillian Priddle, South East Grey
2nd Kara Kapteyn, Wiarton
6th Delaney Hopkins, Wiarton
7th Autumn BEchard, Wiarton
8th Mollie McLaurin, Wiarton
3rd Joanna Kapteyn, Wiarton
3rd Helen Grubb, Hanover
4th Ashleigh Long, Hanover
1st Ally Spielmacher, Wiarton
Congratulations again to Ally Spielmacher, Wiarton on being named reserve champion lamb

Royal 2016 - Dairy Results

Riley Hastie - 5th Jr heifer and 8th Int. Showmanship
Brandon Elliott - 5th Int. Heifer
Ally Spielmacher - 22nd Int. Heifer...
Jaden Hill - 1st Jersey calf
Micaela Hill - 2nd Jersey calf
Cole Hollands - 10th Sr heifer
Zac Goodacre - 11th Jr Yrlg

4th Premier County!!!!!

Royal 2016 - Beef Team Results

National Junior Beef Heifer Show Showmanship Results


Semi Finals - Halle Packer, Jenna Robertson and Maddison Saunders

Finals – Jenna Robertson


Semi Finals - Dylan Aldcorn, Megan Priddle, Travis Fulford

Finals – Travis Fulford


Semi Finals - Taylor Campbell, Darren Hargrave, Randi Aldcorn and Sarah Wyville

Finals - Randi Aldcorn

National Junior Beef Heifer Show Conformation Results

Congrats to Madison Saunders and JSR Samantha 24D on being Champion Heifer Calf in the Charles Watson Bred and Owned Classes


Class 2

 2nd - Brett Tupling - Rollim Acres Amber 22D

 3rd - Madison Saunders - JSR Samantha 24D

 Class 3

 2nd - Taylor Aldcorn - ESS Classy Girl 597C

 5th - Julie Sheridan - JHR Glory 2C

 Class 4

 3rd - Randi Aldcorn - WSS Cotton Candy 520C

 5th - Halle Packer - JDP Classy Pack 10C

 7th - Christina Morris - PRC Candance 5C

 Class 5

 4th - Dylan Aldcorn - Rollin Acres Jazz 1C

 5th - Travis Saunders - JSR Victoria 18C

 6th - Sarah Wyville - JSR Jasmine 44C


Class 8

 7th - Nolan Brodrecht - US Darla 186

 Class 9

 6th - Riley Laws - Cracklin`Josie C Shamrock

 7th - Summer McKay - Clarabell P Shamrock

 Class 11

 11th - Hayley Barlow - CRX Crimson Lights 1C

 13th - Taylor Draper - Daphnie


Class 18

 1st - Megan Priddle - TMF Debutante 169D

 2nd - Jillian Priddle - TMF Miss 106D

 3rd - Paige Grant - TMF Shamless Lady 104D

 9th Sydney Martin - Boothville Drama Queen

 Class 19

 3rd - Melissa Cole - Lakeside Charm 26C

 8th - James Ogg - Lakeside Crystal 38C

 Class 21

 6th - Melissa Cole - Lakeside Caramel 23C


Class 28

 4th - Jenna Robertson - Destiny Vision Jolene

 8th - Aaron Dillman - Waydamar Red Damaria 87D

 9th - Ethan Watson - Waydamar Red Denver 74D

 Class 29

 1st - Dakota Robertson - Destiny Vision Regina

 Class 30

 2nd Travis Fulford - Destiny Currency Saphire

 Class 31

 2nd - Alexa Campbell - Destiny Pitboss jojo Girl

 3rd - Taylor Campbell - Destiny Winchester Fantasy


Class 41

 2nd - Darren Hargrave - Brantnors Miss Daisy 25C

 Class 44

 7th - Zach Hammill - Gold-Bar Annie 106C

 Class 45

5th - Robert McKinlay - Red Patchell Carrie



Go for the Gold

Region 5 Go for the Gold is Wednesday August 17th at the Clinton United Church @ 7 p.m.
This year all teams must be registered in advance.  Registration is to be sent by the association secretary before August 10, 2016.  If you are running a Go for the Gold club please advise Katie prior to Aug 10th at greycounty4hsecretary@hotmail.com