4-H Ontario


Drama Club Cyber Report

The second 4-H Drama meeting was held Thursday, June 22nd 2017 at Bethel Church. We started off the meeting by saying the 4-H pledge and the we brainstormed ideas for our performance at the end of the year. We figured out what the performance was about and some of the characters. Everyone shared ideas and contributed to the brainstorming. Members also made masks by applying plaster gauze to their partners face which was covered in vaseline. Members applied 2-3 layers of this and when the final coat was dry, peeled it off. 

Sheep Club Cyber Report

Wednesday July 19, 2017 the Brant 4-H Sheep club members attended their fourth meeting at the farm of leader, Josh Groves. The members tested their judging skills by judging water pails and then sheep. Eager members couldn’t wait to get their lambs out of the pens to train them ready for their upcoming achievement day in September. The seven members trained lambs by walking the perimeter of the fenced off grounds. Josh Groves acted as a judge to show the members what will take place at the Paris Fair. “After Paris fair do we have to attend other fairs?” Kyer asked. Josh Groves replied that it wasn’t mandatory but you are welcome to.  The next meeting is set for August 16, 2017.

Junior Dairy Club Cyber Report

On July 5th the Brant County 4-H junior Dairy club had their 5th meeting at Rosevega Farms where we we split into three groups. One group lead a group of calves in a pasture, another group talked about contagious diseases that calves can get at the show and the last group had a barn tour. Our next and last meeting will be On August 2nd.

Discovery Day Reports

This is my first camp of 4-H and it was fun and here is how it went.
My day at discovery day was great. The first thing we did was decorate our t-shirts with tie-dye. Then we played a game called Battle Ship. Then we got split-up into 3 big groups. My group went to cooking first were we made shish kabobs with dip and it was good. Next we played go for the gold and it was fun. Next we played toilet plunger hockey and the score was 7-3. Next we did an experiment to see how one of the cows stomach works. Then we did Judge little shovels on how to dig a plant hole.  Then it was lunchtime and we had Pizza Pizza! After we played some games with the parachute. After that everyone was hot, so we played cards. After we played cards, we did two relay races. One was a sponge game were you had to soak up water from one pail to another. The other one was spin around in a circle twice, ride a pool noodle and kick a cow to a cone, then run to the skipping rope and skip 5 times. Well that was my day at discovery day and man was it fun! I wondered if there were other camps like this because I had a lot of fun. I also met lots of new friends.

by Colby James Young

My name is Carley and I am 8 years old. I am a Cloverbud and I got to go to Discovery Days. When we got there we spray painted T-shirts. After that we played battle ship. There were six different positions. After we got into three different groups there was a station called Go-for-the-gold, another one was that we made dip for our fruit kabobs. The last station was we used grape juice, flour, water and baking soda to make stuff that looks like our digestive system. We played with the parachute and a few more games. Then we went back in groups to do a craft. I had fun making grass heads! We got to try judging two flowers. We also had a game of toilet brush hockey. After that we had pizza for lunch. Then we played card games and did two relay races. I met people there. I had a lot of fun and want to go back!
by Carley Young

New Clubs Added

A new club, Batters Up, will begin July 18. Catering Club will begin August 4th. See details on the Club page.

Hiking Club Cyber Report

The second meeting of the 4-H hiking club took place at Apps Mill Nature Centre. The meeting started off with roll call which was, “What should you bring with you when hiking,” followed by reciting the 4-H pledge. Some ideas to answer the roll call question included a map, compass, bug spray, hiking boots and more. Then, we judged hiking boots to prepare for the upcoming judging night. The criteria was sturdy, comfortable and has tread. After that we split up into groups and went for an exciting hike through the woods. The groups learned about different types of trees, plants and had a great time increasing hiking experience. Lastly, we came back to the Nature Centre, had snack, and closed the meeting. The next meeting is July 25 at (TBA).

