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4-H’ers across Ontario are responding to challenges every day in their communities and their world.

4-H is one of Canada's oldest youth development organizations. It empowers young people throughout Canada and yes, the world. 4-H Ontario provides the leadership to engage young people in 4-H.  The impact of 4-H in Ontario and Canada is amazing.
Contact the leader of the clubs you are interested in to find out about 2018 club dates!

The following are just some of the 2018 Carleton County 4-H clubs being offered:

Life Skills

As a 4-H’er, you can have that feeling of accomplishment that comes from trying and succeeding at something new - whether it’s square dancing, knitting a sweater, or making that something special to eat, be an engaged, well-informed 4-H member.

For more information about Life Skills in your area contact:


Fitness Club            Cheryl Sullivan    613-821-4136
Seniors Club            Cheryl Sullivan    613-821-4136
Real Dirt - Senior Club      Jean Sullivan     613-839-1758
Cooking Club                      Cheryl Sullivan    613-821-4136   
Square Dancing                 Cheryl Sullivan    613-821-4136            
Dairy Judging Club            Cheryl Sullivan    613-821-4136 

Home for the Holiday’s    Barb Fraser    613-254-9925


Field Crops

Get your hands dirty in field crops ! Find out how soils, bugs, beetles and more affect your crops. Whether it’s corn, soybeans, wheat, hay or silage, 4-H field crops might just be for you!

For more information about our many Field Crop clubs contact:

Ashton                 Herb Henderson                    613-257-3359

Carp # 1                Jill Rivington                         613-839-5254  

Carp # 2              Tanya Boyd                             613-229-0332

Metcalfe               Cheryl Sullivan                      613-821-4136

Richmond           Cindy Brown                          613-838-3081 

                                                                            cell: 613-867-3081,  email: werbzy26@gmail.com

Fallowfield          Janet Arthurs                       janetarthurs@storm.ca

West Carleton   Bruce Hudson                          613-839-2346


Horse Club

Do you love horses? Would you like to learn more about horses and be in a club with other people who like horses, too? 4-H has the answer!

For more information about our various horse clubs contact:

Ashton  Light      Kelly Barclay                       613-257-8564

Carp Mini             Edna Crabb                         613-838-5714

Carp Heavy          Edna Crabb                         613-838-5714


Beef Club

Have you thought about joining a 4-H Beef Club?  Why not try it for a year and gain the experience & knowledge we offer.

Learn about the beef industry and how to properly care for beef cattle. Members of this 4-H Beef Project increase their knowledge of beef husbandry as well as improve their beef showmanship skills by learning basic safety and handling principles


Ashton                 Herb Henderson                 613-257-3359

Carp # 1                Jill Rivington                      613-839-5254

Carp # 2              Tanya Boyd                          613-229-0332

Metcalfe              Julie Denison                         fusionlivestock10@gmail.com

Richmond           Cindy Brown                         613-838-3081 

                                                                            cell: 613-867-3081,  email: werbzy26@gmail.com

Fallowfield         Janet Arthurs                          janetarthurs@storm.ca

West Carleton    Bruce Hudson                          613-839-2346

Dairy Club

The 4-H Dairy Project give members the opportunity to learn about dairy cattle and the dairy industry.

We have many active dairy clubs. Feel free to contact:

Ashton                Herb Henderson                  613-257-3359

Carp # 1                Jill Rivington                       613-839-5254

Carp # 2               Tanya Boyd                         613-229-0332

Richmond            Cindy Brown                      613-838-3081 

                                                                            cell: 613-224-4374,  email: werbzy26@gmail.com

Fallowfield          Janet Arthurs                       janetarthurs@storm.ca

West Carleton     Bruce Hudson                     613-839-2346

Vernon                Cheryl Sullivan                      613-821-4136


The 4-H sheep project is intended for individuals who are interested in showing sheep. You don't have to have any prior experience, just be willing to learn more about sheep. With this in mind lets get started learning about sheep!

For more information about joining the Carleton Sheep Club contact:

Colleen Acres                    613-826-2330

Carleton County 4-H Club Executives

President-Kelly Barclay
VP-Cheryl Sullivan
AR-Cheryl Sullivan
Regional Board-Kelly Barclay
Sec/Treasurer-Lynda McCuaig
Directors at Large:
Bruce Hudson
Janet Arthurs
Cheryl Sullivan
Julie Dennison
Last but not least remember to have fun!!!!!