4-H Ontario


New Club Added: Home for the Holidays (Fall 2017)

A mix of holiday baking, a craft and events
- check dates & times carefully!
Leaders: Janice & Maggie Kyle pjkyle92@gmail.com  519 503-6793; Elaine Elgie sled1@sympatico.ca 519 756-4515
Meeting Place428 Brant-Oxford Rd., Drumbo
DatesWed., Nov. 8th 7 pm - 9 pm; 
Sat. Nov. 18th 9 am - noon;
Sat. Nov. 25th noon - 2:30 pick up Ayr Parade & cookie walk ; 
Wed. Nov. 29th 4/4:30 pm - 7 pm Ayr - Canadian Pacific Holiday Train (bring a non-perishable food item for the food bank); 
Wed. Dec. 6th 6:30 pm - 9 pm
Material Fee$10.
Achievementpreparing/participating a Christmas float for the St. George Santa Claus Parade - Saturday, Dec. 9th - this is an evening parade - details & times TBD



Come out & join us - learn new skills - sense of accomplishment - hard work while having fun!            

Leaders: Jennifer Brown 226 583-4033    jenscottbrown@hotmail.com

Anissa Krakar  226 931-1639   thekrakars@gmail.com                        

Elaine Elgie 519 756-4515  sled1sympatico.ca        

Dates: Friday, August 4th - pot luck & swimming at Pinehurst 3:30pm - 7pm;(rain date August 18th)                                                                 
Saturday, September 9th - Pork Chop BBQ fund raiser dinner @ Bethel (prep & dinner same day) 2 pm - clean up is complete (9'ish)           
Thursday, September 21st (unconfirmed - help at spaghetti dinner in Brantford)                                                                    Monday, September 25th - meeting 7pm;   (could be another meeting prior pasta dinner prep night)                                                         
Thursday, October 19th - prep night at the Paris Fairgrounds                

Friday, October 20th - Pasta Dinner at the fairgrounds                      

Wrap up Meeting: TBD    

1st meeting: August 4th - pot luck & swiming at Pinehurst 3:30pm - 7pm (with a rain date of August 18th)                                     
Achievement: Pasta Dinner & wrap up meeting
Please contact the leaders to sign up or brant4h.programmanager@gmail.com


New Club Added: Batters Up! Cookies for a Cause

Members will be making & baking a variety of cookies to be served to special guests at the Paris Fair. Any remaining cookies will be sold at the Home Craft lunch counter fair weekend. I am sure there will plenty of samplings of the cookies baked at each meeting - for good 'quality control' 

Leaders: Holly Illman  226 388-4083 holly@pinehavensolutions.com 
Tammy Oswick 519 302-0136 to13new@gmail.com
Dates: Tuesdays - July 18*; August 1, 8, 15 & 22
Time: 6:45 pm - 9:15 pm 
Location: Kitchen of Exhibition Hall/Buck Building, Paris Fairgrounds
1st Meeting: July 18th at the Paris Sobey's Store -leaders will confirm
Achievement: Friday, September 1st at the Paris Fair serving cookies; an alternate achievement project will be assigned if unable to make the Friday at the fair.

Please contact the leaders immediately to sign up or brant4h.programmanager@gmail.com
Also check your calendars carefully as these dates overlap with other Brant 4-H club meeting dates

Brant 4-H Spring & Summer 2017 Clubs

All The World Is A Stage - DRAMA... Learn the art of dramatic arts, from script writing to costuming to performing.  Each club meeting will build on each other, as we work our way from writing our script to performance night on stage in costume performing for our achievement. Bring your creative imaginations to our first meeting as we begin the process of writing our script for our achievement in October!

Leaders: Jennifer Boone   519 448-3972  ron.jennifer@theboones.org

                Nancy Van Sas 519 446-2778  nancy.vansas@gmail.com

Meeting Dates: 4th Thursdays – May – September, October meeting date tbd

1st Meeting: Thursday, May 25@ Bethel

Location: Bethel Stone United Church - church hall

Achievement: October


APICULTURE ... Did you know that bees are the only insect in the world that make food that humans can eat?  If not come out to the apiculture club to learn more about our favourite pollinators and how they make honey.  Members will learn about different hive types, how honey is produced, extracted and packaged as well as the basics of keeping bees.