Apiculture Club Cyber Reports

June 6th

On Tuesday June 6, the Apiculture club met at Jim Henderson’s house. First Jim and Amanda went to a bee box to show us what to do if you have a swarm of bees.  They said to shake all the bees out onto the grass and all the drones and worker bees with fly back to the hive. The queen bee will lay there while the worker and drone bees leave, the queen will then go to a tree to start another hive. The worker bees will make another queen cell that will eventually make a queen bee. Later the club tasted some honey that Jim had in his house. After they tried the honey, each member rated the honey on Jack’s Scale.

July 4th

On Tuesday, July 4, the Apiculture club met at Jim Henderson’s house. First the club looked at a bee box to see if they could identify which bee was the queen bee. After that, the club took drones(bees) to mark them as if they were the queen. They learned how to mark a queen and how to clip a queen bees wing. After that, Jim put the bee box back together and then went to take apart another bee box. Amanda then picked up a worker bee and stung herself to show the best way to take out a bee stinger. At the end, Amanda and Jim taught the club about the three different types of bees and their jobs. A drone is a male bee and his job is to guard the hive entrance. A worker bee is a female bee and her job is to collect pollen and make honey for the winter. A queen bee is also a female bee and her job is to make more worker bees and drones.

Sheep Club Cyber Report

Wednesday June 21, 2017 the Brant 4-H Sheep club members walked around a circle with their lambs at Vangro Farms. Josh Groves pulled the members and their lambs out one-by-one. Each member had a chance to learn how to trim their lamb’s feet. Josh Groves allowed the member to try trimming one foot on their project animal. The members used handheld foot trimmers to try this technique.

By Colby Young

Junior Dairy Club Cyber Reports

On April 5th the Brant 4-H Dairy club had their first meeting at the spring discovery show at the Ancaster fairgrounds. At the start of the meeting we had elections where Brooke Cain was elected president, Hannah Savescu as Vice President, Gloria Vellenga as secretary and Braden Sparks as press reporter. We then played a get-to-know game which turned out to be quite complicated. We split into groups where the one group looked at our books and the other group went and asked exhibitors about showing cows.

On May 3rd The Brant Dairy 4-H club had their second meeting at Hilltop Holsteins. We split into 3 groups where the one group looked at 4-H calves and talked about selecting the best one, the other group judged four 5 year old milking cows and the last group talked about parts of a cow. 

On June 7th the Brant 4-H Dairy club had their third meeting at Bridgeview Farms, where we split into three groups and each learned different skills like Judging cows, leading/training calves and tying slip knots. We then had snack and a small tour of the farm. Judging night will be on  June 28th at The Paris Fairgrounds and The twilight meeting will be on June 23rd at Elm bend Farms.

By Braden Sparks

Drama Club Cyber Report

On May 25th 2017 the members of the 4-H Drama Club had their first meeting. The meeting started out with some icebreaker games that helped everyone get acquainted. We also had our election in which everyone got to nominate and vote for members to be either Secretary, President, Vice President or Cyber reporter. We also talked about our end performance and members were asked to start brainstorming ideas for next meeting, we then ended the meeting with some fun drama games that focused on improving with different props.

Reminder: Judging Night

Judging Night will take place Wednesday June 28 at the Paris Fairgrounds. Registration begins at 6:15 p.m. 

See flyer for more details

/uploads/userfiles/files/Brant 4-H Judging flyer.pdf

Catering Club Cyber Report

Our first catering meeting was at Bethel Church from 7-9. At our first meeting we did elections and talked about upcoming events. Our second meeting was at a catering event to assist the Paris Agricultural society annual dinner at the Paris Fair grounds. At our 3rd meeting we talked about events coming up that we will be helping at. The upcoming events are the steak dinner on June 16th from 6:30 to 8, we also have the tour de farms, and the Cobblestone graduation on Monday June 26th 9 to 10.
Catering event #1-steak dinner-at the steak dinner catering members starting arriving at 4-4:30 we set up tables and talked about what we were doing that night. People started to show up around 6, we sold steak, potatoes, baked beans, salad, onions and mushrooms and for little kids a hotdog. We ended at about 8. We appreciate all that came!
-Sarah Fielding

Sheep Club Cyber Report

For our second Sheep Club meeting the first thing we did was watch showmanship videos. Here are three.

