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Reminder: All You Can Eat Pasta Dinner

October 20, 2017 6:00 PM - 8:15 PM
Paris Fairgrounds, Buck Building

Adults: $15 in advance • $18 at the door
Youth: (6 - 12) $5 in advance • $7 at the door
Age 6 and under are free

Dinner Includes:
Spaghetti & Meat Sauce or Pasta with a White Sauce & Chicken,
Roasted Vegetables, Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread, Dessert, Cider, Coffee

Silent Auction & Door Prizes
The Drama Club will lead a haunted walk.

Brant 4-H Board Meetings

Board meeting dates for the rest of the 2017 & 2018 cycle will be as follows:

October 23, 2017
November 13, 2017
December 11, 2017
January 8, 2018
AGM: February 6th 2018, snowdate February 13, 2018.
Board Meetings are held at Bethel Stone United Church.

Our Heritage Club Cyber Report

Come to Paris Fair! Check out our club’s display of Canada 150 Timespan Flags! We have each researched a different time period over the past 150 years and found interesting facts and events. 
Tyler Fletcher here – your Heritage-Canada 150 Club Cyber Reporter. Our meetings: are held at Bethel Stone Church April 6, May 4, June 2, July 6, Aug. 3, Sept. 7, Oct.5. We have 8 members. We had many interesting roll calls. “I know I’m Canadian when…”
“Name a Canadian invention: what, where, who when”. When I visited a local cemetery, I learned…”We have discussed many topics: ghosts in Brant County, origins of the names of small towns in our area, Canadian trivia, names of capitals and provinces and territories. Our food activities included making butter tarts, making Keewatin rice, and trying to make taffy from maple syrup. 
Colby Young here- reporting on our club’s July 6 tour. We experienced cultural diversity which makes Canada so great. With passports in hand, we travelled to The United Kingdom, Atlantic Canada, Poland and then ended our journey in China. This was all made possible by the 44th Brantford International Villages.
Members shared a delicious cake at the British Village while singing along to some traditional music. Poland served up a real treat by hosting a pierogi eating contest. One of the members tied for first place by chowing down 10 pierogis. Atlantic Canada had the audience clapping and singing along to their great music. China filled everyone up with their chicken balls, rice and noodles.
Check out Brant 4H at Paris Fair! New is Sunday’s 4H Showcase. And, of course, you can view Livestock, Cursive Writing and Quilting Achievement Activities as well as the Club Project Boards.

Sheep Club Cyber Report

Monday September 4, 2017 was the Brant 4-H Sheep club achievement day at the Paris fair. After 5 months of learning how to show a lamb it was time for the members to show off their skills. Ron Gates judged showmanship first where Jackson Corner was awarded Grand Champion Show-person and Colby Young Reserved Champion. For the Confirmation class, Colby Young received Grand Champion and Reserved Champion was awarded to Davenelle Wells. All Members did a great job and received ribbons for their efforts. The club was a success thanks to leaders Josh Groves and Lesleigh Elgie as well as the many sponsors; FCC, Dumfries Mutual, Brant Cookies, Farmers Farmacy, Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency, Brant 4-H, VanGro Farms, Paris Fair, and all Parents and Families. 

By: Colby Young Brant 4-H Sheep Club Cyber Reporter 

Apiculture Club Cyber Report

On August 1st, the Apiculture club met at Amanda Henderson’s house. At the beginning of the meeting, the club members went down to see Amanda’s bee boxes. First, Jim talked about what can happen when you get Wax Moths. Wax moths can destroy the wax that bees make in their hives. After that, Amanda showed the club members what a bee escape is and how to use it. A bee escape is where the bees can wiggle their way in but can’t get out for the first four days, this allows the bee keeper to harvest the honey. Jim brought the top box up to the extractor, each club member uncapped the honey and put their frame in the extractor. After the extracting was done, all the members got to taste the honey. Amanda showed all the members how to make a roll wax candle. Each member got to make a candle and take it home.

Sheep Club Cyber Report

Wednesday August 16, 2017 The Brant 4-H Sheep club members attended their fifth meeting at the farm of leader, Josh Groves. With this being the final meeting before their achievement day, members were eager to try a mock show. Leader Lesleigh Elgie, a former sheep club member herself was able to offered tips on what to expect during the actual show. Achievement day is set for Monday September 4, 2017 at the Paris Fair, just look for the green and white tent!