Leaders: Amanda Henderson   519 448-1000   A_22girl22@hotmail.com

                Jim Henderson   519 752-8766   jhenderson@silomail.com

                Scott Henderson   519 448-1000

Meeting Dates & Times: 1st   Tuesday  of each month April - August; September meeting date tbd; 

Time:  7 pm - 9 pm

1st Meeting: Tuesday, April 4th  @ Bethel

Location: most meetings 52 Jerseyville Rd., Brantford   (Jim Henderson`s farm)

Achievement: TBD - Fall


BEEF ...this year`s focus will be Bovine Health & Wellness

Leaders: Ashlee Aldred   519 494-7897 ashleealdred@hotmail.com

                Ron Eadie 519 647-3961 Ron@doubledtransport.com

                Mark Eddy  519  442-5801 markwseddy@gmail.com

Meeting Dates: 2nd Tuesday each month April - August & ; plus Judging Night – June 28th;

                           August exhibit board meeting.

1st Meeting: April 11th

Location: various host farms around the county

Achievement: Saturday, September 2nd; 4-H Beef  Show  @ the Paris Fair


Members - REMEMBER to bring a completed Participant Agreement Form to the first meeting of each club you join. Found at www.4-hontario.ca  form # 6.8

(go to volunteers click on forms & policies scroll to # 6.8)


CRAFT ...   Lets be creative and have fun. Using a variety of techniques we will be making crafts – both decorative and functional. The focus will be on crafts that you can enter at both Burford and Paris Fairs.

Leaders: Scott Archer & Betty Summerhayes   519 484-2413 betty.summerhayes@gmail.com

Meeting Dates: Wednesdays - July 5, August 2 & 16; Monday , August 21


Location of meetings: 32 Indian Line Rd. Mt. Pleasant

First Meeting:  Wednesday, July 5th

Material Fee: $5.

Achievement: entry of a craft item at the Burford Fair on Thanksgiving weekend

MAXIMUM # of 15 members


CROPS.... Topic: Specialty Agriculture – each month we will visit a different farm operation and see how they grow and sell their crops. So far tours have been lined up at a Lavender Producer, a Cash Crop Hay Producer and an Independent Crop Research Farm, with more tours planned. The achievement for this club will be presentation of photos and points learnt from each farm.

Leaders: Dan Van Weerdhuizen  519 463-9656  danvan@golden.net

                Steve Sickle 519 442-1831  ssicklefarm@hotmail.com

Meeting Dates: 4th  Thursdays  - March - August

Times: 7 pm -9 pm, unless notified by leaders

Location: various locations

First Meeting: Thursday, March 23rd 

Achievement: September 28th 


CURSIVE WRITING (A Sporting Chance – for the fun of it) ...  ‘Writers of the Lost Art’ – This year is 2017. A school teacher named Shirley Caron is venturing into the jungle of the County of Brant searching for scripts of cursive writing. Caron hears from a 4-H program manager named Elaine Elgie about an artifact called “The Covent of Cursive Writing”, which can hold the key to humanly existence for the future of penmanship.  Caron has to venture through meetings teaching the lost art to members.  Encounters with a Handwriting Analyst from the Brantford Police as well as a visit from a Calligraphy expert prove to help members conquer their personal quests for better handwriting and demonstrating the power of penmanship can unleash upon the world!

Leaders: Shirley Caron  519 449-3274  slcain@execulink.com

                 Elaine Elgie 519 756-4515   sled1@sympatico.ca 

Meeting Dates: Wednesdays – March 29; April 12 & 26; May 10 & 24; June 14

Time: 7 pm  - 9 pm

Location of meetings: Bethel Stone United Church - church hall

First Meeting:  Wednesday, March 29th @ Bethel

Material Fee: $10.

Achievement: penmanship entry at the Paris Fair on Labor Day Weekend – entries due Wednesday, August 30th at the fair 2:30 – 7:30 pm

Maximum # of 15 members



DAIRY - Junior (9 -14 as of Jan. 1st, 2017)

Topic:  Showmanship, Fitting and Confirmation

Leaders: Valerie Stone   519 732-1928   valstone18@hotmail.com

                 Gord Vellenga   519 753-1522   gcvellenga@silomail.com 

Meeting Dates: 1st Wednesday each month April - August

                           & * Judging Night - mandatory meeting June 28th

Time: 7:30 pm- 9 pm

1st Meeting: Wednesday, April 5th  at the Ontario Spring Discovery – members will be contacted with details

Locations: various host farms around the county

Achievement: Friday, September 1st - 4-H Dairy Show, Paris Fair


DAIRY -  Senior (15 & up as of Jan. 1st, 2017)