1. Brace your lamb when the judge handles your lamb.

2. Give yourself and fellow exhibitors enough room.

3. Always look at the judge.

Next we saw our lambs. We worked with our lambs. First we calmed them down so they would not jump around so much. To calm them down, go gentle down the legs, or there body (just go gentle). Finally: we set their legs so they can get used to it. By Colby Young

Apiculture Club Cyber Report

On Tuesday May 2nd the Apiculture club met at Amanda Henderson's farm to learn about bee homes. Members brought their hammers to learn and build bee boxes that will be used for the bees to make a home and make honey.  Each member sanded and drilled holes in a block of wood to create a bee home. Each member is working to make a bee friendly home at their house. 

Oxford Dairy Judging Workshop - open to Brant members

Oxford 4-H Dairy Judging Workshop will be held Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. at Up-Ridge Holsteins – 377060 County Rd. 6, Embro

This workshop, is the first of two workshops, designed to build confidence and develop dairy judging skills for Ontario 4-H members. The workshop is open to all Oxford 4-H members as well as 4-H members from other clubs/counties in the surrounding area. The workshop is being organized by Dean Karn, a Holstein Canada Level 3 judge. Dean has also been the coach of the Oxford Inter-County Judging team for many years. Dean will be joined by other Level 1 and 2 judges that have been 4-H members and participated in the Inter-County Judging Competition, as well as members of the Madison Dairy Judging Team. For more information contact Dean Karn 519-536-1125

Photography Cyber Report

The second meeting of the 4-h club, Photography, was held at Paris Lions Park. Once everyone was there we had our president, Magel, call our meeting to order. We then went in groups and did a treasure hunt for certain kinds of pictures. Then we met back at the park and discussed what we were going to do next. After that we went to the corner of the road and took night pictures. Once we were back at the park we adjourned the meeting and waited for parents.

Quilting Cyber Report

The first meeting of the quilting club was held at the Bethel Stone United Church from 7-9 pm. First, we talked about what we would be doing in the club then we did roll call. After that, we made self-binding chalkboards using the self-binding baby blanket technique. Next, we did elections. After that, some people weren’t done their chalkboards so they finished them then. After our president adjourned the meeting, we hung around until our parents came.

Milk Makes it Better Cyber Report

The first meeting of the 4-h club, Milk Makes it Better, was at Bethel Reformed church from 7-9 on March 30th. First we did roll call. Then we had a surprisingly easy election time. Our president is Jasmine, our vice president is Doug, our secretary is Max, our cyber reporter is Gloria, and our treasurer is Holden. Next we went to the kitchen and, in different groups, made our snack of french toast, nachos, and raspberry muffins. It was deeeeeeeeeeeeelish.   

Our Heritage - Canada 150 Club

Brant 4-H is looking for more members for the Our Heritage - Canada 150 Club 
The first meeting is this coming Thursday, April 6th, 7 p.m. at Bethel

Photography Club Cyber Report

The first meeting of the photography club was held at the Bethel Stone United Church from 7 - 9 p.m.
First we talked about the club and did roll call. Then we played an icebreaker game while we waited for a few late comers. After that we headed outside to take a few pictures of the sun set and find landscape pictures in the shape of our last names' letters. Once we were done we went inside and did another ice breaker game taking pictures around the room with a partner. Next we took pictures on different angles. After our president adjourned the meeting we played a game while we waited for our parents to arrive. 

Brant 4-H Square Dancing takes home third place at College Royal

The Brant 4-H Square Dancing Team

The Brant 4-H Square Dancing team earned third place in the College Royal Square Dancing Competition’s open class on March 18. The team travelled to Guelph to compete against university students and other teams at the annual event.

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Annual General Meeting


7:30 PM at the Bethel Stone Church.

Changes to the constitution have been put forth, please click HERE to view the suggested change.


Mark your Calendars for RALLY NIGHT – sign up for Spring & Summer Clubs

Wednesday, March 8th

Paris Fairgrounds (special events building)  7:00 pm


The 2017 4-H Ontario Resource Guide are out & hot off the press – hang on to them!  You should have received them in your mail box. 
Check out what opportunities and scholarships are available to you! 
Look for the deadlines for registrations and applications!


