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2017 Judging Competion Results

Number Paintball Carcass weeds ID Quiz Subtotal Beef Reasons Hay Reasons Cookies Reasons Dairy Reasons Subtotal ReasonsTotal Total
84617 50 49 7 19 125 49 46 49 43 45 35 50 39 193 163 481
78668 50 41 7 6 104 49 47 42 45 49 39 49 40 189 171 464
78667 50 49 7 7 113 49 41 41 39 49 38 41 39 180 157 450
86002 50 49 7 6 112 46 48 49 40 46 36 36 37 177 161 450
87023 50 38 7 9 104 46 46 37 41 49 39 49 39 181 165 450
84637 50 41 7 8 106 46 45 47 41 49 39 37 38 179 163 448
86004 50 41 7 13 111 49 43 49 41 49 36 32 37 179 157 447
87024 50 39 7 4 100 46 44 47 40 49 37 37 36 179 157 436
87022 43 50 7 11 111 47 39 47 38 44 38 31 36 169 151 431
84622 50 31 7 13 101 46 45 46 39 37 37 39 36 168 157 426
86003 40 41 7 9 97 40 39 40 45 47 34 43 35 170 153 420
Number Paintball Carcass Weeds ID Quiz Subtotal Beef Reasons hay Reasons Cookies Reasons Dairy Reasons Subtotal Reasons Total Total
76570 50 49 7 13 119 49 49 47 46 50 47 48 45 194 187 500
78659 50 49 7 15 121 46 49 49 46 48 46 48 46 191 187 499
84628 50 44 7 14 115 49 48 49 42 49 40 41 39 188 169 472
84623 46 46 5 15 112 49 45 49 42 49 36 49 39 196 162 470
76573 50 40 7 9 106 49 45 49 45 48 40 41 41 187 171 464
76564 50 50 7 14 121 37 43 47 44 49 41 40 39 173 167 461
87269 50 41 7 19 117 49 40 46 41 46 37 43 39 184 157 458
S Simcoe 46 40 3 13 102 44 44 49 43 48 38 49 38 190 163 455
76565 50 44 7 11 112 49 42 49 44 46 41 29 39 173 166 451
73948 50 41 7 10 108 49 47 42 45 33 44 40 42 164 178 450
76540 50 40 7 8 105 46 45 49 42 38 39 45 40 178 166 449
Peel 50 40 7 13 110 32 40 41 42 49 44 50 40 172 166 448
76574 50 38 7 14 109 49 45 50 46 36 39 29 40 164 170 443
76572 50 29 7 11 97 46 46 50 41 46 39 37 40 179 166 442
84627 50 40 7 12 109 40 45 39 44 35 38 47 38 161 165 435
Number Paintball Carcass Weeds ID Quiz Subtotal Beef Reasons Hay Reasons Cookies Reasons Dairy Reasons Subtotal Reasons Total Total
70348 50 45 7 13 115 49 48 49 45 50 40 48 42 196 175 486
78656 50 38 7 14 109 50 49 49 46 50 40 48 44 197 179 485
70352 50 41 7 12 110 49 47 49 44 50 39 48 41 196 171 477
71498 50 49 7 11 117 46 44 49 41 50 39 41 42 186 166 469
70353 50 44 7 13 114 49 47 47 45 50 45 29 42 175 179 468
Number Paintball Carcass  Weeds ID Quiz Subtotal Beef Reasons Hay Reasons Cookies Reasons Dairy Reasons Subtotal Reasons Total Total
60663 50 49 7 19 125 50 50 49 48 48 49 48 48 195 195 515

Dufferin 4-H Craft Club

Press Reporter: Maggi Murray and assistant Maya Thompson

Photographers: Grace McPherson, Olivia McPherson, Veda Thompson and assistant Gema Thompson


First Meeting Report: 

Our Dufferin 4-H Craft Club met March 16, 2017 at the Lasby’s in Mulmur Township. We opened the meeting with the 4-H pledge. The election of officers was held and our president is Maggi Murray, our vice president is Abby Murray, our secretary is Brianna Lockhurst, our press reporter is Maggi Murray and assistant Maya Thompson, and our photographers are Grace Mcpherson, Olivia Mcpherson, and Veda Thompson, assistant Gema Thompson. We made wood bunnies, tic tac toe game, picture frames, melting crayon art, and pipe cleaner crystals. We finished with club picture, cookies, and the 4-H motto.

Second Meeting Report:

The final craft meeting was held at the Lasby’s house at 10am-5pm. The club members started off by doing the first part of the snow globe. Then we moved on to making stain glass tiles, we used sharpies and alcohol and it made and explosion of colours. Next we made lollipop bunnies. After we had a nice lunch of taco salad. We began a busy afternoon of wooden butterfly’s and finishing our snow globes. We all had the letter of our first names and we wrapped them in wool and put flowers on them. We wrapped up the meeting with the making a crafty frog. The club would like to thank Shirley and Jessica Lasby for hosting and leading a great craft club. We finished the meeting with the 4-H motto and thanked the Lasby’s for their help. Heres to the crafty critters!! Maggi Murray and Maya thompson.








