4-H Ontario


2018 Clubs - Starting

Hopeville/Swinton Lifeskills - Maple Syrup Club

Claire Clarke - cm.breadner@gmail.com

Centre Grey Beef Club

Contact Wayne wayneshier@gmail.com for further information.

Feversham 4H Beef Club

For more information contact Don McNalty - robroyangus@gmail.com

Desboro-Chatsworth 4-H Calf Club

This is for both Dairy and Beef members.  For more information contact Lois Gamble 519-794-2879

Rocklyn 4-H Goat Club

For more information contact Shirley Ann Fulford osburng@sympatico.ca

Durham Dairy Club

For more information call Elaine Fisher @ 519-327-8507

Grey Highlands 4H Sheep Club

Contact for more information. Jennifer Woodhouse 519-599-5379, Laura Elford 519-375-7909 or Theresa Dawn 519-372-3048

Rocklyn Horse Club

For more informatio check out the Rocklyn 4-H Horse Club Facebook page or contact Laura Elford - blelford@hotmail.ca

Desboro Potato Club

Interested parties can contact Karen Gillan @ gillan.karen@gmail.com for more information.

Ayton Lifeskills - Fishing

For more information please contact Allie Ibbotson 519-334-3740.

South East Grey Sheep Club

For more information contact Wendy at 519-378-3352 or check out the South East Grey 4-H Sheep Club Facebook page

St. Vincent Calf Club

Contact Natalie Mather - natalie.a.kerr@gmail.com or 519-270-9666

Wiarton Sheep & Dairy Club

Shelley & Brian O'Neill - wiarton4hclubs@gmail.com

Check out the Wiarton 4-H Clubs Facebook page

Wiarton Rabbit Club

Amanda Kapteyn, Ally Spielmacher, Zach Goodacher  wiarton4hclubs@gmail.com

Check out the Wiarton 4-H Clubs Facebook page

Wiarton Lifeskills

Amanda Kapteyn & Lynsey Packham  - wiarton4hclubs@gmail.com

Check out the Wiarton 4-H Clubs Facebook page

Wiarton Mechanics

Jeff Berchard, Brian O'Neill and Zach Goodacre wiarton4hclubs@gmail.com

Check out the Wiarton 4-H Clubs Facebook page

Dundalk Calf Club

Beef - Claire Clarke - cm.breadner@gmail.com, Gayle Milliner - dgmilliner@everus.ca, Rita O'Neill - rroneill@everus.ca

Dairy - ted.clarke@gmail.com

Rocklyn Calf Club

Billie-Jo Saunders - dbjsaunders@gmail.com

Lisa Squire - lemonshamrock@msn.com

Rocklyn Lifeskills - A Walk on the wild side (hiking) and Digital Photography

Denise McKay - d.mckay2010@hotmail.com

Durham Beef Club

Mary Lynn Lawrence - turkeybird3@hotmail.com or 519-379-0983
Melissa Harrison - m.mharrison3@hotmail.ca
Leslie Unruh - lesunruh@hotmail.com
David & Melissa Lawrence - bartstar.bendeen@hotmail.com

Check out Durham 4H Clubs Facebook Page

Durham Beef Fitting Club

Mary Lynn Lawrence - turkeybird3@hotmail.com or 519-379-0983
Melissa Harrison - m.mharrison3@hotmail.ca

Check out Durham 4H Clubs Facebook Page

2017 clubs list

**Some Clubs will change in the 2018 season**

Ayton Breadventure
Ayton Conservation Club
Ayton Sewing
Beaver Valley Fall Fair
Beaver Valley Sheep
Centre Grey Beef
Chatsworth Sheep
Desboro-Chatsworth Beef
Desboro-Chatsworth Dairy
Desboro Potato
Dundalk Calf Club
Durham Beef
Durham Dairy
Durham Beef Fitting
Feversham Beef
Hanover & District Dance
Hanover Horse
Hanover Llama
Hanover Sheep
Hanover Judging
Hanover Go for the Gold Club
Hopeville/Swinton Best Foot Forward
Hopeville/Swinton Woodworking
Hopeville/Swinton Drama(All the world's a stage)
Hopeville/Swinton A Sporting Chance
Kepple-Sarawak Plowing
Owen Sound Dairy
Rocklyn Calf(beef)
Rocklyn Dairy
Rocklyn Goat
Rocklyn Good Foods Fast
Rocklyn Horse
Rocklyn Winter Sports Club
South East Grey Sheep
St. Vincent Calf
Wiarton Dairy
Wiarton Dairy Judging
Wiarton Fitting
Wiarton Sheep