Club Youth Leaders – members 15 years (as of January 1st) – senior members if you are planning on becoming a youth leader in 2017 – you must complete the 4-H Ontario youth leader webinar  offered the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays February – April; then the 1st Wednesday May – September.
To register email region4@4-hontario.ca  at least 14 days prior to the webinar date.
Youth Leaders must also complete the youth leader manual and make a short presentation about their youth leader experience to the Brant 4-H Board Directors at their board meeting (2nd Tuesday of the month).  Contact the chair of the Brant 4-H Board of Directors to be added to the agenda.  Youth Leaders are asked to make their presentation with in 2 boards meetings after the clubs achievement.  Special exceptions will be made to any member  attending post-secondary school that may need to make their presentation prior to the club’s achievement before going off to school. 



Brant 4-H Newsletter January 2017


2017 Winter Clubs

GOOD FOODS FAST –Just as the name of the club’s says – good foods fast – breakfast – lunch – dinner – snacks! Learn tips and tricks, build your recipe library. Meeting will include a good size snack/lunch as you will eat what you make!

Leaders: Janice Kyle pjkyle92@gmail.com 519 503-6793 & Victoria Kyle

Meeting Dates: Saturdays - January 21, February 4, 11, 18 & 25

Time: 10:30 am – 1 pm

Location: 428 Brant-Oxford Rd. Drumbo (Peter & Janice Kyle’s home)

Material Fee: $15.

Achievement: Saturday, March 4th

Note: Maximum 14 members

Sporting Chance – CURLING – learn to Curl, brush up your Curling Skills ….

This club must have a minimum of 16 committed members for the club run – contact the leaders immediately if interested!

Leaders: Jennifer Brown jenscottbrown@hotmail.com

Lesleigh Elgie lesleigh.elgie@gmail.com 519 761-1496

Dates/Times- usually late Sunday afternoons, Club achievement by the end of March

Material fee to be determined if club runs

Note: Please keep checking the Brant 4-H website – to see if more winter clubs have been added

CLOVERBUDS – for ages 6yrs – 8yrs (as of January 1st)

1st meeting - Friday, February 10th at St. George United Church

- next meeting February 24

- Cloverbuds will meet the 2nd & 4th Friday of the month unless noted by leaders for special excursion

Time: 6:30

Cloverbud Leader: Amy Bradley amybradley477@msn.com 519 717-4230


2017 Membership Fees:

Membership fees are $100 for the calendar year for 4-H members, as well as Cloverbud members. You can pay your leader cash or cheque payable to Brant 4-H; please do not include material fees on a cheque for the membership fee.

Please remember to bring complete a Participant Agreement Form (can be found at ww w.4-hontario.ca – click on forms – go to # 6.8) to give to the leaders for each club you join (2 copies if your very first club for the year – 2nd copy is for the Brant 4-H office.


Brant County 4-H Banquet

January 27, 2017

Paris Fairgrounds

6:30 pm Social

7 pm Dinner Served

A Brant 4-H Board of Director should be in contact with you in regards to the banquet. If you have not been contacted, and you wish to attend, please contact Elaine at brant4h.programmanager@gmail.com. All members and non-members are welcome !


Rally Night

Please join us on March 8, 2017, 7 pm at the Paris Fairgrounds, Special Events Building, for spring and summer club signup.


2017 4-H Ontario Resource Guide:

The 2017 4-H Ontario Resource Guide are out & hot off the press – hang on to them! You should have received them in your mail box.

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4-H Club Fund:

The FCC 4-H Club Fund is back! Thanks to Farm Credit Canada, 4-H clubs, districts and regions across Canada can apply for grants up to $500 towards programs, exchanges and much more. Funds are limited, so apply today! http://bit.ly/2aH7bqQ


4-H Program Opportunities:

Camps, conferences and competitions for youth ages 6-25. Check out what 4-H can offer you here! http://ow.ly/wvSE307n7Uw


4-H Club Youth Leaders

For members 15 years+ (as of January 1st). Senior members, if you are planning on becoming a youth leader in 2017, you must complete the 4-H Ontario youth leader webinar offered the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays from February – April or the 1st Wednesday May – September.