Dufferin 4-H Dairy Club

Press Reporter: Nathan Caughill


First Meeting Report:

On Friday, March 31 the Dufferin Dairy 4-H Club had their first meeting of the year. This meeting was hosted at Markay Holsteins. After a small roll call we were introduced to our guest speaker, Jason French. He taught us how to judge cows and heifers. All of the members new to 4-h went with Jason French and learned how to judge a cow and a heifer and how to say what you think about the cow or heifer. We learned that with a cow, you first judge the udder, then the feet and legs, then the rump, and then you judge the build of the cow. In a heifer, you judge the legs and how dairy-like the heifer is by looking for angularity. All of the older 4-H members went to practice with some of the leaders, then  guest speaker, Jason French,  listened to their reasons for their placing. We practiced with four two year old holsteins and four October and September heifers.  Mr. French explained that you must speak loudly when giving reasons for your placings and that you should never say anything bad about an animal.  We went into Marcus and Brenda Lothmann’s house and had cookies and chose all the officers. Our president is Caleigh Van Kampen, the Vice President is Kevin Meyer, Mac Ireland is the secretary, and I, Nathan Caughill am the Press Reporter. Our next meeting will be on April 25th at the Meyers’.

Second Meeting Report:

On Tuesday. April 25th, the Dufferin 4H Dairy Club had their second meeting.  It was held at the Meyer’s farm.  The meeting began with our guest speaker, Steve Soloman, who taught us about DHI, or Dairy Herd Improvement.  Steve taught us about testing milk, and the information we can get from just a small sample of milk.  The sample can tell us if the cow is having a baby, if it is sick, and also the quality of the milk it is providing.  Next, we practiced our judging skills on a class of grocery bags.  All of the senior members had to give reasons for their placing.  Then, we were given a tour of the barn by Kevin Meyer.  The Meyers milk mostly Holsteins in a tie-stall barn.  After the tour, we went into the house and watched a video clip about how much to feed your calf when it is young.  We learned that you are supposed to feed your calf 8 litres of milk, twice a day.  This will make your calf gain and grow which will help it to give more milk when it is bigger.  We also learned a little bit about the quota system, and how milk supply is managed in Ontario.  We ate muffins and cookies.  We answered a roll call, and talked about the next few meetings.  We also heard a few more details about our dream barn project.  The next meeting will be held on May 24 at 7:00 at Geordawn Farms.  We will join with the Sheep Club and Judging Club to practice our judging!

Third Meeting Report:

On Wednesday, May 24th, the Dufferin Dairy 4H Club had their third meeting.  It was held at the Grand Valley Fire Hall.  Club members were joined by the Dufferin Sheep club for a Fire Prevention and Safety night.  Participants learned about fire safety in barns, shops and drive sheds.  4H members learned about possible problems around the farm that could result in a farm fire.  Some prevention considerations are: heat shields around heating coils, cages over heat lamps, and fire break walls to reduce the spread of a structure fire.  Farmers should check all outlets and electrical panels for damage caused by mice.  For your safety, you should never go into a barn that is on fire to rescue animals or items.  The firefighters will do their best to get out what they can.  Farmers should have a clean barn with no cobwebs or straw lying around.  Oily rags and gas tanks should not be left inside whenever possible, and warm tractors should not be parked inside until they are cooled down.  It may be possible to have a firefighter visit your farm, to help you identify possible fire hazards and it is always good to have a water source available to firefighters in the event of a fire.  Fire fighters suggest that all 4Hers know the address and the emergency number of the farm, and it is helpful if you can tell them if you have an extra water source.  This way, they can call for help on their way if it is needed. 4Hers left the meeting with a better understanding of fire safety on the farm



Dufferin 4-H Lawn Tractor Pull Club

Press Reporter: Tyler Bauer


First Meeting Report:

First meeting took place May 1st.We started the meeting with the nominations for president, vice president and press secretary/secretary.  Warren is president, Bryce is vice-president and Tyler is press secretary/secretary.

We learned about shifting into gears by getting hands on and taking things apart.

We then officially opened the meeting with the 4H pledge, led by Tyler.  We thanked the Livingstons for hosting the meeting and Earl for helping us get hands on.  Immediately after we closed the meeting with the 4H motto. The next meeting is June 5, at Livingston's.

Second Meeting Report:

We started the 2nd Tractor Club meeting on Jun 5, with the 4H pledge, led by Tyler.  We discussed how our next meeting will be in mid July, hopefully with a field trip

We started to take apart a lawn tractor engine.  Each person had an opportunity to be hands on with the engine.

Then several members tried pulling with their lawn tractor.  Several tractors broke down, providing new learning opportunities for the members.

We closed the meeting with the 4H motto, thanking the Livingstones for hosting the meeting, and thanking Earl for providing the snacks.

Third Meeting Report:

Members of the lawn tractor club met on July 17 at the parking lot of Grand Valley Home Hardware/Arthurs Fuel.  From there the members followed Earl Smith to Mr. Ken Austin’s property.  There we opened the meeting with the 4H pledge.