By Colby Young
Cyber Reporter for the Brant 4-H Sheep Club 2017

Junior Dairy Club Cyber Report

On  August 2nd The Brant County 4-H Junior Dairy Club had their 6th and final meeting for the year at Bridon farms, where we learned about almost everything we need to know, from washing and clipping your calf before and after the show to properly leading your calf in the show ring. Our achievement day is on September 1st at the Paris fairgrounds starting at 9:30 am followed by our Brant 4-H Dairy Open show starting at 1:00 pm. There also is The Brant-Wentworth Holstein Show on August 31st starting at 7:30 pm and the Jersey show August 4th. It has been a great year and we hope to see you at our achievement day and in the club next year!

Drama Club Cyber Report

The second 4-H Drama meeting was held Thursday, June 22nd 2017 at Bethel Church. We started off the meeting by saying the 4-H pledge and the we brainstormed ideas for our performance at the end of the year. We figured out what the performance was about and some of the characters. Everyone shared ideas and contributed to the brainstorming. Members also made masks by applying plaster gauze to their partners face which was covered in vaseline. Members applied 2-3 layers of this and when the final coat was dry, peeled it off. 

Sheep Club Cyber Report

Wednesday July 19, 2017 the Brant 4-H Sheep club members attended their fourth meeting at the farm of leader, Josh Groves. The members tested their judging skills by judging water pails and then sheep. Eager members couldn’t wait to get their lambs out of the pens to train them ready for their upcoming achievement day in September. The seven members trained lambs by walking the perimeter of the fenced off grounds. Josh Groves acted as a judge to show the members what will take place at the Paris Fair. “After Paris fair do we have to attend other fairs?” Kyer asked. Josh Groves replied that it wasn’t mandatory but you are welcome to.  The next meeting is set for August 16, 2017.

Junior Dairy Club Cyber Report

On July 5th the Brant County 4-H junior Dairy club had their 5th meeting at Rosevega Farms where we we split into three groups. One group lead a group of calves in a pasture, another group talked about contagious diseases that calves can get at the show and the last group had a barn tour. Our next and last meeting will be On August 2nd.

Discovery Day Reports

This is my first camp of 4-H and it was fun and here is how it went.
My day at discovery day was great. The first thing we did was decorate our t-shirts with tie-dye. Then we played a game called Battle Ship. Then we got split-up into 3 big groups. My group went to cooking first were we made shish kabobs with dip and it was good. Next we played go for the gold and it was fun. Next we played toilet plunger hockey and the score was 7-3. Next we did an experiment to see how one of the cows stomach works. Then we did Judge little shovels on how to dig a plant hole.  Then it was lunchtime and we had Pizza Pizza! After we played some games with the parachute. After that everyone was hot, so we played cards. After we played cards, we did two relay races. One was a sponge game were you had to soak up water from one pail to another. The other one was spin around in a circle twice, ride a pool noodle and kick a cow to a cone, then run to the skipping rope and skip 5 times. Well that was my day at discovery day and man was it fun! I wondered if there were other camps like this because I had a lot of fun. I also met lots of new friends.

by Colby James Young

My name is Carley and I am 8 years old. I am a Cloverbud and I got to go to Discovery Days. When we got there we spray painted T-shirts. After that we played battle ship. There were six different positions. After we got into three different groups there was a station called Go-for-the-gold, another one was that we made dip for our fruit kabobs. The last station was we used grape juice, flour, water and baking soda to make stuff that looks like our digestive system. We played with the parachute and a few more games. Then we went back in groups to do a craft. I had fun making grass heads! We got to try judging two flowers. We also had a game of toilet brush hockey. After that we had pizza for lunch. Then we played card games and did two relay races. I met people there. I had a lot of fun and want to go back!
by Carley Young

New Clubs Added

A new club, Batters Up, will begin July 18. Catering Club will begin August 4th. See details on the Club page.