Note: To register email region4@4-hontario.ca at least 14 days prior to the webinar date.

Youth Leaders must also complete the youth leader manual and make a short presentation about their youth leader experience to the Brant 4-H Board Directors at their board meeting (2nd Tuesday of the month). Contact the chair of the Brant 4-H Board of Directors to be added to the agenda. Youth Leaders are asked to make their presentation with in 2 boards meetings after the clubs achievement. Special exceptions will be made to any member attending post-secondary school that may need to make their presentation prior to the club’s achievement before going off to school.


Youth Leaders

New training format as of 2016

ALL Youth Leaders MUST complete the new training in 2016

Youth Leader webinar training will take place 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, February - June

(July - November 1st Tuesday only)

You must register in advance to Andy at region5@4-hontario.ca

- Items needed to take part in the webinar - computer with a webca,m. access to the internet/WiFi & telephone, earbuds are helpful, back up power cords;

- Make sure you have given yourself lots of time to set up & access the webinar site;

- In advance check to make sure they have the correct programmed needed to run the webinar

- Any 4-H member 15 as of January 1st, 2016


Mark your calendars

Brant 4-H Awards Banquet ~ Friday, January 27th, 2017, Paris Fairgrounds

RALLY NIGHT ~ Wednesday, March 8th, 2017, Paris Fairgrounds, 7:00 pm

To sign up for clubs offered in 2017



Cyber Reports 2016

Rodeo Club

On Wednesday August 24th The rodeo club had their last meeting where we played a rodeo game, then we practiced goat tying and went inside for snack. Our achievement day will be having a mini rodeo on Saturday at 10am

Catering Club II:

Cyber Report 1
On August 8th 2016 the catering club met at Bethel Stone United Church. Since the leaders weren't quite ready we went outside and played a game & talked.  When we went back inside we talked about the spaghetti dinner and what you would like to see happening at the meetings then we chose how will be what instead of elections. Leah president, Kara vice president, Nathan secretary, Gloria pressreporter. Then we talked about snacks and who would bring what.  Finally we adjured the meeting and left.
On the 29 th of August, the catering club met at Bethel Stone United Church. We worked on our exhibit board most of the time. Leah brought a snack of mini Pogo’s and lemonade. Then our sisters came and we left.

Poultry Club

Tyler here. And im your cyber reporter. We had our first poultry club meeting on March , 2016. Everyone was very excited to start the club!!! We played duck duck chicken and did elections. We also talked about frey chicken orders and learned about candling eggs. Next meeting is on April 26.
Hi it’s Tyler, your cyber reporter. Last months meeting was at the fair grounds in Paris. A guest speaker came and talked to us about different pigeons and how to care for pigeons. Club members also got to pick up their Frey chicken orders. The meeting was adjourned at 845pm. Next meeting July 26 at 7 at Paris fairgrounds.
Hi, Tyler Fletcher here, your poultry club cyber reporter. We had our 5th meeting at the fairgrounds in the poultry building on July 26. We dissected a duck to investigate and explore a ducks internal make up. Our next meeting is august 23rd at 7 at the fairgrounds in Paris.

Beef Club

Tyler here. Your beef club 4-h cyber reporter! For our first beef meeting we talked about the cow we are showing. We did elections and then talked about what we are do for the next meeting. We then judged coffee mugs. The meeting started at 7:00 and ended at 9:00.
Tyler Fletcher , your cyber reporter here. Our 4th beef meeting was at the scott farm on july 12th. We practiced showmanship and how to bath our cows. Our 5th meeting was august 9th at the cochrane farm. Last night we talked about the practices of a feed lot. It was very informative and we all learned a lot. The next meeting is beinng held at bethel church. We will be working on our boards for the fair

Drama Club

Thursday May 5
To start the meeting we did a little ice breaker where everyone got a little piece of paper that said an animal on it. We made the sound of the animal on the piece of paper. Then we had to find the other person who was making the same sound. We talked about ourselves then shared two things that were the same and one thing that was different about ourselves. Then we did roll call, the roll call question was: name one play that you have been in and why did you join drama club. After that we made up a story and went in a circle and we all added on to the initial out line of the story. Then we played another game where there was a host for a party and three guests, the three guests had a specific character they were acting like and the host of the party had to guess what they were acting like. Next we had a snack break. After the snack break we did elections. Then we went home.