Leaders: Terry Green 519 759-3845   tgreen@sympatico.ca

                 Brad Stuart   519 458-4108   bradstuart@silomail.com 

Meeting Dates: 2nd Wednesday each month May - August

                           & *Judging Night mandatory meeting June 28th

1st Meeting: May 10th

Location: various host farms around the county

Achievement:  Friday, September 1st; 4-H Dairy Show, Paris Fair


GOAT ... Topic: Meat Goats - This year’s focus will be on nutrition, basic care, confirmation and showmanship. Meeting one will start with a discussion about biosecurity followed by a talk about how to pick a good goat focusing on confirmation. We will then start the conversation about showmanship and talk about your project animal.

You do not have to have your own goat but if you are going to borrow a leader’s goat you must commit to coming to second meeting each month to work with your project animal! Please provide your boot size when you sign up. Your project animal does not have to be a meat goat, but the club will have a focus on raising goats for meat. Judging night is a mandatory meeting for this club!

Leaders:  Holly Illman   226 388-4083  holly@pinehavensolutions.com

                  Tricia Henderson 519 448-1000  tshenderson00@gmail.com

Time: 7 pm  -  9 pm

Location of meetings: 855 Paris Plains Church Rd. Paris

First Meeting:  Thursday, April 13th ; showmanship practice – April 27th  7-8pm

Achievement: at the Paris Fair – Saturday, September 2nd – goat will have to be on the fairgrounds for 8 am; show to start at 9 am.

This year the Paris Fair has added a Boer Class. If you have a Boer you are welcome to enter if you wish. There also is a showmanship class for those 16 years old and the breed of goat does not matter.



HIKING ( A Sporting Chance) ... This club is perfect for those who love the great outdoors. You will learn about trail walking and hiking by exploring local trails, conservation areas and more. Of course bring your camera along if you wish. At the first meeting we will discuss the in’s and out’s of hiking, what to bring, etc…  And then we will be ready to hit the trails.  Each meeting we will meet in a different location and hike at our own pace. The achievement we will be determined at the first meeting as well. So come on get active and have fun!!!

Leaders:  Karen Condon  519 448-1878   pkcondon@rogers.com

                  Janice Kyle  519  503-6793  pjkyle92@gmail.com

Meeting Dates:  4th Tuesdays – May – August & additional hiking excursion

Time: 7 pm  - 9 pm

Location of meetings: various locations

First Meeting:  May 23rd @ Bethel

Achievement: TBD


HORSE - Rodeo*... This year we will be focusing on Rough Stock events, steer riding, saddle bronc, and bareback as well as barrel racing and pole bending..

 You do not need to have a horse,  but  - need a parent present if you would like to practice on the leader’s animals.

We will try to go on a field trip to a Rodeo close to home. Approx. cost $20.

Leaders: Corey & Holly Illman  226-388-4083  holly@pinehavensolutins.com

                 Jennifer Brown  226 583-4033   jenscottbrown@hotmail.com

Meeting Dates:  3rd Thursdays  April  - August

Time: 7 pm - 9 pm

Location: 855 Paris Plains Church Rd., Paris

1st  Meeting: Thursday, April 20th   @ 855 Paris Plains Church Rd., Paris

please bring to first meeting  your completed 4-H Ontario participant  agreement

Achievement: Saturday, September 16th,  9 am to noon; 855 Paris Plains Church Rd.

*NOTE:  maximum 20 members


Lets LANDSCAPE . – This is your chance to create your very own inviting space. A hands on project that focuses on learning what plants like shade and which plants like sun. Explore the types of materials you can use to create a specific look. Get your hands dirty and be creative in this hands-on project. There may be some cost to purchase plants for planting on your property.

Leaders:  Scott Archer & Betty Summerhayes   519  484 2413  betty.summerhayes@gamil.com

Meeting Dates/time/location:  Wednesday, April 26th,   6:30 – 8:30 at Bethel;

Wednesday, May 3rd, 6:30 – 8:30 at 32 Indian Line Rd. Mt. Pleasant

& Two 3 hour meetings – one will be a tour and will be a landscaping project in the community to be held on a Saturday – dates to be determined

First Meeting: Wednesday, April 26th @ Bethel

Achievement: Create a plan and landscape an area on your property. This can be something like a flower bed or a walkway


MILK MAKES IT BETTERis all about dairy products and dairy substitutes. You’ll learn why dairy products and dairy substitutes are an important component of our diet, how they’re made and how to cook and prepare foods containing these delicious items. Of course, we will be taste testing what we make! We also hope to go on a field trip.