Hiking Club Cyber Report

The second meeting of the 4-H hiking club took place at Apps Mill Nature Centre. The meeting started off with roll call which was, “What should you bring with you when hiking,” followed by reciting the 4-H pledge. Some ideas to answer the roll call question included a map, compass, bug spray, hiking boots and more. Then, we judged hiking boots to prepare for the upcoming judging night. The criteria was sturdy, comfortable and has tread. After that we split up into groups and went for an exciting hike through the woods. The groups learned about different types of trees, plants and had a great time increasing hiking experience. Lastly, we came back to the Nature Centre, had snack, and closed the meeting. The next meeting is July 25 at (TBA).

Apiculture Club Cyber Reports

June 6th

On Tuesday June 6, the Apiculture club met at Jim Henderson’s house. First Jim and Amanda went to a bee box to show us what to do if you have a swarm of bees.  They said to shake all the bees out onto the grass and all the drones and worker bees with fly back to the hive. The queen bee will lay there while the worker and drone bees leave, the queen will then go to a tree to start another hive. The worker bees will make another queen cell that will eventually make a queen bee. Later the club tasted some honey that Jim had in his house. After they tried the honey, each member rated the honey on Jack’s Scale.

July 4th

On Tuesday, July 4, the Apiculture club met at Jim Henderson’s house. First the club looked at a bee box to see if they could identify which bee was the queen bee. After that, the club took drones(bees) to mark them as if they were the queen. They learned how to mark a queen and how to clip a queen bees wing. After that, Jim put the bee box back together and then went to take apart another bee box. Amanda then picked up a worker bee and stung herself to show the best way to take out a bee stinger. At the end, Amanda and Jim taught the club about the three different types of bees and their jobs. A drone is a male bee and his job is to guard the hive entrance. A worker bee is a female bee and her job is to collect pollen and make honey for the winter. A queen bee is also a female bee and her job is to make more worker bees and drones.

Sheep Club Cyber Report

Wednesday June 21, 2017 the Brant 4-H Sheep club members walked around a circle with their lambs at Vangro Farms. Josh Groves pulled the members and their lambs out one-by-one. Each member had a chance to learn how to trim their lamb’s feet. Josh Groves allowed the member to try trimming one foot on their project animal. The members used handheld foot trimmers to try this technique.

By Colby Young

Junior Dairy Club Cyber Reports

On April 5th the Brant 4-H Dairy club had their first meeting at the spring discovery show at the Ancaster fairgrounds. At the start of the meeting we had elections where Brooke Cain was elected president, Hannah Savescu as Vice President, Gloria Vellenga as secretary and Braden Sparks as press reporter. We then played a get-to-know game which turned out to be quite complicated. We split into groups where the one group looked at our books and the other group went and asked exhibitors about showing cows.

On May 3rd The Brant Dairy 4-H club had their second meeting at Hilltop Holsteins. We split into 3 groups where the one group looked at 4-H calves and talked about selecting the best one, the other group judged four 5 year old milking cows and the last group talked about parts of a cow. 

On June 7th the Brant 4-H Dairy club had their third meeting at Bridgeview Farms, where we split into three groups and each learned different skills like Judging cows, leading/training calves and tying slip knots. We then had snack and a small tour of the farm. Judging night will be on  June 28th at The Paris Fairgrounds and The twilight meeting will be on June 23rd at Elm bend Farms.

By Braden Sparks

Drama Club Cyber Report

On May 25th 2017 the members of the 4-H Drama Club had their first meeting. The meeting started out with some icebreaker games that helped everyone get acquainted. We also had our election in which everyone got to nominate and vote for members to be either Secretary, President, Vice President or Cyber reporter. We also talked about our end performance and members were asked to start brainstorming ideas for next meeting, we then ended the meeting with some fun drama games that focused on improving with different props.

Reminder: Judging Night

Judging Night will take place Wednesday June 28 at the Paris Fairgrounds. Registration begins at 6:15 p.m. 