Photography Club

Tuesday, May 17/16
Tonight at the photography meeting we had guest speaker come in, Lauren Ebbie, who talked to us about the role of thirds at the Lions Park in Paris. We used our knowledge of the rule and took pictures. Then we chose pictures that we liked, we didn't like, and ones that could be improved, and went out again to improve and retake the pictures. The club played an alphabet game where we took pictures of things starting with the letters of the alphabet. At the end, we had snacks and did the business portion of the meeting. Overall, everyone had a great time and it was a wonderful night.

Batters Up

On Sunday June 5 th the 4-H Batter Up club had their 2 nd meeting at Bethal Church it was Mmm Mmm Muffin time.  We made muffins, it was a lot of fun. We also voted for the executive positions. Our President is Laci, our VP is Morgan, our Secretary is Abby, and our Cyber Reporter is me… Sara Jean.  So much fun stuff happened, such as a judging activity. We baked so many different types of muffins such as savory, fruit filled and sweet. But, what I’m the most excited about is… our next meeting!
By:Sara Jean

On Thursday the 8th 2016 the 4H Batter Up club had their 3rd meeting at Bethal Church
We learned lots of good tips at this meeting, such as always double check that you sprayed your pan good or else, and just because one cake is done doesn't mean all of them are done. For example the chocolate cake we made was done but the vanilla one wasn't and they were in the same oven and had the same cook time. Also our roll call was, what is your favorite type of cake? We got to guess the secret ingredient in two types of cake (one of them was grape pop). When we got to eat the cakes, who ever made the cake could cut it if they wanted to.
By: Sara Jean

On Monday July the 25?th?the 4H Batterup club had another meeting at Bethal Church.
This meeting was about unusual baking like brownies in the Microwave, chocolate cake in little molds, bagels and Bannock (which is in between bread and tortillas).  At first the president and vice president weren't there so our youth leader was acting president. Our roll call was “have you ever baked in anything strange and what” also “what is the most interesting thing you've baked”.  We were asked to bring in a recipe from home for the leaders. Near the end of the meeting we got some free time, so everybody played squirt except instead of saying squirt we could made any sound we wanted to make.
By: Sara Jean

First Aid

The Brant County 4-H First Aid Club was a success with 5 active 4-Her's completing their First Aid/CPR certification.  Our club consisted of two Monday evening meetings as well as a two day course.  This involved an active hands on learning experience at Bethel Church, Bethel Road Paris.  The course ran during the last weekend of June.  The club even welcomed some non-members to join in the course!

A special thanks to our leaders: Tricia Henderson and Carol Cowan.  Carol kindly donated her time, as a Canadian Red Cross Training Instructor.  It was interactive, informative and as in 4-H style, we learned to do by doing, hands on!
Leaders: Tricia Henderson & Carol Cowan. Executive: Nathan Brown- president; Emma Krakar- vice president; Daniel Astley- secretary; Cecilia Diebold- Cyber Reporter; Courtney Krakar- Youth Leader. Project Board & Achievement Theme: "There's an APP for that"
Safety Days:  Volunteering at Children's Farm Safety Day in Waterloo Region a couple years back, I could see a real connection in the importance of safety around the farm and knowing what to do in an emergency.  I truly believe this 4-H first aid course was the most useful club I have ever taken and will ever take.  Working, and living amongst and industry such as agriculture, there is no doubt that being safe can mean the difference between life and death.  While at Farm Safety Day, I ran the large animal safety group and taught kids about the importance of steel toed shoes, other stations however demonstrated the dangers of PTO's and large machinery, that continue to kill members of the farming community.  Overall, 4-H, first aid training and farming are relative.  Whether young or old, 4-H members or farmers, we need to understand the importance of safety and know what to do in case of an emergency.
Cecilia Diebold

Catering Club

Achievement Report
On Friday June 17th the catering club met at Bethel Church for their achievement. They were catering the Brant 4-H Fund Raiser Steak BBQ.  Like most of their other events the group was expected to be there ASAP after school and stayed late. When they arrived, they helped set up, and after dinner, before they left they helped clean up.  For dinner they had three servers, two members clearing plates, and one floater. The dinner consisted of steak (or a hotdog), baked potatoes, beans, caesar salad, rolls, and for dessert, fluff (jello and cool whip).  To prepare for the event the club had a prep night, the night before. Here they went over all expectations, and prepared anything they could.

