4-H Ontario



2018 AGM

Grey County 4-H AGM and Volunteer Re-engagement is March 7, 2019 at Annseley United Church, Markdale at 7:00 pm.
All are welcome.
All volunteers are to attend.
Please RSVP to greycounty4hsecretary@hotmail.com

2018 Grey County Dairy Team

Micaela Hill - Durham
Joseph Kapteyn - Wiarton
Ally Speilmacher - Durham...
Riley Hastie - Durham
Hunter Maisonneuve - Wiarton
Grace McNabb - Wiarton
MacKenzie Goetz - Durham
Megan Fisher - Durham

Kara Kapteyn - Wiarton

2018 Grey County Beef Team

Sawyer Woodhouse – Rocklyn

 Logan Saunders – Rocklyn

 Jenna Robertson – Rocklyn

 Sydney Martin – Rocklyn

 Caden Martin – Rocklyn

 Riley Laws – Rocklyn

 Halle Packer – Rocklyn

 Travis Saunders – Rocklyn

 Jillian Priddle – Feversham

 Madi Lewis – St. Vincent

 Grace Kuhl – Desboro

 Taylor Aldcorn – Feversham

 Sarah Wyville – Rocklyn

 Zach Hammill – Feversham

 Chris Hargrave – Dundalk

 Dylan Aldcorn – Feversham

 Tate Williams – Rocklyn

 Madison Saunders – Rocklyn

 Ella Lillico – Durham

 Kyle Spears – Rocklyn

 Brett Tupling – Feversham

 Alex McNally – St. Vincent

 Sarah Bryans – Desboro

 Paige Grant – Rocklyn

 Logan Johnson – Desboro

 Travis Fulford – St. Vincent

 Megan Priddle – Feversham

 Michelle Cole – Durham

 Melissa Cole – Durham

 Lauren Johnson – Desboro

 Cam Lewis – St. Vincent

 Darren Hargrave – Feversham


 Aleah McKay – Rocklyn

2018 Owen Sound Regional Dairy Results

Novice Showmanship

1st Charlotte Woodhouse - Rocklyn

2nd Preslee Hollingsworth - Rocklyn

Jr. Showmanship

1st Robert Goodwill - Owen Sound

2nd Hunter Maisonneuve - Wiarton

Int Showmanship

1st Micaela Hill – Durham

2nd Cynthia Bumstead – Wiarton

Sr. Showmanship

1st Ally Spielmacher – Durham

2nd Riley Hastie - Durham

Champion Dairy Showperson – Micaela Hill, Durham

Reserve Champion Dairy Showperson – Ally Spielmacher, Durham

Jr. Calves

1st Riley Hastie - Durham

2nd Grace McNabb - Wiarton

Int. Claves

1st Kara Kapteyn – Wiarton

2nd Molly King - Mildmay

Sr. Heifers

1st Micaela Hill – Durham

2nd Brandon Elliott - Mildmay

Summer Yearlings

1st Joseph Kapteyn – Wiarton

2nd MacKenzie Goetz

Champion Dairy Calf – Micaela Hill - Durham

Reserve Dairy Calf – Brandon Elliott - Mildmay

Group of 3

1st Durham

2nd Mildmay

2018 Owen Sound Regional Show Beef Results

Novice Showmanship

1st Sawyer Woodhouse - Rocklyn

2nd Addison Newman - Paisley

Junior Showmanship

1st  Owen Dudgeon - Paisley

2nd Jenna Robertson – Rocklyn

Intermediate Showmanship

1st Halle Packer - Rocklyn

2nd Travis Saunders - Rocklyn

Senior Showmanship

1st Grace Kuhl - Desboro

2nd Tayler Aldcorn – Feversham

Champion Showperson – Grace Kuhl - Desboro

Reserve Champion Showperson – Tayler Aldcorn - Feversham

Market Animals

1st Garrett McNabb - Desboro

Jr. Heifer

1st Abbey MacDonald – South Bruce

2nd Sawyer Woodhouse - Rocklyn

Jr. Yearling

1st Owen Dudgeon - Paisley

2nd Brett Tupling - Feversham

Senior Yearling

1st Isabella Davidson - Paisley

2nd Grace Kuhl - Desboro

Champion Beef Animal – Isabella Davidson - Paisley

Reserve Champion Beef Animal – Owen Dudgeon - Paisley

Group of 3

1st – Paisley

2nd – Rocklyn

2018 Owen Sound Regional Sheep Results

Senior Showmanship

1st - Allison Pepper - Wiarton

2nd - Megan Bruder - Ripley

Intermediate Showmanship

1st - Olivia Schlosser - Hanover

2nd - Erin priddle - South East Grey

Junior SHowmanship

1st - Sierra Reid - South East Grey

2nd - Hailey Priddle - South East Grey

Novice Showmanship

1st = Becca Bishop - South East Grey

2nd - Mya Bechard - Wiarton

Champion Sheep Showperson - Allison Pepper - Wiarton

Reserve Sheep Showperson - Olivia Schlosser - Hanover

Champion Breeding Lamb - Rachel Van Stuyvenberg - Ripley

Reserve Breeding Lamb - Wesley Brown - Chatsworth

Champion Market Lamb - Aaron Ernewein - Ripley

Reserve Market Lamb - Sierra Reid - South East Grey

Champion Breeding Lamb - Group of 3 - Hanover

Reserve Breeding Lamb - Group of 3 - South East Grey

Champion Market Lamb - Group of 3 - Ripley

Reserve Market Lamb - Group of 3 - Hanover


2018 Grey-Bruce Judging Competition Results

Thank you to all participants, volunteers, organizers and sponsors for a great Grey-Bruce Judging Competition.

Congratulations to the Top Judges in:


1st Lillien Campbell

2nd Lane Strutt

3rd Lauren McKnight

4th Elena Bateman

5th Aleah McKay


1st Spencer McKay

2nd Summer McKay

3rd Autumn Bechard

4th Travis Saunders

5th Grace Woodhouse


1st Hannah Woodhouse

2nd Tyler Dietrich

3rd Jarrett Hargrave

4th Cynthia Bumstead

5th Tony Sachs

High Aggregate- Hannah Woodhouse

High Novice Reasons: Lillien Campbell

High Intermediate Reasons: Autumn Bechard

High Senior Reasons: Tyler Dietrich

High Novice Lifeskills Judge: Lauren McKnight

High Intermediate Lifeskills Judge: Autumn Bechard

High Senior Lifeskills Judge: Hannah Woodhouse

High Beef Judge and Reasons: Jarrett Hargrave

High Dairy Judge and Reasons: Autumn Bechard

We also had a number of Peewees participate at the Grey-Bruce Judging Competition:

Parker McKay

Tyson Strutt

Sierra Campbell

Jackson Squire

Sam Squire

Liam Bester

Angelique Mulder

Simon Johnson

Allysha Mulder

Ashley Leifso

Austin Leifso