See flyer for more details

/uploads/userfiles/files/Brant 4-H Judging flyer.pdf

Catering Club Cyber Report

Our first catering meeting was at Bethel Church from 7-9. At our first meeting we did elections and talked about upcoming events. Our second meeting was at a catering event to assist the Paris Agricultural society annual dinner at the Paris Fair grounds. At our 3rd meeting we talked about events coming up that we will be helping at. The upcoming events are the steak dinner on June 16th from 6:30 to 8, we also have the tour de farms, and the Cobblestone graduation on Monday June 26th 9 to 10.
Catering event #1-steak dinner-at the steak dinner catering members starting arriving at 4-4:30 we set up tables and talked about what we were doing that night. People started to show up around 6, we sold steak, potatoes, baked beans, salad, onions and mushrooms and for little kids a hotdog. We ended at about 8. We appreciate all that came!
-Sarah Fielding

Sheep Club Cyber Report

For our second Sheep Club meeting the first thing we did was watch showmanship videos. Here are three.

1. Brace your lamb when the judge handles your lamb.

2. Give yourself and fellow exhibitors enough room.

3. Always look at the judge.

Next we saw our lambs. We worked with our lambs. First we calmed them down so they would not jump around so much. To calm them down, go gentle down the legs, or there body (just go gentle). Finally: we set their legs so they can get used to it. By Colby Young

Apiculture Club Cyber Report

On Tuesday May 2nd the Apiculture club met at Amanda Henderson's farm to learn about bee homes. Members brought their hammers to learn and build bee boxes that will be used for the bees to make a home and make honey.  Each member sanded and drilled holes in a block of wood to create a bee home. Each member is working to make a bee friendly home at their house. 

Oxford Dairy Judging Workshop - open to Brant members

Oxford 4-H Dairy Judging Workshop will be held Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. at Up-Ridge Holsteins – 377060 County Rd. 6, Embro

This workshop, is the first of two workshops, designed to build confidence and develop dairy judging skills for Ontario 4-H members. The workshop is open to all Oxford 4-H members as well as 4-H members from other clubs/counties in the surrounding area. The workshop is being organized by Dean Karn, a Holstein Canada Level 3 judge. Dean has also been the coach of the Oxford Inter-County Judging team for many years. Dean will be joined by other Level 1 and 2 judges that have been 4-H members and participated in the Inter-County Judging Competition, as well as members of the Madison Dairy Judging Team. For more information contact Dean Karn 519-536-1125

Photography Cyber Report

The second meeting of the 4-h club, Photography, was held at Paris Lions Park. Once everyone was there we had our president, Magel, call our meeting to order. We then went in groups and did a treasure hunt for certain kinds of pictures. Then we met back at the park and discussed what we were going to do next. After that we went to the corner of the road and took night pictures. Once we were back at the park we adjourned the meeting and waited for parents.

Quilting Cyber Report

The first meeting of the quilting club was held at the Bethel Stone United Church from 7-9 pm. First, we talked about what we would be doing in the club then we did roll call. After that, we made self-binding chalkboards using the self-binding baby blanket technique. Next, we did elections. After that, some people weren’t done their chalkboards so they finished them then. After our president adjourned the meeting, we hung around until our parents came.

Milk Makes it Better Cyber Report

The first meeting of the 4-h club, Milk Makes it Better, was at Bethel Reformed church from 7-9 on March 30th. First we did roll call. Then we had a surprisingly easy election time. Our president is Jasmine, our vice president is Doug, our secretary is Max, our cyber reporter is Gloria, and our treasurer is Holden. Next we went to the kitchen and, in different groups, made our snack of french toast, nachos, and raspberry muffins. It was deeeeeeeeeeeeelish.   

Our Heritage - Canada 150 Club

Brant 4-H is looking for more members for the Our Heritage - Canada 150 Club 
The first meeting is this coming Thursday, April 6th, 7 p.m. at Bethel

Photography Club Cyber Report

The first meeting of the photography club was held at the Bethel Stone United Church from 7 - 9 p.m.
First we talked about the club and did roll call. Then we played an icebreaker game while we waited for a few late comers. After that we headed outside to take a few pictures of the sun set and find landscape pictures in the shape of our last names' letters. Once we were done we went inside and did another ice breaker game taking pictures around the room with a partner. Next we took pictures on different angles. After our president adjourned the meeting we played a game while we waited for our parents to arrive. 

Brant 4-H Square Dancing takes home third place at College Royal

The Brant 4-H Square Dancing Team

The Brant 4-H Square Dancing team earned third place in the College Royal Square Dancing Competition’s open class on March 18. The team travelled to Guelph to compete against university students and other teams at the annual event.


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