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The 4-H Pledge

Every 4-H event includes the 4-H Pledge. By repeating it together, we are reminded of the goals of the 4-H program which has been active in Brant County for many years. As years go by, many things change, but the friendships and fun gained by young people remains ever strong!

I Pledge:

My HEAD to clearer thinking

My HEART to greater loyalty

My HANDS to larger service

My HEALTH to better living

For my club, my community and my country.

  • 4-H is for young people 9 to 21 years of age by January 1st of the current year.
  • Clubs are a minimum of 12 hours, plus an achievement meeting or event
  • Members must attend a minimum of 2/3’s of the club meeting time, complete club work and complete and attend the achievement event.
  • Annual Membership Fee for 2016 is $100 - $75 goes to 4-H Ontario and $25 stays in Brant County.
  • Cloverbud Annual Membership Fee for 2016 is $75, all of which goes to 4-H Ontario.

4-H Ontario offers many conferences and camps. These opportunities are ways to meet 4-H Members from throughout the county, the province and the country AND better your leadership skills and have fun!

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website! Please let us know any suggestions.

Member Opportunity Reports

Citizen Congress report by Emily Kyle

     We left at 11 am to go to the Terry Fox  Centre in Ottawa where we would be staying for the next 5 days. Upon arrival I had the opportunity to catch up with old friends I met at National Member's Forum in Saskatchewan, as well as make new friends from across the country. Our opening speaker was Douglas Griffiths his speech was on the 13 ways to kill a community which is also the name of the book he co-authored. We also had some icebreakers to get to know each other.
     Wednesday May 4, 2016, today we opened the day with the 4-H pledge, and O Canada followed by breakfast and a presentation from Leanne Findlay from Statistics Canada . She talked about youth in the community and how we can make communities better for them to live in . her speech set the tone for the day as we later broke into workshops . I was put into Thriving Rural Communities . as most of Citizenship Congress was about politics we learned about debates after lunch we were put into government, official opposition, or third party groups to debate in. The topic for the debate was be it resolved that Canadians have the right to vote online/digitally in the next Federal election. We later debated on this topic in the senate, the resolution was opposed. I was put into the government party and I was the minister of families, children, and social development . after the introduction to our debate and supper some of the 4-Hers went on a walk by the Ottawa River. We had a campfire later that night.
     May 5, today we went and saw the parliament buildings. After security the minister of democratic institutions talked to us about whether or not it would be a good idea to lower voting age to 16. She talked about how lucky we are as Canadian citizens to vote with freedom. Next we met many ministers and the speaker of the house. we also had the opportunity to meet the minister of youth and the right honourable prime minister Justin Trudeau. We spent half an hour with him and the group asked 5 questions, I was one of the lucky ones chosen to ask the question of " where do you see the most potential for Canada?" Justin Trudeau answered the questions very well. After the big excitement of the day we went to Byward market and then ate supper at Tucker's Marketplace. After supper we were off to see the Canadian Museum of Civilization, I spent most of my time in the Children's museum.
     May 6, today we did more workshops, I did a workshop for the Truth and Reconciliation Canada for indigenous people, we received information on how to make our communities more acceptable to indigenous people. I also did a workshop on issues in our communities and how to resolve them, this workshop was more casual. Later we heard from two  immigrants who came to Canada, they discussed about how lucky they are to finally call themselves Canadians. We renewed our oath of citizenship, we spent most of the rest of the day preparing for our debate.
     May 7, today we toured Ottawa, we saw the guest house for foreign dignitaries, the Rideau hall, the fountain of hope, and the trees planted by significant people to Canada. We went to the parliament buildings again, we went to the senate to debate our topic, the government side lost for the resolution of "Be it resolved that Canadian citizens have the right to vote online/digitally in the next Federal election. We later went back to the Terry Fox Centre to end in a final banquet and dance. This was the last full day of the Canadian Citizenship Congress and it was really fun, I learned a lot about Canada and Citizenship,  I would highly recommend anyone who is remotely interested in a national opportunity with 4-H to go to Citizenship Congress.
     The friends you make, and the education you receive is well worth missing school for. I cannot fully explain my emotions about taking this opportunity through writing, I can however, explain some of the events we did. I encourage members to go to any opportunity 4-H presents you with.