Mr. Austin’s shed had two large pulling tractors.  He showed us kam shafts.  We learned the difference between a stock kam shaft and amodified kam shaft.
He also showed us a mag needle. It is the part of the engine where all the sparks occur.   The engine turns it.  As they go past a magnet type thing it creates a spark, which starts the engine.

He started an engine by starting it slowly and turning it manually so we could
better see the process.

Mr. Austin continued to show us other components of the engine as well. At the end of the meeting we had a group photo taken.  We closed themeeting with the 4H motto.

Fourth Meeting Report:

On August 28 2017, the Tractor Club met at the Livingston Farm in Mono.  We learned how to put wheelie bars on a lawn tractor.  They are good to have in case the tractor starts to go up, it will prevent it from flipping right over.


We also weighed the tractors that were there.  Each rider had to drive their own tractor on to the weigh scale.  Some were heavy and had to find ways to reduce their weight.  Others were light, and had to have additional weights put on them.


Some people got to try out their tractors and do a mini pull.


Dufferin 4-H Market Animal/Sheep Club

Press Reporter: Tyler Bauer


First Meeting Report:


At the first sheep meeting we judged some fence pliers.  The official was 1, 2, 4, 3.  Then we went inside and introduced ourselves to the others.  Bill talked about some of our next meetings, and about show day and other information.  The next meeting is May 23.  We did nominations: Secretary - Breanna is secretary, President - Cole is president. Vice President - Heather is vice president. Press Reporter - Tyler is press reporter. We ended the night with some snacks and the 4H motto.


Second Meeting Report:

We opened the meeting with the 4H pledge, led by Cole.  Mike spoke about how his setup worked for his cattle.  He taught us how the property developed into the system they are now using.  We judged six pens of steers.  Mike talked about which pens of steers had good qualities, and which ones were lacking.

We learned how to weigh an animal using a scale.  Some kids were told how to estimate the weight of an animal using string measurements.

Each member was asked to gather five different types of grass or legumes.  The group then discussed the many varieties that were found on this pasture farm, including bluegrass, white clover, and stinkweed.

We closed the meeting with the 4H motto, and thanked Mike for his time and sharing his knowledge.  We then completed our time having some snacks.


Third Meeting Report:

The sheep/market club joined with the dairy club, beef club and judging club on Jun 15 to have a multi club meeting.

We opened the meeting with the 4H pledge.  We split off in groups and judged various classes of items, including hay, dairy cattle, carcasses and eggs.  There was also a quiz about weeds.  The purpose of this meeting was to allow us to practice for the upcoming Dufferin Judging competition, which is to take place on Jun 24 at the Shelburne Fairgrounds.

We closed the meeting with the 4H motto.


All Dufferin 4H joined at the Shelburne Fairgrounds for the Judging Competition on June 24.

We opened the competition with the 4H pledge. We split off in groups  and judged the classes of items, including cookies, hay, dairy cattle, beef cattle, paintball safety equipment, and carcasses. There was also in ID quiz and a weed quiz.

We enjoyed pizza for lunch, with some milk. Then the official placings were announced.

Some of the placings were:

Cookies - 3, 1, 4, 2

Dairy - 2, 1, 4, 3

Beef - 3, 1, 4, 2

Cracasses - 3, 2, 4, 1

We closed the meeting with the 4H motto.



Fourth Meeting Report:

The meeting was opened on July 17 with the 4H motto. We met at Andy McDonald's farm. He talked about how his system worked moving cattle from field to field, and he spoke of the benefits of  using this system.


After thanking Mr. McDonald for sharing his time and knowledge, we had some drinks. Then we got in our vehicles and headed over to the Lewis farm. Mr Lewis talked about how he would weigh animals before they went on the trailer to be shipped to market. He also discussed how in the past animals would often arrivc in the wee hours of the morning. In those days the truckers would unload the animals on their own. The farm had a camera to ensure the numbers were accurate.


Mr. Lewis mention how the bulls. used for rodeo, are used to being shipped regularly, so they often load and unload themselves with very little human interaction.


Mr. Lewis discussed the differences in the systems between dairy and beef. He also told us what he would feed the sheep before they went to slaughter.


We closed the meeting with the 4H pledge, after thanking Mr. Lewis for his time and knowledge.


Fifth Meeting Report:

On Aug 9 the market/sheep club meet on highway 89 at the Schauss Farm Operations.  We were joined with the beef club as well.  I was not able to attend, and haven't heard anything about how the meeting went.


But I have driven past this operation numerous times and it looks wonderful.  They have many cows, at least two barns of modern style and numerous grain bins.


It would have been an awesome opportunity to learn how a large operation works.  I'm hoping those in attendance all learned something new.


Sixth Meeting Report:

The market/sheep club met on Aug 29 2017 at GeorDawn Farms in Amaranth.  We opened the meeting with the 4H pledge.


We looked over our sheets for our market animals.  We were reminded of the importance of reviewing our data regularly to ensure mathematical accuracy.


Next we discussed show day coming up in Grand Valley at the Fall Fair on Sunday, September 24, 2017.


We also learned how to do a rough draft of our bristol presentations for the Fair.


The meeting was closed with the 4H motto.