Leaders:  Scott Archer & Betty Summerhayes  519  484-2413  betty.summerhayes@gmail.com

                  Carol Vellenga   519 753-1522  gcvellenga@silomail.com 

Meeting Dates:  Thursdays – March 30, April 13 & 27; June 1 & 15

Times: 7 pm -9 pm

Location: Bethel Reformed Church – 506 West St. Brantford

First Meeting: Thursday, March 30th

Material Fee: $10.

Achievement:  we will be preparing food to donate to the Hospice in Brantford

Maximum of 12 members


OUR HERITAGE – Canada 150 ... This is the year to stand up, be proud and celebrate!!! Research and document  Canadian history over the past 150 years. – we  might even search your family tree,  learn an old song or two and get involved in community out-reach & events, put together a time capsule …

Roll Call for 1st meeting – You know you are Canadian when …..?  

Bring a 8.5 x11 note book to the first meeting & all the meetings.  See you there – eh!

Leaders: Elaine Elgie 519 756-4515   sled1@sympatico.ca

                Carol Cowan  226  228-6622  carcown123@gmail.com

                Lesleigh Elgie 519 761-1496  lesleigh.elgie@gmail.com

                 Jennifer Brown  226 583-4033  jenscottbrown@hotmail.com

Meeting Dates:  Thursday April 6; Tuesday April 25; Thursday, May 4;  Tuesday May 30 (community out-reach); Thursday, June 1 & date TBD (most likely a Saturday) to an historic site

Time: 7 pm  - 9 pm

Location of meetings: Bethel Stone United Church - church hall; & off site meetings

First Meeting:  Thursday, April 6th

Material Fee: cost of admission to historic site

Achievement: culminating of activities - record book, (Paris Fair), local events, Fall Showcase


PHOTOGRAPHY …A picture is worth a thousand words … come out to learn tricks of the trade in photography, from landscape to portrait, to city to rural … come to the first meeting with topics/ideas you wish to cover/do ..... Don’t forget to bring your Camera to all meetings!

Leaders: Nancy Van Sas  519 446-2776   nancy.vansas@gmail.com 

                Sarah Monahan   monahan_sarah1@hotmail.com

Meetings: 3rd Tuesdays each month,  March - August

Location: various locations

Time: 7 pm - 9 pm

1st  Meeting: Tuesday, March 21st  @ Bethel

Achievement: Paris Fair entry; to be delivered to the fair Wednesday, August 30th  (2:30 pm – 7:30 pm)


QUILTING ... is an exacting & precise craft, requiring patience, willingness to keep trying until you get it right, need a keen sense to learn & able to take direction

Members MUST have & KNOW HOW TO OPERATE their SEWING MACHINE (this includes threading of the machine, bobbin, tension) & Bring Machine to ALL Meetings, along with sewing/quilting accessories!!!   Have available to use & bring to all meetings fabric scissors, quilting pins, stitch ripper; etc. Cutting mat  & rotary cutter if you have.  Previous year members bring your 4-H Quilting Club binder to the first meeting.

 Topic: - continuing to become confident using the rotary cutter, working with a quilting ruler to cut your own fabric, reading & following a pattern. Perfecting that 1/4`` seam & nesting seams.  Most members will - either a lap or full size quilt or wall hanging.  

First time quilting club member will start with a pattern to begin to build their quilting skills.

Theme – Celebrating Canada’s 150  !!!

Leaders: Lori DeJong  519 442-1251  pdejong@rogers.com 

                Elaine Elgie  519 756-4515   sled1@sympatico.ca

                Lesleigh Elgie  519 761-1496   lesleigh.elgie@gmail.com 

                Amy Quinn  punchwich@yahoo.ca 

Meeting Dates:  - Mondays- April 3, 10, 24; May 1, , 8, 15, 29; June 5, 12. 19 & 26 (if needed)

                             &  Saturday - April 22nd - shop hop/road trip - all day; will discuss a trip to Quilt 

                              Canada – June 17th  (in Toronto)                                               

Times: Monday’s 6:30 - 9

Location:- Bethel Stone United Church - church hall

1st Meeting: Monday, April 3rd @ Bethel

Material Fee: the purchasing of 100% cotton fabric & 100% cotton thread for main project

Achievement: entry into the Paris Fair - August 30th taken to the fairgrounds between 2:30 – 8pm  & display at the Fall Showcase – October 29th

 NoteIf, we are able to accomplish all that we hope to cover/complete this will count as 2 clubs, running concurrently.