On Friday May 27, the Brant Catering Club catered a Spaghetti Dinner at the Church of the Nazareth in Brantford. The club leaders cooked the food, the members served the  food, and everyone helped clean up. The members were asked to get to the Church ASAP after school. The dinner was an all you can eat buffet, held from 5-8pm at the church. It was a charity event to raise money for Let kids be kids. The club served; spaghetti, sauce, meatballs, rolls, cookies, and drinks. This is the club’s second spaghetti dinner that they served this club. Most of the members are returning members and completed last club’s Spaghetti Supper achievement. For some this is their first year. But either way the club is getting lots of practice serving spaghetti.

The Brant Catering Club met on Thursday May 5, 2016 at the Bethel Church for a meeting. They have had quite a few events that they have done, and not too many meetings.  On Thursday there were a total of 8 members and 3 leaders attending the meeting.  Since the meeting was held right before Mother’s Day the roll call was “What are you doing for you mother on Mother’s Day?” There were many different answers, but for siblings it was hard to say something that was different.  After roll call the leaders talked about the last few events. The spaghetti dinner on April 13 went well, and the school raised a good amount of money. After they talked about old business, they disused plans for upcoming events such as the Steak BBQ and their next Spaghetti dinner that they were catering.  Finally, they started talking about ideas for the Club’s Board. Each of the members is to come to the next meeting with an idea.  After all the business was taken care of the group made SMORES! They used gram crackers, milk or dark chocolate, and marshmallows. The marshmallows were either giant pink ones- strawberry flavoured, or normal ones. The pink ones held a majority!  That was the Brant Catering Club’s meeting…

On April 21, 2016 the Brant 4-H Catering Club helped clean up after the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner as a way to give back to the Paris Agricultural Society for all they do for 4-H.  There was a total of five members and two leaders present for the event.  Their role was to do dishes and assist in general cleanup.  The dinner was the Spring Social- Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. All the guest attending the meal were to bring something for the potluck. The dinner was buffet  style, and the guests served themselves.  Some people may think that the night wasn’t any fun what so ever. But doing dishes at the Fairgrounds is a lot more fun than at home.  The club members like using the large dishwasher and when working together it is more fun than by yourself. It also gets done a lot faster.  The Brant Catering Club has their next meeting on Thursday May 5.

On Wednesday April 13, 2016 the Catering Club catered an event in Tettervile.  This was a spaghetti supper fundraiser for Teeterville’s elementary school.  There were a total of six members at the event.  Three were returning members and the other three were new and this was their first event in the club.  Before hand, the leaders prepared the meal.  Then the members served, in buffet style, spaghetti, sauce, meat sauce, caesar salad, and rolls.  There was a dessert table, and juice from McDonalds.  The meal was at the hall, just down the road from the school.  For the most part the people attending were families from the school, or people from the town.  This was another great event from the Brant 4-H Catering Club.  Their next event will be on Thursday April 21

On Monday March 21 the Brant Catering Club held a meeting.  Since the club had four new members join this year most of the meeting was going over some of the basics.  They went over correct hand washing, kitchen safety, dishwashing (with the three sinks), and serving.  Someone who had been in the club for a number of years gave an example of what not to do while serving.  The club played a couple games as well.  Squirt, and a memory game.  There were fifteen items on the table, and the group had one minute to look at them.  The items were taken away and they had to write what was there.  Some of the items were; a cookie sheet, measuring cups, a napkin, and a tea towel.  The meeting was a great re-cap for any of the returning members, and helped to teach the new members how the club works.


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