Space is limited to 12 members!


READY TO LAUNCH -   (Future Focus) ... If leaving home is on the horizon then Ready to Launch is for you. We will be discussing the ins and outs of living on your own for the first time, whether it is at university, college or your first job. From learning basic cooking and budgeting skills to home and auto repairs this club will provide you with the tools to make living on your own a breeze.

***Open to senior members in grade 11& 12, victory lap too – ONLY

Leaders: Maggie McCormick   maggsmile@gmail.com 

                Kara Pate  kara.d.pate@gmail.com

                Michelle Linington 

Meeting Dates: Wednesdays – March 22, 29; April 12, May 3, 31 & June 7

Time: 7 pm  - 9 pm

Location of meetings: Bethel Stone United Church - church hall

First Meeting:  @ Bethel

Material Fee:

Achievement: TBD


SODBUSTERS - Plowing  * must be 12 or older as of January 1st, 2017

Leaders: Brent Cochrane  519 442-2723 brentcochrane@hotmail.com

                Amanda Henderson  519 448-1000 A_22girl22@hotmail.com

                Scott Henderson  519 448-1000

Meeting Dates: - over the summer months; Leaders will be in contact with those interested

Location: various locations

Achievement: date TBD/Brant-Six Nations Plowing Match - August 12th (tentative)


Sporting Chance – CANOEING/KAYAKING  ... dip, dip & paddle. Develop your paddling skills. Safety first! Members will participate in dry land and water meetings. Once members have mastered paddling skills everyone will enjoy a paddling excursion . 

Members must have their own  properly fitting lifejacket/PFD to bring to all water meetings

Leaders: Lesleigh Elgie  519 76-1496  lesleigh.elgie@gmail.com

                Shirley Caron  519  449- 3274  slcain@execulink.com

                Jennifer Brown  226 583- 4033  jenscottbrown@hotmail.com

                Nancy Van Sas   519 446-2776   nancy.vansas@gmail.com

Meeting Dates: Fridays - May 12 & June 9th, more meetings to be added along with day out canoeing/kayaking

Location of 1st meetings: Bethel Stone United Church - church hall; Time 7 pm – 9 pm

First Meeting:  May 12th @ Bethel

Material Fee: cost of TBD on numbers & final outing

Achievement:  testing of skills & water safety ; club will wrapped up before back to school time

Limited to 20 members;



Contact leader to make sure all information is accurate, as errors do happen


The   CLOVERBUDS   Program

for youth ages 6 - 8 (as of January 1st, 2017)

membership fee $90.  for the calendar year

runs independently of the 4-H program


 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, unless noted

2nd & 4th Fridays of the month, unless noted – most meetings held at St. George United Church

next meeting – Saturday, March 11th meeting first at 86 McLean School Rd., then off to the sugar bush

  • following meeting – Friday, March 24th – St. George United Church



Contact brant4h.programmanager@gmail.com for more information or to sign up or the leaders


Clubs PendingIs there is still interest in the following 2 clubs? If there is dates & achievement to be set; as well to confirm leaders


CATERING ... Hard work while having fun, paying attention to detail, confidence under pressure and a big smile = a successful event! Valuable skills to have!  Members plan and execute 2 major events in the year.  (Steak BBQ; a couple of events we have been asked to help out & a major Brant 4-H fund raiser)

We have had a great deal of fun in this club over the years.

Leaders:  Jennifer Brown  226 583-4033  jenscottbrown@hotmail.com

                  Anissa Krakar  519 443-6903  thekrakars@gmail.com 

                  Elaine Elgie  519 756-4515  sled1@sympatico.ca             

Meeting Dates: TBD on interest &timing of events planned for/or by Brant 4-H


Location: meetings at Bethel Stone United Church, church hall

Achievement: TBD


SHEEP ... hands on at every meeting.

Topic: Learning how to show & prepare your animal for show as well as health & general care


Meeting Dates: 3rd Wednesday of each month April - August & judging night June 28th (mandatory meeting)

1st Meeting: Wednesday, April 19th

Time: 7 - 9


Achievement: Monday, Sept. 4th, Brant 4-H Sheep Show, Paris Fair


Contact Elaine Elgie  519 756-4515 orbrant4h.programmanager@gmail.com for more information, questions or to sign up or the leaders